"GET AWAY" she screamed. Panting she kept running and running. Never stopping or even thinking about stopping. Whats the point? Why am I running she thought? She stopped. She turned her head around. Nothing. She saw nothing. Nothing of course but utter chaos. Pure colors rushing past her whizzing so slowly and moving so fast all at once. Her eyes burned now and she couldn't focus. What was there to focus on anyways nothing but chaos of which we all know is impossible to comprehend. Which is what she realized and she dissipated. She flew downwards into despair. Yes despair is not a place but here it was. She hit nothing so hard she felt her spine crack. But whats a spine in a world where know one knows what it is or cares. She stood up or rather sat down. How was she sitting down when she was sure she just stood up. Odd but she couldn't care about that now. She had to meet someone. She didn't know who but she had this inner drive to find him. She ran in some direction if you can even call it that. It wasn't really a direction at all just a way. A way to find him. She ran and walked and floated and sat her way to a sign. It read "To hell and back again is where this leads, but to heaven there is no road but hell itself". That made no sense at least not to her so she kept up her pace. She turned a corner and saw him. A tall man wearing stilts and a jesters mask. He was dressed in colorfully dark robes and a top hat of purple origins with yellow eyes at the top. "Welcome my sweet to your new home". And as he said this a door opened and it reveled the land of Happiness. "A dark place I might add" said the Jester and he flew into the moon and far away. Away to nowhere.