ok another one from me!ok the beginng is sort of boring, but it'll get better it's going to be an edxenvy fic!

this just sets up the whole paln/ situation

It's like a prolouge I guesse...'

Ed's pov
He was constantly on my mind, I didn't understandt why.

Why someone who wants me dead, why do I have such fantasies about him!

His gracfully body, his lovly eyes, I pictured them everynight, at first I thought it was just because I hated him, but...in grew more and soon it wasn't the feeling of hate it was the feeling of wanting his body against my own, wanting his lips on mine, wanting his hands to travle all over me.

Yes, stupid as it is, it didn't take long from me to realize that I had fallen in love with this deadly homunculus.

As wrong as it it...I can't help these feelings, but I know he could never love me in way like that.All I am to them is a tool, a 'human sacrifice' that's what I am to him and he hates me, that much can be said.

But the times that we figth, I sometimes purposly try to prolong it, when his hand coloads with my face, I don't care it's the closest I can get to him.When we figth and I see, I feel happy or at ease, but I know I can't show how I feel inside.For one, my pride won't let, two Al would freak and three his my enemy.

I'm stupid...but I love so much, at first I kept it a secret, and told no one of my feelings, but Al's too sharp for his own good.

"Nii-san we need to talk!" cried Al from the kitchen, I was just reading a book on Alchemy I was on the last chapter too!

"Coming Al!"

I sighed geting of the bed, walking downstairs I was down in moments.

"What's the matter Al?" I asked as I enterd the kitchen sitting on a near by chair. His hallow footsteps pound on the floor.

"THIS!" he placed a drawing pad on the table, my eyes widen .It was the drawing pad I hid in my room under a loose floorborad.When I wasn't reading I would be drawing.Why did I hide it?Theres a VERY good reason for that.

"It's just a drawing pad Al...nothing big..." I said faking a smile, rather poorly.

"Then why are all these in here!" he opened it to the forst page, I couldn't help but blush.

It was a drawing I did of Envy, and it wasn't a drawing little kids should see...ahem...

"AL!You have no right to look throught my stuff like that!How'd you know where I hid ti anyway?"

"I don't you left there on your bed yeturday when you went to report to Mustange!I was cleaning your room, because it looked like a pig lived there and what do I find?A drawing pad filled with nothing but ENVY!"


"And not only is this so...'strange', i read the poem you wrote on you last one! Brother how can you love such a monster!"



JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" I roared as I picked up it up ,turning my back on Al, for once he reall pisssed me off, he had no rigth to look throught it and the tell me off for doing or feel what I do!

"ED!WAIT!I'M SORRY!" cried Al in a sincer, scared tone, he always does that when he thinks I'm made at him,I sighed.I could never stay made at him.

"Look...just drop it ok Al?"

"Ok...but...nii-san...do you really love him...that much?" he asked, I felt my face heat up, that day red had been added a few new shades.


"Are you going to tell him?"

"...?Tell who?"

"You know...!"




"But, but I think you should really tell him Ed!"

"NO!I'm not telling him!"

"Why not!"

"Cause I already know he'd reject me falat out thats why!"

"But you still should tell!"

Al don't you get it!I've always known it was a hopless thing, but...I WANT HIM!I really do!BGut he doesn't even notice me whne it's got nothing to do with the stone!"I clenched my fists looking away, hearing myself speak the truth, really hurt a bit.

"Then...why don't you try to MAKE him notice you?"

"Al...thats impossible!"

"Do you love him?"


"Then it's not, just think up ways for him to finally notice you as you and not as the'fullmetal alchemist'!"


"I donno do something...different!"

"Diffrent...yeah...I could go with that...!"

"I hope you make it niisan!"

"But hey!I thought you were against my feelings in the first place!"

"Well, a bit but with out you I can have Winry!"

"...you can HAVE her!"

"...niii-san...I was jokeing!"