Character: Naomi Wildman
Pairing: B'Elanna Torres/Samantha Wildman
Timeline: Just before Seven joined the crew. AU, as there is no relationship between B'Elanna and Tom
Beta: Insane Vampiress
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
A/N: And they said I couldn't write a Samantha Wildman femslash fic. Ha!


She doesn't understand why people stop talking when she visits Uncle Neelix in the mess hall, or why they give her funny looks and ask her if her mother ever talks about her father to her.

She doesn't understand why she's being babysat by Uncle Neelix, the Doctor, or Chakotay lots when her mother is off-duty. She doesn't mind, though, because even though the Doctor snaps, Kes is there, and she knows all sorts of interesting things. And she's learned that Chakotay isn't really scary because even though he's big, he has a soft voice and he tells her stories his tribe told when he was a boy.

She doesn't understand why her Momma is singing all the time or why she doesn't cry at night anymore. She knows it's funny when her mother sings old Earth songs by a group named after an insect, while she dances around, tidying up there quarters before Naomi goes over to Chakotay's for the night, and she doesn't even mind when Naomi giggles at her when she forgets the words.

She doesn't understand why her mother has taken down most of the pictures of her father, and doesn't talk about him almost ever anymore, except when she asks questions about him. She doesn't get why she's allowed to spend so much time in the holodeck, when her mum used to say she had to be home by seven, either.

She doesn't understand why Lieutenant Torres is over for dinner so often, or why she insists Naomi call her B'Elanna. She watches her mother hold Lieutenant...B'Elanna's hand across the table and gets a funny feeling in her tummy.

She doesn't understand why her Momma's asking what she would think if she and B'Elanna got married, and if it's okay with her. She wonders what it will be like to have the Chief Engineer live with them; if she'll sometimes read to Naomi at night or if it means she'll have to stop leaving her things laying about.

Naomi doesn't understand a lot of things. But she does understand her Momma is happy.