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Chapter 2- 'Giving Back'

"I love you, Declan," Zack said to his sleeping 10 year old son. Zack was sitting up in bed with Declan against his sleeping soundly; it was the best sleep Declan ever had since the day they found out Declan's heart wasn't strong enough for him.

Zack shuddered as he remembered what had happened. It was a regular summer day, Zack, Max, Addison and Teagon (Zack's daughter, not Moseby's daughter. She passed away, don't forget) all went to Declan's little league game at the local baseball field. It was a nice day; 75 degrees with a breeze and the sun was shining. The fresh cut grass made it all the better.

Declan was up to bat. Everyone cheered as he smacked one far out into left field. Declan watched in amazement, he actually hit the fast ball the 11 year old pitcher threw; no 5th grader has ever done that.

"Run! Run!" the crowd yelled excited to Declan.

Declan dropped the blue and silver bat and ran. He tagged first base, then ran to second. The left fielder threw the ball to the third basemen, but it was an over throw. Declan started to run to third base, but something stopped him.

Declan slowed down, holding his right shoulder. His heart suddenly beated out of control. He couldn't make himself move, his knees buckled and he fell to the ground.

Zack stood up waiting for Declan to move, stand up, do anything, but he didn't. The crowd went silent. Zack ran onto the field, along with the coaches and umpires.

"Declan, Declan," the coach said kneeling by Declan's still body.

Zack kneeled next to Declan and the coach. "Declan, bud, what's wrong?"

Declan's eyes were wide open, his green eyes glazed over, his face was wet with sweat, blonde hair sticking to his forehead. His chest moved up and down quickly, too quickly.


Declan's eyes darted everywhere in pain, fear and confusion.

"Call an ambulance!" the coach yelled to whoever was listening.

"Declan!" Max yelled from the bleachers.

Zack say Declan up in his arms, scared for his son. "You'll be okay, Declan, say with me."

"Dad….," Declan muttered letting his body go limp in his dad's arms.

"Stay with me," Zack said. He pushed the hair out of Declan's eyes and kissed his forehead. "Stay with me, bud."

Declan looked Zack in the eyes and nodded slightly. Zack watched Declan try to keep his eyes open as hard as he could. Declan's eyes closed slowly just as he heard the sirens coming. Everything got dark in his world as Zack kissed his forehead again.

"You'll be okay," Zack whispered.

Zack came back to the present when he felt Declan shift in his bed next to him. Zack slowly got out of Declan's bed, trying not to wake up Declan. He stood watching Declan's chest move up and down, up and down. The next day was Declan's heart transplant and his eleventh birthday.

"Hey sweetie," Max said quietly, standing in the door way.

Zack turned his head, "He's actually sleeping."

Max wrapped her arms around Zack's waist from behind, "He's so peaceful with no worries, no doctors, and no tests."

Zack turned around putting his arms around Max's waist kissing her. "He'll be all better tomorrow, Max, even more peaceful. I promise."

"Don't promise, hope." Max smiled.

"Daddy, don't leave," Declan said scared.

It was the day of Declan's surgery and all the worry and fear just hit Declan. Zack could tell his son was scared as the nurses wheeled Declan down the hall.

"I'll be here when you get back, you'll be fine," Zack said holding Declan's hand.

"Dad, I'm scared."

"It's okay to be scared, but I'll be right here. I love you, Declan."

"I love you too, Dad."

Zack slowly let go of Declan's hand as the nurses wheeled him into surgery.

Zack stood in the hallway; it was like this whole thing happened before. 'No, it's just me; everything's messed up right now, everything's just different.' Zack told himself.

Zack walked into the small room where Max, Addison and Teagon sat. Teagon was asking Max questions about Declan as Addison read silently to herself. Cody and his family were on their way over.

Zack sat in a chair across from everybody and closed his eyes, wanting the surgery to go perfect.

"Zack, Tyson's here," Max said gently shaking his arm.

Zack opened his eyes, he was still at the hospital. A 21 year old Tyson stood at the door behind him with his younger sister Tyne. Zack stood and was hugged by Tyne.

"Thanks for coming guys," Zack said hugging back.

"It's no problem, we care too," Tyne said.

"I was wondering if I could talk to you," Tyson said.

"Sure. Max, I'll be back."

Zack followed Tyson into the hallway, wondering what Tyson wanted.

The halls were bare, only a few people roaming around. Zack and Tyson walked side by side in silence for awhile. Tyson seemed to have something on his mind; he kept his eyes straight ahead, hands in his pockets. Zack looked at Tyson, he wasn't the young, lost 14 year old he was when Teagon died, he was a man. Zack watched him grow stronger through the years his everything was gone, but now he had a new everything, or everythings. Tyson and Tyne grew very close to each other, it's what they had besides they're parents, but siblings have a stronger bond. Tyson watched over Tyne every day making sure she had as much fun as he and Teagon had. Tyne helped Tyson as well, she showed him there's more to life after losing your sister, your best friend. She even got him a great girlfriend, possible wife to be.

"Zack," Tyson said almost nervously, "I wanted to, I wanted to thank you."

"For what?"

"For everything. You helped me see things in a different way, a good way. It just hit me when I found out about Declan. It reminded me of when," Tyson swallowed hard, "when Teagon got sick. I don't know how to help you the way you helped me. I don't know how to give back."

Zack shook his head. "You're already doing it. Just being here is giving back." Zack smiled putting an arm around Tyson.

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