By redandblack 4eva

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Rating: K+

Ships: Bridge/Z, minor Sky/Syd

AN: Hey everybody! Here is just a little fluffy story about Bridge and Z. It was inspired by my day at school between two of my friends. So read and please review. This is a one-shot by the way.


S.P.D Lounge

"Alright, is everyone ready? Sky? Syd? Jack?" Elizabeth "Z" Delgado asked.

"Balloons all set and ready to go!" Jack said mock-saluting Z. She just glared at her "older brother."

"Decorations set up and invitations were sent a week ago!" Syd said in her usual bubbly voice.

"Food, cake, toast and butter are all set up on the tables," Sky announced in his no-nonsense tone.

"Good, very good. Now, when will the cadets arrive? Plus, who's gonna get the birthday boy here?" Z questioned her three friends.

A chorus of "ums" went up. They all looked down and shifted uncomfortably.

"You all are pathetic! How hard is it to get Bridge without ruining his surprise?" Z said exasperatedly.

"Um, Z, Bridge does have powers, you know. It's that hard if we are acting weird," Jack said shifting under the gaze of Z.

"Fine, I'll do it!" Z said throwing her hands up. Secretly, she wanted this to be his best birthday ever. After all, her man deserved only the best.

As Z walked down to Bridge and Sky's room, her mind started to wander off in dreams of being with Bridge. Finally, after what seemed forever, she got to the boys' dormitory.

"Bridge?" Z called out.

"Yeah, Z?" Bridge answered.

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the lounge with me? There is nobody else around and I thought of you first," Z said sounding pretty neutral.

"Sure, why not?" Bridge answered not noticing the uncomfortable air around them.

After the party

"Wow! That was the best party I've ever had!" Bridge exclaimed happily.

"We're glad you enjoyed yourself, Bridgey," Syd said giving him a big hug.

"Yeah, anything for our best pal," Sky said as he embraced the one he called his "brother."

"I'm happy that you had a fun time, Bridge," Jack said finally as he too embraced Bridge.

Then, finally it was Z's turn. She never felt more nervous in her life. 'Get a grip girl! It's just a hug; it's not like he loves you or anything' Z kept saying to herself.

"Hope you had an awesome day, Bridgey," Z murmured into Bridge's ear.

"I did. Thanks a lot Z," he whispered back and smiled at her.

"So, now Bridge. Are you going to tell us what you wished for?" Jack asked mischievously. It was common knowledge that Bridge liked Z and vice versa. Yet, they were both too afraid to do anything.

"We're about to find out," Sky whispered to Jack and nudged him to keep quiet.

"Um, Z? I have something to tell you. Since you joined the academy, I've had a major crush on you. It's only grown over time into love. So –um, would you like to go out with me? Or, if you want, we don't have to go out in a technical term, we could just be-" Bridge said as he got cut off by Z silencing him.

"Of course silly. I also have been in love with you since forever. What ever you want to call it, I'm fine by, so long as you're my boyfriend and I'm your girlfriend," Z said lovingly.

"Yes!" Bridge said as he lifted Z into the air and spun her around. They both looked like really young teenagers that were in love.

"I guess it's safe to say his wish came true," Syd said as she snuggled into Sky. All he could do, was pull her toward him and hold her tight.

"Why am I the only one without a girlfriend?" Jack said interrupting the moment.

"JACK!" was all that could be heard as the four SPD rangers chased him out of the lounge.

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