The lights were low, dimmed to a small glow. Painted hearts and glitter were scattered around; roses and blossoms hung around the area. Chocolate and candy were put in small bags shaped like hearts, cards and soft music nearly filled the whole room. To everyone, the Konoha Valentine's day dance was a lovers dream, the sweetest day of the year. To Sakura it was a nightmare.

Couples were everywhere, clutching and smiling, it made Sakura's heart ache. In the room there was someone for everyone, everyone but her.

Fingering her silk red kimono, imprinted with soft pink blossoms, she thought she looked nice. But that didn't matter did it? Her goal was accomplished, she was stronger. But her dream was diminished, Sasuke had made sure of that. He took her happiness and she knew she'd never get it back. He was her poison and she'd yet to find a cure.

"Every now and then

You find a special friend

Who'll never let you down…."

Sakura sighed, a lovely song, too bad she had no one to share it with.

"Who helps you on your way

Who'll help you when your down.."

Sakura watches the crowd part. Her eyes narrowed as a man steps from the crowd. It was an anbu dressed in black with a wolf mask. She watched him walk slowly, his stature being ever graceful.

"Who'll make your dreams come true

All wishes come alive..

With just a simple touch…"

He stopped in front of her. Her first thought was to walk away or reject him but.. she couldn't. She sat still as he brought his hand in front of her, stopping inches from her face.

Without another thought she placed her hand over his. Slowly if not cautiously he helped her up, arm in arm they walked to the dance floor; their eyes till on each other. He put his arm around her tenderly, she placed her own around him. They moved silently, gracefully.

"So if you lose your way,

Think back to yesterday,

Remember me this way

mm.. hmm.. remember me this way.."

She wanted to close her eyes but couldn't. His eyes held hers captive, the beat of his heart and the fell of his strength and warmth… she felt light, no longer burdened by the heartache done by Sasuke. It was as if Sasuke's poison was slowly being sapped from Sakura by this anbu, this strange anbu. She leaned into his embrace, wondering just who was he?

"Remember back the days

You know that's what he'll say

This friend who'll never let you down.."

He twirled her and suddenly she felt like she was 12 again, free from the harshness of the world and its reality. She smiled at the masked anbu.

"He'll make your wishes come true

Hope will come back to you

You'll learn of simple love… your life will have begun

So if you lose your way

Think back to yesterday

Remember me this way

Remember me this way…"

She timidly touched his mask, smiling as he dipped her. She felt as if the world dipped too. There seemed to be no one else in the room now. It was just the two of them, Sakura and her ambu. It was their world where there was no one else.

"And this is wheat he'll say…

'I'll make your dreams come true

I'll bring hope back to you!

With just a simple touch

So if you lose your way

Think back to yesterday- "

Sakura reached up slowly and clutched the mask. Agonizingly slow she removed it. Tears sprung to her eyes as he anbu revealed himself. Reaching out slowly her anbu gently cradled her face. Leaning forward he placed his lips on hers. Sakura closed her eyes and smore the world spun. Everything seemed to stop in the moment.

Forgetting where she was she opened her mouth, he slipped inside. Their mouths slanted, their tongues dueled.

The world spun and tilted. Slowly they pulled away and smiled.

"remember me this way..

mm.. hmm.. mm.. remember me this way.."

Together Haruno Sakura and her anbu Hatake Kakashi , walked off. Walking past the gaping crowd and ignoring the cheers of the loud fox, Uzumaki Naruto. The 2 grinned and disappeared.

3 yrs later

After their wedding, Hatake Kakashi and Sakura shared their first dance as husband and wife to.. coincidently… the same song they had first danced to at the Konoha valentines day dance 3 yrs before.

Kakashi chuckled, "I like this song.. maybe we should make this officially OUR song."

Sakura smiled and nodded. Leaning forward they danced. Forgetting the past and the world they lost themselves into a world of their own. Forgetting everything and one but each other it seemed as though once again it was just the music and them, Sakura and her anbu.

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