Mission:Time travel

Yusuke walking to Genkai's temple,Botan said it was about another mission.

'What kind of mission is it if Botan's calling everybody to see her in Genkai's temple'Yusuke thought.
It seem kind of odd to him.Yusuke slid inside of Genkai's temple and saw everybody.

Botan look at him after he enter"It's about time you showed up."She was upset that he showed up late.

Yusuke looked at her"You are the one that called me at the wrong time."He was upset that Koenma has another mission for him, he wanted a break from his mission.

Kurama was looking at the two and tried to calm them down"Yusuke we should wait for Botan to tell us why we are here."

Yusuke look at him and murmur an 'all right' and sat down.

Kuwabara look at Botan and said "yeah,why did you called us to meet in Genkai's temple?"

Botan looked at all three of them,Hiei wasn't with them,he had went back to Makai to take care of some business.

"All right the reason I called you here is because Koenma has a mission for you."

"We already Know its a mission."Yusuke interupted.

Botan was losing her temper with Yusuke"I'm getting there now be patient."

Yusuke murmur something under his breath,but Botan ignore him and continue"Koenma notice an evil energy near a shrine we did some research and there's a well near the shrine."

Kurama ask"So what do we to do?"

Botan looked at Kurama"That well can go back to Feudal Japan where the evil aura is coming from"

Kuwabara was in shock"WHAT!THERE'S IS A WELL WE CAN TIME TRAVEL IN?"Kuwabara shouted which made everyone cover their ears.

Yusuke took his hands off his ears"Did you had to be so loud?"he look at Kuwabara.

Botan tried to calm them down"Now settle down boys we got work to do."

Kurama looked at them voice out"agree you can fight with each other after the mission."

Botan looked at Kurama and whisper a 'thank you',both Kurama and Botan have feelings for each other but will never say it tothe other.

Yusuke ask"How long is this trip going to take?"

Botan looked at him and said"I don't know until we find this evil force and deal with it."

"WHAT!"Yusuke shouted.He couldn't believe it,they may stay there for months."What am I going to say to Keiko and my mom?"

Kurama said"agree what will I say to my mother?"

Kuwabara also had the same problem"What will I say to my sis?"

Genkai heard the situation though the Shoji(I Think thats what it call) and slide the Shoji open and said"I'll take care of it."

All three of them were relief that Genkai was going to cover for them.

Yusuke was overjoy"Thanks a lot grandma."

"That's that now lets go."Botan said and they all agree with her.

Few hours later at the well

Yusuke and the others went to the well without anybody spotting them.

Kuwabara looked down at the well and ask"How do we get through time?"

Botan took something out of her pocket.

Yusuke looked at it and ask"What is that thing?"

Botan answer"Its a Shikon Jewel shard also known as the Jewel of four soul."

Kurama looked at it and ask"What does it do?"

"It can help us travel through time from the well but we only have one so we all have to hold hands to get through."Botan answer.

Yusuke looked at her in confusing"how do you know that?"

"I research it."Botan answer."Now that we finish with the question lets go."

They all agree with her and was holding each other hand.When Kurama hold Botan hand she blush and so did Kurama,Kuwabara and Yusuke didn't notice.Than they all jump into the well together and went through the light.

Feudal Japan with Inuyasha group

Inuyasha sniff the air'something smell odd'Kagome looked at Inuyasha and ask in a worry tone"whats wrong Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha turn his attention to Kagome"Nothing is wrong,lets catch up with the others."

Kagome agree and caught with the others leaving Kaede village,little did they know that something was coming out of the Bone eater well.

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