hey shadowphoenix here with another lil thingimabob i came up with this while sitting in an exam i had to take i finished early and had 2 hours to go it only took me half an hour to complete my exam although i failed but thats not the point it had to do with maths and me and maths dont exactly have wat you would call a good friendship, i hate math with every fiber of my being andmath hates me the same way too ok anyway where was i? oh yes i did this lil thingimabobwhile waiting for the 2 and a half hour exam to finishalthough its kinda hard trying to work when you have yourscience teacher breathing down your neck trying to see what your writing and constantly asking you if your sure that theres nothing else you can do on your exam and why dont you just take one more look and see if your absoloutly sure theres not one more thing you could do but i did do this little thing in between the time the teacher was making sure people wernt cheating and it didnt take me 2 hours to write it took me like half an hour cos of the constant nagging of the science teacher i swear he was worse than my own mom asking me do to the dishes and if ive cleaned my room after that i just well you probly dont need to knwo that i just sat there writing rude notes and passing them around the room oh well to late ok now on with my lil thingimabob :)


whered you go

whyd you leave

i needed you

and all you did was walk away

what are you goin to do

now that all your power has gone

are you gunna come crawling back

crawling like everyone else does

beg on your knees

weep at my feet

pleed for mercy

mercy for when the gnarled hand appears

appears to teach you a lesson

a lesson of pain

you will bleed

you will cry

you will call out in fear

soon they will stop

stop the attacks on your weakened form

your weakened form which will cry out in relief

relief which will soon turn to grief

to grief for those who do not love you

not love you not anymore

you can never bring yourself to love

to love them no matter how

how hard you will yourself to

and they will fade

fade from your memory

your memory will be dust

dust in the wind

the wind which wips in your face

your emotionless face will be the downfall

the downfall of everyone

of everyone and all that they love

love something you will never know

never know for you are alone

alone like the birds and the sharks

the sharks which induce fear

fear in the weak

weak you shall never be

never be

you are strong

strong enough to take them all on

all on in a battle and win

win and destroy them all

all of them

each and every single one.



not me


i will not

not ever leave

leave them never

betray them never

hurt them never

they are my friends

friends that love me

love me for who i am

who i am in some way cares

cares for them

for them who helped me

helped me to see what friendship is about

about sticking by

sticking by all the way

helping each other through the day

they will never leave me

leave i shall never

thye have opened my eyes

my eyes can see the world

the world that is so beautiful

and i Kai Hiwitari will not go back


I'm moving on

i'll be stronger

stronger than before.

please review it means alot to me to know what you think

peace out