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Our seven teen heros were out on the town. Cronus had been laying low for a while so they had all decided to go clubing The had decided to go to the newest club The Electric Buzz. (if there is a place by the name of that I don't own it) As they entered the club the were welcomed by music and dancing. The club was amazing. There was a dance floor, awesome music, a bar, back rooms that you could rent out, techno lighting and everything. They all grabbed a table beside the bar and talked. Atlanta was trying to get Archie out on the dance floor. Herry, Jay and Theresa were talking about the club itself. Niel was staring at himself in his mirror again. And Odie was doing something on his palmpilate. Everyone decided to go out to the dance floor. Atlanta finally got Archie off the wall. Odie stayed against it though. He couldn't dance and he knew it so why humiliate himself? He heard the small sound of another back gentally hitting the wall a few feet away from him. He looked over to see a girl only slightly younger than him. She had shoulder length, dark, nutmeg brown hair and a thin body. She wore a black, tight t-shirt with the words 'its not illegal if you don't get caught' on it in white. Grey, baggy cargos and a white sweat shirt tied around her waist. A pair of red/purple rimed glasses hung on her shirt. He, personally, thought she was a babe. She caught him staring and smiled then looked back forward. He saw her already pale face go white as a muscular jock approached her. He was tall, blond and a bit stronger than Herry. The jock grabbed her arm and smiled. She struggled to get away, but no avail. Odie could see she wasn't liking this guy handling her. He turned, gulping and tapped the jock's arm.

"What'd you want pipsqueak?" the jock snarled. Odie hesitated a second.

"I, uh, don't think she likes you holding her like that." he said, squeaking a little.

"Buzz off, loser." the jock said, looking back at the girl.

"I, uh, umm..." Odie stuttered a moment until he saw the jock push the girl against the wall and smirk deviloshly and then the fear on her face. "No. Leave her alone." he said, suprising not only himself, but the jock as well.

"I don't think so." the jock said dropping the girl, picking Odie up by the collar and throwing him at the wall nearest to them. Odie hit with force and slid down it.

The girl growled and jumped at the jock's back, hitting his neck and knocking him out cold. They weren't really making a scene seeing as how everyone was preocupied and things like this always happened. The girl ran past the jock toward Odie who was waking up. She grabed his arm and ran with him draging behind into a back room. They caught their breath.

"Okay, now that we're done running, answers. Who are you, who was that and why was he doing that?" Odie asked.

"That jerk was Erik, for some reason he wants me." she said.

"And your name?"

"Nikky." she answered sitting on the bed on the other side of the room. "Now my turn for answers. Who are you an why were you trying to help me?" she asked, raising a brow.

"I thought you looked like you could use a bit of help. I'm Odie." he said, sitting beside her.

"You have no idea how right you are with that one."

"So hes been after you for a while now? But why are you afraid of him? You did knock him out."

"I'd rather not say. I don't know you well enough." she said.

"Do you want to know me?" he asked, knowing how corny he must've sounded. He smiled when she lifted her head and smirked.

The next day they had all been gathered in Hera's enormous chamber. She had called them, claiming to have big news for them. She entered the room and stood before them.

"I have called you here on the account that a new part of the profecy has been predicted to begin very soon." she said.

"Good or bad?" Jay asked.

"Both. The good part is that a new hero will be joining our team, the decendent of Nike. She doesn't know it yet though, but we're all certain she'll find us soon. The bad part is that we know Cronus will stop at nothing to reach her and turn her against us." Hera finished.

"Do we know who she is?" Theresa asked.

Hera nodded and passed her a picture that was shown to everyone in turns. Odie, who recived it last spoke.

"No way." he said smiling.

"What is it?" Hera asked.

"I know her." he said, looking up.

"Who is she then?" Jay asked.

"Its Nikky"

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