A/N: Hey this is a story we (A Girl Who Loves Anime and Winged Miko) decided to do on Kagome. The idea came to us after we read this book called Flirtology by Anita Naik. It is very funny and if you have time check it out from your local library if they have it. Okay on with the story.


Chapter One: No One Knows

(Normal P.O.V)

Kagome Higurashi was never really popular. Her thick wide rimmed glasses and greasy raven locks made people take one glance at her and walk away. And her fashion sense didn't help either, plain t shirts and baggy blue or black jeans didn't show off her developing curves like the rest of the girls she knew. Unique could not describe her because she really wasn't all that unique. Her friends never really hung out with her because they have their own lives and the guy she had a crush on doesn't even acknowledge her. That really shot down her self-esteem.

That is why she joined the school newspaper. She was the advice columnist who was anonymous. Her advice was seeked from all. She would hear people in the hallway talking about the advice she gave that day and it made her feel good inside knowing that she, well her column, was the center of everyone's attention. The only problem that she had was that she couldn't claim the column as her own. She was known as Yuki the Flirtologist and not Kagome Higurashi. If her readers knew that Yuki the Flirtologist was a nerdy looking girl with goggles as glasses and hair so greasy it could produce a whole line of oil products, than they would surly never read her column again. That would be like your best friend saying she sleep with your crush and told everyone not to be your friend because you're a slut.

(Kagome P.O.V)

For everyone who has read my column than you know the rules by now. Read and Follow. For you first timers, freshmen, you would think this is a dumb rule. Well since this is a new school year and we are all getting off to a fresh start I would love to introduce you to something completely new. It's called Flirtology. I will be giving you advice daily on how to flirt with your crush and make him or her yours. Now before I give you your first flirt tips, I would like to tell all the senior girls that Sesshoumaru Taisho will be single for the prom. Don't let your chances go to waste now ladies. Okay enough diddle daddling and lets get down to flirtology.

Rule One: Wise Up to Flirting

Everyone flirts and it's nothing new. If you have made eye contact across the room, smiled at a handsome stranger or teased a guy than you have flirted.

Rule Two: Use It or Lose It

Not all of us are natural flirts but everyone has an inner flirt they are just waiting to release. Now if you have never flirted before I want you to try something new. Smile at the next hot-handsome-cute guy you see. This step is excruciating so don't mess it up because this is your guide to become a better flirt.

Rule Three: Think About How You Flirt (this is for the ladies)

How guys receive your flirting signals:

55 percentcomes from your body

38 percentcomes from the pitch of your voice(tone and attitude)

7 percentcomes from what you actually say

Now here' s the hard part, when your around your crush do not one: drool, two: faint, three: cry, and four: become so nervous you cant even say your own name let alone ask him a few questions. Also ladies be aware of what you are doing when your crush is around.

Rule Four: Be Positive

Do not let you brain tell you that you cant do this or that. If you think you can get your crush go for it and don't give up until you either have him/her or got beat at your own game by someone else. Or for you Sesshoumaru Taisho lovers give up when he ignores you every time you even speak his name.

Rule Five: Don't Be Afraid To Take Risk

For those of you who think your crush is going to land right in your lap and start smothering you in hugs and kisses well you seriously need to stop watching those old movies from the thirties and forties. First off the only people that I know who could actually accomplish that are the very hot and beautiful people in the world. That's mainly because they are the school sex gods and goddesses of the world. Now that I got that said, lets get straight down to business. Don't let 'em get away. You make move first. There, the simple caveman language for you. If you don't understand that than you seriously need special help.

Now that you have a few flirting tips go test them out and if they do not work than you must be doing something wrong because I invented them. XOXO.

Yours truly

Yuki the Flirtologist.

'There I have finally finished. Now I hope my readers don't get mad that I'm not giving relationship advice anymore." Kagome mumbled to herself. She subconsciously played with the tips of her hair as she leaned back in her comfortable computer chair. Sighing she removed herself from the computer after emailing her column to the school newspaper publisher. Stretching out her tired limbs she retired to her soft warm bed for a quick nap. She inhaled the scent on her pillow deeply, it smelled of spring rain the fabric softener that her mother always used when she did the laundry. Letting her body relax she let her thoughts wander to her longtime childhood crush, Sesshoumaru Taisho. Even thought they never really talked she still admired him from afar. It seemed just like yesterday they were both in kindergarten and she was trying to become his friend.


It was the first day of kindergarten for Kagome and she couldn't wait to see what new friends she would make. Her mother said she would be the youngest in the class due to her outstanding academic level. She was talking almost perfect Japanese at two and already writing all the Japanese symbols that a elementary student should know by four. In a way you could call her the youngest nerd ever and she didn't even know it.

Today she had her hair in two pig- tails and four hair pins which had blue and white sparkles on them. Her white uniform shirt and blue platted skirt was ironed to perfection and not a wrinkle was in sight. Her white knee high socks where clean and her black dress shoes where so polished that if you looked hard enough you could see your reflection in them. A pink backpack with colorful flowers held all her necessities for school in it. Nothing could go wrong today and she just knew it. But she didn't know that one boy could turn her world upside down in just a few hours.

As she entered the class with her teacher her eye immediately focused on a young boy with silver-white hair and piercing golden eyes. She immediately liked him and she didn't even know him. She never let her gaze wander not even when she was introducing herself to the class. She blushed when he glanced up at her. Her heart fell when he scowled and returned his attention to his coloring of a big whitish-gray dog.

"Kagome please take a seat next to Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru please raise your hand." The teacher said. Kagome let her eyes scan the room for the person she was suppose to sit next to and almost jumped in joy when she saw the silver haired boy raise his hand lazily in the air. The teacher slightly pushed her in the direction of her new seat. Kagome slowly paced herself and held in her excitement every step she took in the direction of someone so ethereal.

Once she reached the table she quickly sat in her seat and took out her box of crayons and markers. She sat quietly as the teacher passed out their color sheets and scissors. Kagome noticed that the young boy didn't have that many colors and decided to share hers. She spread out all her crayons and markers on the table and looked over at Sesshoumaru and asked in a low shy voice.

"Do you want to use my crayons and markers?" She absentmindedly rolled a strand of her hair in between her index finger and thumb a habit that would stay with her for the rest of her life.



"I said no" His cold voice shocked her to the core and she couldn't speak for a few seconds. When she finally regained her voice she mumbled out 'why'.


His silence annoyed her and at the same time frightened her. She wanted to shove all her crayons and markers up his nose and hoped they would implanted themselves inside his brain, but she knew that would never happen. As she was about to ask him another question the teacher interrupted her and told everyone hurry because snack was going to start in a moment.

After a few fleeting minutes their color time was over and Kagome was glad because her so far non- existent friendship with the person next to her was starting to get on her nerves.

Kagome placed her crayons and markers in their right boxes and placed them inside her bag and took out her lunch. Her lunch consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, banana slices, grapes, two chocolate chip cookies and a carton of apple juice. When she glanced to her right she noticed Sesshoumaru didn't have a lunch and decided to offer him some of hers. She gently poked his arm to get his attention and shuddered at the intense cold look he aimed at her. Her words where stuck in her throat and she could barely breath. He narrowed his eyes at her and growled out an irritated 'what'.

"um…I just…wanted to know…"Kagome stalled for a few seconds and jumped when he spoke.

"Hurry and spit it out already."

"Would you like some of my lunch?" Kagome offered quickly while sliding her peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his direction. She watched him scoff at her lunch and glare at her.



"Do all your replies start with 'huh'?", asked an annoyed Sesshoumaru.

Kagome stayed silent and stared at her hands in embarrassment. She slowly glanced up only to find his piercing golden eyes stare her down.

"Um…no. I just wanted to know why you keep saying no that's all."

"You are annoying and an idiot."

"WHAT! I am not." Kagome pouted. At his silence she continued on with even more anger. "Well I don't see why you don't want to be my friend because I'm just trying to be nice." She huffed.

"I will never be your friend."

"Why not."


"You're a jerk." Kagome said her bangs covering her saddened sapphire eyes.

And true to his word he didn't become her friend or talk to her for the rest of the school year. Not even when they had to do projects together she did her part and he did his without talking. When it came time to present their projects Sesshoumaru would leave Kagome to face the curious faces of their classmates. That was how is way for the rest if their elementary school year. Of course that was when Kagome started becoming nerdy and got her glasses. That's when everyone started to make fun of her except him.


Kagome smiled at her childhood memories and childish attempts at trying to get Sesshoumaru Taisho to even give her a second glance.

'Yeah like that will ever happen especially after we made a secret pat to never speak to each other' Kagome thought bitterly. She buried face deeper into the soft white pillow and wallowed in her misfortunes. The sound of her computer receiving an email brought her back from her horrible childhood and into the present which will be considered her most horrible teen years in the future.


Quickly glancing at her computer she tried reading who the sender was from her position on the bed but failed. You would think with her one inch thick eyeglasses she would be able to see Pluto without the aid of a telescope but unfortunately that was not the case. Slowly getting up she made her way over to her computer. Clicking the icon that showed a letter sticking out of an open mailbox she scanned over the email from the school newspaper publisher.

Dear Kagome,

Your new column is fabulous and keep up the good work I just know everyone will love your new advice.

Shikon Publisher,

Rin Taisho

Kagome smiled inwardly. Rin Taisho was Sesshounaru and Inuyasha Taisho half sister. Their father married for the third time and Rin was the creation of their father and step mother's love. Even though Kagome talked to Inuyasha, the second oldest, she never really asked about his personal life because she never liked to be called the prying type. Rin was only a sophomore and already the school newspaper publisher. She was also smart, too smart. So smart that she thought that Rin was a scientific government experiment that was being tested to see the intellectual level of high school students, which was hapless for them.

'I have to get ready for school tomorrow' Kagome thought. Getting up from the computer once more she made her way over to her closet to get out her uniform and iron it. Then she heard a knock on the door.

"Yeah, who is it?" she asked loud enough for the person on the other side to hear.

"Kagome what are you doing at the moment?" Someone yelled from the opposite side of the door. Kagome immediately knew who it was.

"No Sango, why?"

"Well I'm going school shopping want to go?"

"Um…..not really Sango. But I already know your going to break down the door and drag me to the car and take me unwillingly to the mall so I might as well say yeah." She knew Sango was smirking on the other side.

"Good girl, meet me downstairs in five I got to go ask mom for her credit card."

"Yeah okay and don't forget to ask her for the receipt to Sakiyuki because I have to return the new backpack she got me it will be to small for all my books."

"Okay" Sango yelled from down the hall.

Sango wasn't her biological sister but she might as well be. Her father and mother died in a car accident ten years ago and her mother adopted Sango and her brother Kohaku and made them her own. Sango and Kagome where best friends since they were five and she was the best thing that ever happened to her. Even though Sango was two months older than her, she was still one school year behind her due to her starting school late. Sango was and still is her personal bodyguard, fighting those that bothered her too much and started trouble just for fun. But since elementary school Kagome has grown a thicker backbone and is not afraid to speak her mind even if no one is listening.

Kagome sighed and changed from her pajamas into a white t-shirt and black baggy jeans. She grabbed her cell phone and Mp3 from her computer desk and headed out her room and down the stairs to wait for Sango in the living room.

"I hate shopping" Kagome grumbled while placing herself on the soft brown couch as she thought of all the clothes Sango was going to make her try on. And the wired thing about it all was that they had to wear uniform to school.


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