She returned to and fell up. She looked around. She was back in misery in front of the sign. She became enraged. "ARGHHHHHHHH" she screamed silently at the sign. "I FUCKING HATE YOU". She kicked the sign. It slowly fell to the sky and a giant hole opened up and swallowed her in.

She fell on the cold floor and looked up. "Nice to see you again my ugly dear". The jester was back. Diane stood up. "You piece of shit I HATE YOU" she screamed as she took a punch at him. The Jester sidestepped the blow easily. Diane fell into the floor. "Unnhuh naughty naughty little Diane we play by my rules and now let me speak them" as the Jester said this the room went dark and a single light was lit in the middle of the room. Underneath the light was a small poker table and there sat the Jester with a deck of cards shuffling them. "Come sit my dear" he said as he made a "come here" gesture with his finger. She flew towards him and slammed into the other seat. "Now the game is simple whoever s card they draw is bigger the person with the smaller number gets to slice off a limb of the winners choice understand". Diane nodded. "alright y then my toot sweet let us play". Then he dealt the cards. Diane took her deck and began to lift the first card. "NO LOOKING" screamed the Jester. Diane jumped and put the card down. "Ill go first" said the Jester. He put down his first card. "AHHHHHHAA a king beat that" he chuckled. Diane drew her first card. A jack. "Awwwww too bad" said the Jester. Diane began to cry as she begged "Please don't". "I'm sorry honey rules are rules ill take you hand and not in marriage" the Jester smiled after his witty comment. He pulled out a wicked looking saw that was obviously rusting and had a some sort of orange residue most likely blood. The blade slowly reached towards her wrist. She flailed about trying to move her arm but by some invisible force she was unable to move it. The cold blade finally touched her skin. The blade moved back an forth as if in some macabre waltz as it sliced open the flesh. A harsh tearing sound ripped through the silence as she wailed in pain. The Jester just lashed and continued his sadistic deed with glee. The blade continued to slice through her muscle as the blood poured out of her arm and left large pools of crimson liquid on the white tile floor. Veins and tendons ripped as the saw tore its way through her arm till finally it stopped. "Hmmm, I think ive hit the bone" said the Jester as he inspected his handiwork. "Ohhh dear I did, well only one thing to do" he said as he smiled at her. He took her hand and spoke "Break the bone". As he said that he snapped her wrist to shatter the bone. Diane cried in agony as tears flowed down her pale cheeks. "Lets play again shall we" said the Jester. He put down his card. "Hmmm an nine but I will manage. Diane drew he card slowly and placed it down on the green table. She slowly flipped it over praying to God not to have it lower. It was a nine. She jumped out of her chair with joy. The Jesters face went from a smug grin to a face of surprise. "I never lose ever EVER" he screamed! Diane took no time in exacting her revenge. With her usable hand she lifted up her chair and brought it down on the Jesters mask. It shattered. Diane fell to the ground. The Jester was her! They stared at each other not knowing what to do. Finally Diane ran in some odd direction looking back once only to look at the Jester sitting in her chair of misery. The light flickered out leaving her in darkness.

The alarm buzzed with an annoying sound. Diane rolled over and pressed the button. She then bolted upright in bed. She looked around. She was home back inside her house. She got out of bed and ran down the stairs her night gown flowing behind. She reached the end of the stairs and looked into the kitchen. It was empty. She ran around aimlessly looking for someone. But then she stopped short. Who was she looking for? Her husband and son had died. She then walked to the couch and sat down gloomily. She looked out the window at the sunny day when suddenly she spied to male figures outside. It was her husband and son playing catch on the front yard lawn! She began to cry with happiness. She stuck her hands in her gowns pockets and felt something small and thin. She pulled it out. It was a note that read. You went through hell so now I give you heaven but remember hell dosent leave without some bumps and scars...sincerely The Jester. She went pale. She flipped her hand over and lifted the sleeve of her gown slowly. She shuddered. Where her wrist was a line of stitches.