Mission:Time travel

It didn't take them long to reach Kaede village.Shippo decended"O.K. you can get off now."Shippo said he was very tire from the weight he had to carry.

Once the spirit detective and Inuyasha got off Shippo transform back to his little fox form."This way."Shippo said leading the way.While passing through they were getting strange looks from the villagers.

This was bothering Yusuke"Why won't these people stop staring."

Kurama smirk at Yusuke irritaion towards the villagers."Well you can't blame them Yusuke they never saw us and our way of dressing is weird to them."

"Yea I know but all this staring is bugging me to no end."Yusuke exclaime.

"Yea I Know what you mean."Kuwabara agree.

"Nobody whould want to look at you."Hiei said.

"What was that shimp."Kuwabara agree.

"Are you deaf."Hiei said in the same tone of voice.

Kuwabara was about to say something but Shippo interupt"We're here."He exclaime running in the hut.Inuyasha was the first to go in,the others follow after him.

Once they got in they saw Kagome and Botan talking to Sango and Miroku.The two girls notice them after a good five seconds.
Botan got up and ran to Kurama and hug him he return the embrace.

They let go after two minutes."Are you all right."Kurama ask.

Botan nodded"I'm fine Kurama you worry to much."

Kurama chuckle"I can't help it."

Yusuke did a cough.Kurama and Botan look at Yusuke.When they turn their heads and sawYusuke and everybody else staring at them.This made them both blush in embarrassment.

"Kagome here."Kagome look at what Inuyasha was holding the Shikon Jewel.She nodded and took it

"Well its already night so we should sleep."Sango suggested.

"Hey what about us going home."Yusuke complain.

"We'll go home tomorrow."Botan said irritated at Yusuke whining.

After that they all fell asleep.
in the forest

A girl that was dress in white was walking through the forest."Why are you here Kanna?"Kagura ask the pale girl.

"Naraku is dead Inuyasha and his friends kill him."Kanna said.

"So they did,now I have my freedom."Kagura said."Come Kanna its nothing waiting for us in that destroy castle"
She walk through the dark forest Kanna following.

Rin woke up noticing AhUn and Jaken.Both was sleeping.

"Rin."Rin turn her head and smile.

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru."

"Are you not tired."

"I slept to long."

"I see."

Rin look up to him"can I sit with you."

Sesshomaru look at her and saw joy in her eyes."Do what you want."

Rin took it as a yes,she got up and walk next to him and sat down.Rin eyelids was growing heavy and she feel asleep on Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru stiffen at the contact than slowly started to relax.He turn his head and saw Rin sleeping.'I will always protect you Rin'
Sesshomaru vow.He than shut his eyes and went into a light sleep.

Morning came for the spirit detective and it was their time to leave."Yes finally we're going home."Yusuke said happily.

"Are you that eager to go home."Botan ask.

"Yes because I can finally eat junk food and watch T.V."

"You're so lazy its amazing how you get your missions done."Botan exclaime.

"Hey Kirara whats wrong."Sango said stoping the argument from Botan and Yusuke.Kirara got off Sango lap and ran out the hut.
"Kirara!"Sango shouted.

"Whats got into her."Inuyasha said looking at where Kirara ran off to.

"I don't know but we should follow her."Miroku suggested.They all nodded and ran out of the hut to look for Kirara.

Sango stood shock at what she saw.Everybody else look at Sango."Hey Sango why did you stop?"ask Miroku.He and the others look at the direction Sango was looking at and also shock.Standing a few feet away was Kohaku holding Kirara who jump on him when she sense him.

"K-Kohaku."Sango stutter.She just couldn't beleave it.

Kohaku look at her with sad eyes"Hi sister."

This shock Sango and everyone else minus Hiei of course.'He remember me.'Sango thought happily.

Sango slowly walk to him Kirara already jump off.She bent down and hug him tears of joy flowing from her eyes.The others was happy for her she had been reunited with her brother.

Sango finally let go and stand up.Kohaku look at the others"I'm sorry for hurting you."He said bowing down to them.

"Its alright it wasn't your fault."Kagome told Kohaku with a smile.

"Well lets go home now."Yusuke said.

"Inuyasha I'll be going with them."Kagome said.

"Whatever but if you take to long I'll come and get you."Inuyasha replied.

Kagome nodded.The spirit detective and Kagome walk through Inuyasha forest until they saw the bone eater well.
"Botan,Hiei you both still have the fragment right?"Kagome ask.

They both nodded.They all than jump in the well.A glowing light appear before it disappear."Come this way."Kagome said climbing the latter.The others folow suit.Once they all got out of the well Kagome said "Well this is my stop."

They all walk out of the well."Kagome."Botan said.Kagome look at her."Here."Botan gave Kagome the fragment.
Hiei also gave her the fragment-well actually toss it to her.

"Thanks."she said.Placing the two shard in side the almost complete Shikon Jewel.(If you're lost two shard from Kouga which they haven't seen and Kohaku which Kagome won't have the heart to take remember the fragment is Kohaku life once out of him he die.)"Well hope to see you again."Kagome said waving at them when they left the shrine.

"Man its good to be back."Yusuke said.

"I agree"Kuwabara said.

"I'm leaving."Hiei said before disappearing.

"Where he's going."Yusuke ask.

"Probably back to Makai."Kurama answer intertwining his hands together with Botan.She look up at him and smile he smile back at her.'I don't care what Koenma says I'll always be at Kurama side no matter what.'She thought.All of them walking to Genkai's temple.
Hope you like it.The Sequal to this is base more on Kurama and Botan like I mention In the last its more on what they have to do to stay together their freinds will help them and Koenma will make a decission on to let their to go on.Well hope you'll look forward to this Sequel if you think of a title for this story other than Forbidden love which I'm actually going to change I don't like the title any more and other stories has that titles please give me any idea of a new title.Review thanks.