Here it is! The sequel to Second Chance. Second Chance II: Life Goes On (Title credited to ARandomKid) Sorry I haven't updated forever, but I was helping out a friend and his family. A tornado hit their house and it basically destroyed it. They still have a lot of things and they're all alive and fine, that's a good thing. But they have to totally rebuild their house. These kinds of things hit you really hard you know? Even if it wasn't you, it was a close friend. I cried with him the night it happened, I was just right across the street. It didn't touch my house though. It works in mysterious ways. So that's why I haven't been updating. In fact, I was writing another story inspired by the tornado. It's not a Zack and Cody fanfic though, so I can't post it on here. But here's my other story. Hope you like it and I might not update again for awhile. I'm helping out with my friend's house and everything and he needs me right now. If you can, please be patient.

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Second Chance II- 'Life Goes On' (credit to ARandomKid)

Chapter 1- 'All a Dream'

Zack seemed to forget about his second chance, he was just dreaming. He told himself nothing ever happened all through his life. Through his mom's marriage to a contractor, Jake, through his and Cody's high school graduation, through college, through the birth of Carey and Jake's baby girl, through all the birthdays, through his marriage to Max, through Cody's marriage to Katelynn, through everything.

Zack sat at a picnic table holding his one year old daughter, Addison, his pregnant wife, Max, Cody, his two year old girl, Lane, and his wife, Katelynn. They were at a housewarming party for their good friends, Marion and Catherine Moseby and their kids Teagon (11), Tyson (10) and Tyne (7).

The whole neighborhood was there to welcome them to the neighborhood.

"Thanks you guys, we really feel welcome," Marion Moseby said sitting with Zack and his family.

"Hey, it's what you deserve," Cody said smiling.

"Yeah, how many things have you done for us?" Zack asked.

Marion Moseby smiled in thanks. "So where's Carey, Jake and Jaden?"

"They're," Zack looked up, "right there."

Carey, her husband Jake and their four year old daughter Jaden came in the gate and headed to the table.

"Hey, mom," Zack and Cody said in unison.

"Hey, sorry we're late," Carey said.

"No problem," Marion said. "Hey Jake, you're a contractor right?"


"Well could you look at a wall for me?"

"Sure, what's the problem with it?"

"Well, it's not there."

Jake laughed. "Okay, let's go."

"It's right upstairs," Marion said as he and Jake head up the stairs.

"Wow," Jake said amazed as they walked into Tyson's room. There was no wall between the bathroom and Tyson's room.

"Well, what to do you think?"

"Um, well, we could fix it."

"Dad?" Tyson asked coming in.

"Yeah, Ty?"

"Teagon won't get up, she's cheating."


"We were playing hide-and-seek and she hid in the closet and now she won't move, because she's it."

Marion followed Tyson into Teagon's room; the closet door was open and Teagon was lieing curled up.

"See," Tyson said annoyed.

"Teagon?" Marion asked worried. Something didn't look right to him. "Teagon?" he asked again as he kneeled next to Teagon. Marion brushed the hair out of Teagon's eyes, her face was pale. "Teagon, honny, wake up," Marion said worried.

"Dad, why won't she wake up?" Tyson asked noticing his dad's worry.

"Teagon," Marion picked his daughter up and cradled her in his arms. "Jake, get my car started, there's something wrong."

"Oh God," Jake said hurrying downstairs.

"Dad, what's wrong with Teagon?" Tyson asked about to cry.

Marion got up and carried Teagon out the door. "Come on Tyson, we have to go to the hospital," Marion said trying not to worry Tyson.

"Teagon?" Tyson asked looked at Teagon scared.

"Come on, Tyson."

Tyson hurried down the stairs trying to keep up with his dad. They went outside to the car. Catherine hurried up worried.

"Marion, what's going on, what's wrong with Teagon?"

"I don't know, we have to get her to the hospital." Marion put Teagon in the back seat of his car.

Everyone was now watching worried. Zack and Cody rushed over first as Marion and Catherine got in the car in a hurry.

"Watch Tyson, bring him when we call," Marion said putting the car in reverse.

"We will," Zack said confused.

"No!" Tyson screamed as he chased the car as it pulled out of the drivewas.

"Tyson!" Zack grabbed Tyson and held him.

"Teagon, no," Tyson said through tears, trying to break away from Zack.

"It'll be okay, Ty, just stay here," Zack said trying to comfort Tyson. "It'll be okay."

"Why is it taking so long?" Tyson asked.

It was three hours since they got Teagon to the hospital. Zack had brought Tyson as Mr. Moseby has said along with Tyne, Cody, and Carey. Zack, Cody, Catherine, Carey, Tyson, Tyne and Mr. Moseby say anxiously waiting fro the doctor to tell them what was wrong with Teagon.

"Don't worry, Tyson, they'll be out soon," Catherine said trying to calm her son, as well as herself.

The doctor finally came out, the five stood up.

"What's wrong with my daughter?" Mr. Moseby asked the doctor.

"We did some tests, and to cut to the pint, all the tests…..all the tests show signs of Teagon having leukemia," the doctor said sympathetically.

Catherine let out a cry and fell into Mr. Moseby's arms crying.

"I'm sorry. You may see her now."

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