1. Mountain (Axel and Roxas)

Axel didn't care if the mountain was supposed to be picturesque. The snow that came with the Christmas card package was still kicking his ass. Currently, he was engaged in an animated argument with a snowdrift which had the audacity to block his way.

He thought about jumping over it, but he had no idea what the hell awaited him on the other side. The last one he had hurdled himself over was hiding some sort of angry soldier man. The man had screamed, Axel had screamed; the mountain had felt left out and so it made this feeling clear with an abrupt avalanche. There was nothing quite like a wall of snow to the face to put one's priorities in perspective. And one of those priorities was looking before leaping.

Axel glared at the snowdrift. He swore it was threatening him. Grinning, he waved his finger at it, "You think you're so clever. I know your devilish tricks by now!"

He flipped the snowdrift off.

"If it wouldn't make an ice rink, I'd melt you here and now and spare the lives of thousands. I'd be a hero! They'd sing my praises! But you're getting off lucky."

Though he was dressed in black leather – the height of fashion, and pretty damn good for scaring the wits out of people though it did nothing for unobtrusiveness – the snow had by all accounts made him rather soggy. His hair, usually busying itself by defying all laws of gravity hung in damp strands around his face. He looked as if he had just stepped out of the pool after drowning someone, and had decided to jump inside an economy meat-freezer to dry off. The logic in that idea wasn't misplaced as much as it was accurate.

After a moment of delicious gloating, Axel held out his left arm and, in a flash of fire and light, summoned one of his chakrams. "It's been fun, but I've got a hun to make a deal with. So if you'll excuse me--" With that, he flipped the weapon sideways and through the snowdrift like a boomerang, sending white fluff every which way. Like a pro, he caught it in its' return cycle and laughed at his now decapitated, weather-born enemy.

He took a step forward and suddenly sunk from view.

Somewhere above, Roxas laughed. "You realize you can hover, right? Or are you just trying to show the weather what for?"

Axel glared through a mouthful of cold and thought Roxas lucky for being his best friend. "Die in a fire," he managed after a torturous moment.

"You'll help me, right?"

"Everytime, buddy, everytime."


--The Spiteful Sixth