Chp. 1: The lowliest king

The sky. The distant sky. It hung above me and filled my vision. Like the ocean had turned upside but somehow gravity dissolved. The smoke from my cigarette surrounded the area. I inhaled and closed my eyes. It went into me like another soul that burned. This was it. That momentary hour of peace that I'd been craving. I died in that peace

" Ororon. We have to keep going" she said.

Oh yeah. I can't die yet. Fuck. I wish I could. But one can always pretend…..

I remember back when I didn't care about my life. My soul was just something I loosely carried on my back. A weight that'd been there since I gained the throne. It was never a part of me. I didn't care about anybody else either. My purpose was just to be. Not to really live. Though, there were attempts on my life. Now that I think about it, I should've eaten that apple, or drank that soup, or let that boy kill me. Sheila wouldn't have cared. The royal tasters dropped like flies and I watched them slowly suffocate at the effects of the poison. Another court member would be tried. And another executed under my word. I was the most alive puppet anyone had ever seen. In fact, behind my back, the servants called me 'The puppet King'. Even though I could have them killed, I said nothing. It was true. The advisors told me everything I should do, and I consented.

"The Puppet King….calling him that could get you killed." Said one of the kitchen maids who had a large nose and bulbous eyes.

"Ha. You mean calling the royal council that could get me killed. He is joke. Everyone is trying to kill him anyways…" said Raina, the young witch cook.

I walked past them and they eyes me then started whispering frantically. This is about the time I took up smoking.

But soon after. The most terribly wonderful thing happened to me. Chiaki.

My angel in shining armor.

I met her when I was at my worst. Ororon, king of devils, reduced to bloody mass on a rainy day. People were afraid to even touch me. Look at me. And up comes the most androgynous beauty I'd ever seen. She reeked innocence and sunshine. I was perplexed. Then she let me stay at her dead Grandfather and hers house. It was then that I learned she was an angel. Of course she was.

"Ororon, I wish that you'd stay by me forever." Her eyes glowed then. With all the colors of heaven inside. This angel could lead me to death and I'd be by her side. I said yes and she seemed shocked. I really did have nothing to lose. I was a lowlife. The lowest king. I raised her hand in my gloved one. Then laid the faintest of kisses on her porcelain skin. Chaiki looked down at me. Confusion in her eyes. She was so innocent. If only she knew the thoughts of my mind. The dark content the swirls within the confines of these blue smokey eyes. What horrors they've seen. I didn't want to taint her. Because she was perfect the way she was. Boyishly beautiful.

"Ororon, what are you thinking?" asked Chiaki. Her hair had grown out of the pixie cut and she was filling out. She looked more like a woman then a gender confused boy. I took a strand and felt it's softness.

"Oh. Just something."

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