A Time of Reckoning

An Obidala AU Story

By Ticklesivory

Galactic Date: 53.7.15

Excerpt from the audio journal of Yoda: Jedi Master, Senior Council Member

For over eight-hundred years, Jedi have I trained, but none so challenging as Obi-Wan Kenobi will be. Came to us when four standard years old he was. Brought in by Master Lin-Sha. Found him abandoned in an orphanage did he. Strong in the force young Kenobi is, but difficulties there will be. Of the planet Tralonia he comes from. A far Outer Rim world, mysterious and exotic it is. Been there I have, but long ago. Necessary for me to research its history when Kenobi arrived. Suspect I did that no one realized what problems there would be for a young tralonian male to be brought up in the Temple.

The Time of Reckoning it is called. Begin to endure it when reaches fifteen standard years of age, he will. Warn other Jedi Masters I must, or complications surely there will be.

Galactic Date: 44.4.5

Excerpt from the audio journal of Yoda: Jedi Master, Senior Council Member

Approached Master Qui-Gon Jinn for recommendation of padawan training I have. Listened to the Force I did. Young Kenobi suited for him, will do well under his tutelage. Qui-Gon though, defiant and stubborn is he. When explain I did about the Time of Reckoning, shut me off, did he. Disrespectful, today's youth is.

Galactic Date 44.10.2

Except from the audio journal of Yoda: Jedi Master, Senior Council Member

Approached by Master Qui-Gon today. Told me, did he, that much meditation he has done. Offered to train young Obi-Wan he has. Says the Force told him to.

Hmph. Right, knew I was.

Galactic Date 45.2.1

Except from the audio journal of Qui-Gon Jinn: Jedi Master

After much deliberation in meditation and counsel with Master Yoda, I have decided to take on a padawan learner. A young man by the name of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Strong in the Force he is, a good swordsman and intelligent young lad. He seems to be highly regarded by his peers and instructors, and is a hard worker.

I am ashamed of my initial outburst when Yoda informed me of Kenobi's special, uhm, condition. At first, I did not understand the implications of it.

He will turn fifteen years of age in two seasons when this so-called Time of Reckoning is to occur.

Honestly, I think the entire situation has been exaggerated. There has been no hint of impropriety on Obi-Wan's part, and I have faith that he will conduct himself in all manners of a Jedi Apprentice.

Besides, puberty is puberty, no matter what planet you come from. After intense training sessions in releasing overwhelming and excessive emotions and desires into the Force, conducted by myself, I am confident that Obi-Wan can overcome this crisis, when the time comes. I am sure of it.

Excerpt from the audio journal of Yoda: Jedi Master, Senior Council Member

Galactic Date: 42.7.13

Rather uncourteous transmission received from Master Qui-Gon I have. Their mission to Rialta, undermined by his young apprentice, he said. Scolded him, I did. A Jedi Master, such language, one should not use. Sounded like a Hutt, did he. On their way back from Rialta now. In three days, arrive they will.

Excerpt from the audio journal of Qui-Gon Jinn: Jedi Master

Galactic Date: 42.7.14

We are on our way back to Coruscant following a near-disastrous negotiation on the planet Rialta. It is now my belief that Master Yoda has clearly misinsterpreted his Tralonian research on The Time of Reckoning, as well as underestimate its dangers.

Obi-Wan was completely out of control, seducing every servant girl and villager's daughter. Even the Rialtan Princess! This Time of Reckoning, which Yoda tried to explain to me as some type of extreme hormonal imbalance is nothing at all what I had expected. Hormonal imbalance indeed! Ha! The boy is hornier than a Zabrak! I have confined him to quarters until we reach Coruscant and have secured the bolt on my own quarters as well. I do not wish to have to do any embarrassing or unnecessary explaining to the Council. I'm not about to make Mace Windu's day.