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Chapter Four: Sesshoumaru Speaks!?!?

(Kagome P.O.V)

'Damn it where is she?' Kagome thought. Sango told her to meet her in front of the school and once she got there she discovered that she was nowhere to be found.

Kagome tapped her foot impatiently as she waited. Everyone has already cleared out from the school and those that were lingering were either waiting for someone, like herself, or just hanging around because they didn't have anything to do.

'She better not be with Miroku again!' she thought angrily.

Kagome turned around quickly once she heard the double doors to the school open behind her and prepared to give Sango a tongue lashing. Instead of Sango stepping out of the building the one coming out of the building was Sesshoumaru and he didn't look to happy.

Quickly closing her mouth that was still open Kagome turned away and looked around for Sango.

"Higurashi" Sesshoumaru's cool baritone voice broke through the silence around them.

'Is he talking to me?!' Kagome asked herself.

She knew there were two other people in the school with the same last name Higurashi but she doubted they would be in the same area as her at this moment since they were underclassmen. All the underclassmen knew that if you wanted to be cool or stay cool that you should avoid being near her for to long or be mistaken as her friend. That alone was a no-no in the school. It was a known fact that you made her life hell and never talked to her.

Chancing a glance behind her she saw that Sesshoumaru was looking right at her with an annoyed expression upon his face. Kagome looked around once more to see if he was speaking to her and noticed that he was.

'Sesshoumaru is talking to me!!' she shrieked. Her heart started to race wildly in her chest once she fully turned to him. His golden eyes always were beautiful, even if they where abnormal, in the late afternoon light.

"Yes Sesshoumaru." She noticed his eyes narrow at her for a fraction of a second and wondered what his problem was until she realized she used his name in a familiar fashion.

"You will address me properly Higurashi." His cold tone made her involuntarily shiver. His coldness did not surprise her one bit and it was actually kind of welcoming to her. She loved this side of him and accepted him for who he was.

"Hai Taisho-san. I am sorry for my slip I will not let it happen again." This seemed to please him. "What is it that you wish to speak to me about?" she asked in a polite voice.

On the other hand she wanted to rip him apart for making her speak to him like he was above her. She put up with him for most of her life and she was entitled to address him in a familiar manner damn it!

'Arrogant, egotistical, male!! I'll show you one day!' rage built up inside her as she thought this and fire burned in her eyes.

"You left this in my locker." He held out the letter strongly scented of perfume to her. Glancing up at him in confusion she shook her head from left to right and didn't take the letter.

"I am sorry Taisho-san but that letter does not belong to me." His piercing golden eyes glared at her.

"I believe you did. You insisted yourself that I read it. Do you call this Sesshoumaru a liar?" His tone was cool but she could read the irritation in his eyes.

'WHAT THE HELL! I did no such thing' then she remembered her saying 'read it' out loud in the locker area a few minutes ago. She didn't know wither to laugh at her misfortune or yell at him for being stupid.

'Knowing my luck if I laugh I will get that awful perfume in my mouth and Sesshoumaru would teach me a lesson I would never forget if I yelled at him. I wonder what my punishment would be?' She couldn't help but think once she thought of Sesshoumaru punishing her.

"I reassure you Sesshoumaru that letter is not mine and I am not saying you are a liar. But the truth is that some girl happened to slip it in your locker and I just happened to be around when you found it."

"Then why did you insist that I read it?" He questioned.

"Um…well…you see I was talking aloud to myself and you just happened to overhear me." Kagome said sheepishly. He didn't seem to be satisfied with her answer but he left it at that. He swiftly turned away from her and began to walk off to her dismay. Not wanting to let the chance slip to get him to talk to her some more she quickly thought of something to say before he was out of hearing range.

"I'm sorry about earlier" She apologized.

He continued to walk away from her.

"Sesshoumaru do you accept my apology?" She asked. She was desperate to get a response from him. He was after all talking to her at the moment. This moment wouldn't come again any time soon so she was going to milk it for its worth.

She saw him halt in his footsteps and slightly turn his head in her direction. Her breath froze in her lungs as she prepared to hear Sesshoumaru address her once again. But that anticipation quickly turned to ire at his next words.

"Higurashi you have once again spoken to me in a familiar manner. I will not be so lenient the next time you make that mistake" with that said he continued to walk away.

'Here I was trying to nice and polite and what do I get?! A freaking slap in the face' Kagome yelled inside her head.

'At least you spoke to him today' Her inner voice said.

'Shut it!' She really wasn't in the mood to hear her inner self be a smart ass.

Kagome fumed as she continued to wait for Sango. Her anger only continued to rise as she continued to wait. When she thought she could take no more she heard her cell phone ring. Hurriedly she dug it out of her bag and answered.

"Moshi Moshi Kagome speaking" She answered in a calm voice belying her true emotions.

"Hey Kagome why aren't you at home yet?" Sango asked from the other end. Kagome felt her eyebrow twitch.

"Sango I'm waiting for you in front of the school. Where are you?" Kagome asked. She felt her finger nails dig into her hand as she clutched her bag tightly.

"Oh Kagome I am so sorry! Did I not tell you that I have a softball meeting today? I found out during towards the end of the day and left right after school. Are you mad?" Sango asked worriedly.

Kagome took a calm breath and released it slowly. She wanted to kill Sango but she knew it was her fault for running late. She probably would have caught Sango afterschool if she wasn't arguing with herself at her locker.

"No Sango I am not mad. I'm glad you called and didn't leave me out here trying to guess where you are."

"No problem. I have to get back to practice now so I'll see you when I get home okay." Sango said.

"Alright I will see you later. Bye Sango."

"Ja ne!"

"DAMMIT!!!!" Kagome screeched after she hung up. Her day was getting worse and worse. What would happen next?

"Hey Kag's!!" This time her eye twitched continuously.

Turning around she saw the two people she really didn't feel like dealing with after her horrible day running towards her.

"Hey Inuyasha, Kouga. What's up?" She asked in a false cheerfulness.

Inuyasha and Kouga noticed this immediately and stopped three feet away from her once they reached her. There could be only two reasons why Kagome was faking cheerfulness around them and those reasons where either she was extremely tired, which they doubt, or she was beyond pissed.

'She's beyond pissed!' they both chorused in their head.


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Japanese Terms:


Moshi Moshi-hello (telephone)

Ja ne-later