Hey everyone. I've had a bad case of writer's block, (I don't seem to be too good at fluff.) I've decided that the best solution would be to post the first chapter on the web. Now I haven't finished the rest of the story yet, so chapters will be a LOT longer in coming, but this means you can send me ideas and I might be able to fit them into the story. (As it is, I have 628's story completed, but I have almost nothing on Lilo and Stitch's relationship, and that where I need help). Well enough with my ranting, on with the story.

Thru New Eyes

Chapter 1

New Eyes Born

It had been 5 months since the defeat of the monster known as Lilith. She was the result of a revenge attempt gone horribly wrong: Angel, having been left by Stitch when he finally figured out who he truly loved, turned her rage against Stitch's true love, Lilo. She attempted to use her evil song to turn Lilo evil and get her in trouble. Unfortunately, it backfired horribly, and the events that followed nearly destroyed Stitch's family, as well as the entire world.

Since then, things have once again gotten better for Lilo and Stitch, in fact, better than they were before. They were finally able to tell each other their feelings, and now have a wonderful love that seems impossible for their age. But what in their lives has ever been anything less than a miracle?

Stitch was given the ability to become human which allows him to be able to have a semi-normal life with his girlfriend and has started school with his human identity, Chris Strikerson. In the process he gained the friendship of three boys: Jason, Knuckles, and Richie, and together the four have caused more trouble in 5 months than most students manage to pull off in their entire school careers, much to the dismay of the teachers, the principal, and Lilo. Of course, with Stitch's training, Jason's daring, Knuckles technical expertise, and Richie's strange kind of luck, the four have been very successful in not getting kicked out of school yet. Mostly cause there is never any evidence.

Which leads us to today, and the four's most daring scheme yet is in the works.

"Get that thing away from the house!" Nani screamed from the front door at the two boys standing outside the house.

Jason and Knuckles were holding a large plastic tube that looked like it had been converted into a bazooka, which in their case, that's what it was. Sort of.

"It was only a tree!" Jason yelled back.

"We were aiming for Pleakly." Knuckles muttered.

"I don't care, you could knock a hole in the house with that!" Nani screamed. "Stitch, get down here so you and your friends can get out of here and out of my hair!"

Stitch ran out the back door and out to his waiting friends, also noticing the cracked tree covered in paint. He ran to greet his friends. "Sorry, overslept." he said as he ran up to the pair. "But isn't the gun suppose to just cover people in paint, and not kill them?" he said as he pointed to the tree.

"Uh yeah, Knuckles had it set too high, sorry about that." Jason said with his hand behind his head.

"I told you that it wasn't supposed to be fired this close." Knuckles said as he took a screwdriver to the mechanism in the back of the tube.

"Ok, I won't fire it at Myrtle's head, at least while there are witnesses." Jason said as he hefted the make-shift paintball cannon into the wagon. "Are you sure you can pull this Stitch? I mean it is pretty heavy."

"No problem, now let's go before Nani figures out what this is really for." Stitch said as he hopped on his bike.

"You mean before Lilo sees it." Knuckles said as he mounted his bike as well.

"Yeah, don't need your wife to go off on us again. So let's move!" Jason said as he jumped on his bike and took off.

"She's not my wife!" Stitch yelled as he took off after them.

"That funny, I could have sworn that the wedding was just last week." Jason yelled back.

"Shut up Jason or I'll make you." Stitch said, clearly starting to get embarrassed.

"Calm down both you. We need to focus on the task at hand." Knuckles said as the three rode along to the school grounds.

"Right, Operation: Splash Down!" Jason said enthusiastically.

"So are the other two cannons set up yet?" Stitch asked as they past the sandwich shop.

"Yeah, Richie's bringing the rest of the ammo to the launch point as we speak." Jason said as he charged up the hill.

"If my calculations are correct, the cannons will blast the paintballs at a trajectory that will cause them to fly over the school and land in the front lawn of the school yard within a 10 foot error radius." Knuckles said as the trio headed onward to the meeting spot.

"This is gonna rock so hard! I mean, no one in school history has ever pranked the entire school board before!" Jason said as he picked up speed.

"Oh yeah." was all Stitch replied.

Meanwhile, 625 had noticed over the counter at the sandwich shop his cousin zooming by, headed toward the school. Something he would never do on a Saturday, unless he and his buddies were planning something again. "Hey Angel, guess who I just saw go by, looking for trouble?"

"Let me guess. That I'd better call Lilo and tell her that her bugee-boo is trying to get himself expelled again?" Angel said, looking up from her menu.

"You got it Angelcakes. Now, what can I get you?" he asked.

"Same as always, Ham on rye. Hold the lettuce, extra mustard." Angel said as she reached for her cell phone. (Guess what 625 does with his paychecks?)

"You got it." 625 said as he went to work.

The phone rang, and Pleakly answered it. "Hello, Peliaki residence, Pleakly speaking. Oh yeah, I'll get her up, hold on."

He put down the phone and went upstairs to the lift tube. "Lilo, phone!"

Lilo rolled over and looked at the clock. "11:00. Looks like I slept in again."

She then heard Pleakly telling her that she had a phone call. It was probably Victoria, wanting to know if they were going to go to the beach today. She picked up the phone, and answered groggily "Hello."

"Guess where Stitch is?" the voice on the other end of the line said.

"Angel?" Lilo said as she got out of bed. Then what Angel said clicked in her sleepy brain, and she woke right up. "Not again! Where did you see him go Angel?"

"He just passed the sandwich shop about 5 minutes ago. I think he was headed for the school."

Lilo sighed. "If he's headed toward school on a Saturday, then he and Jason are up to something. Thanks Angel, I'll take care of it."

"Ok, but you better hurry, cause I bet they won't stay put long, their never do when up to something."

"I know, I know. See ya." Lilo said as she hung up the phone. She jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed. She hopped into the lift and headed downstairs. She shot past Jumba and Pleakly as she ran to the door.

She blurted out "SorrygottagoStitchistryingtocausetroubleagainbye!"

She ran outside to see the tree. "Oh great. I don't even wanna know." She realized that whatever those guys had planned, it was either big or dangerous. Probably both. "I never find them in time from the ground, so I guess I better go airborne." Lilo said as a bright light surrounded her. The light shrunk and disappeared, leaving the light blue experiment everyone had come to call Sora. She charged her wings and took to the sky.

Meanwhile, the 3 boys had arrived at the meeting spot, a wooden grove just beyond the school. There the 4th boy, Richie, had been waiting for them. "It was about time you 3 got here, I was getting worried."

"Why Richie? It's all coming together. I told you not to worry about it." Jason said as he hopped of his bike. He noticed the wagon that had been tied to Richie's moped. "Nice, that paint outta be enough to cover the entire schoolyard."

"Yeah Richie, only your mom would have 8 buckets of watercolor paint. What does she do with it?" Knuckles asked.

"She does paintings with it." Richie said as he started to pull out the paint bucket.

"I'd like to see the brush." Stitch said as he unloaded the cannon and set it on the ground.

"She doesn't use one. She uses her hands." Richie said as he put the can down.

"She what?" Jason said, mouth open.

"She finger paints?" Stitch asked, surprised. He knew Myrtle's mom was a bit of a space case, but this was ridiculous. "You're kidding."

"No, and it's not finger painting. It's called 'expressive' art." Richie said standing up for his mom.

"Listen, we don't have time for this, Richie, you stand watch, me and Knuckles will get the cannons ready, and Stitch can work ammo detail, ok everyone?" Jason said, knowing that they were on a deadline. They had to finish this today, and without anyone seeing them.

"Right." Richie said as he took off for the edge of the clearing.

"Okay." Stitch said as he grabbed a paint bucket.

"Alright, let's do this!" Jason said in his usual spirited tone.

Jumba just sat on the couch after he saw Lilo take off at break-neck speed. "Am seeing that 626 is causing mischief once again. Am very proud." he said as he saw Pleakly enter the room.

"Well I'm not! He's just trying to get kicked out of school. And poor Lilo, he doesn't listen to her at all." Pleakly said as he set down the laundry. "She wants to marry him so badly, but she can't if he loses his identity because he gets kicked out of school!"

"626 will not be getting kicked out of school, is expert at avoiding detection. And is just having fun anyway. Am agreeing with brown-haired boy, little girl is becoming control freak." Jumba said as he started flipping channels.

"That Jason is nothing but trouble! Did you see what he did to the tree outside?" Pleakly said as he started folding clothes. "And I think he and his other friend were trying to hit me with it!"

"Wish they would have been hitting original target." Jumba said as he turned off the TV, bored and tired of Pleakly's ranting.

"Well I'm tired of their pranks! They are mean and just not nice." Pleakly continued to rant. Then Jumba cut him off.

"Yes, yes am knowing you are still upset about the itching powder, put don't you have somewhere to be going today?"

"Oh no! I almost forgot. Today is the white sale at the mall! I have to hurry before they are all cleared out." Pleakly said, dropping what he was doing.

"Yes, can never have too many fluffy towels." Jumba remarked sarcastically as he got up.

"You know it!" Pleakly said as he ran out the door. "See you tonight!"

Jumba smiled as he realized what this meant. "626 is out doing prank with friends, little girl has gone to stop them, bigger girl is at work, and Pleakly is being shopping, I think now is being good as time as any."

Jumba entered the ship, humming to himself. He'd been waiting for this chance for quite a while, and now everyone was out of the house for a long enough period for him to finish his greatest work. He walked into his lab and pulled out a small box. "It is time little one, time for you to be meeting world for first time."

He opened the box to reveal a small, dark blue pod. He removed the pod and set it down on the ground. He then reached over and grabbed a small dropper filled with water. He knelt down and positioned the dropper over the pod, and squeezed the contents of the dropper onto it.

The pod was covered in electric-like light that expanded until a flash. When the flash cleared, the pod was gone. In its place stood an experiment. The night-blue experiment was about the same size as Stitch, but it resembled 627 in terms of body type, only with a head that was less pointed and slightly wider on both the sides and the back. Its chest fur was white, and it had only one defining feature: a small red crystal-like horn, about 3 inches long, jutting from its forehead. It had no spines, no antenna, and its claws were the same crystalline as its horn, but rather small. The creature stood up and opened it's black eyes for the first time, slowly, and just stared. Then it slowly began to adjust its head, taking in its surroundings, until its eyes met the form of Jumba.

"Are you my creator?" the small creature asked as it looked up at him.

"Yes, I am Jumba Jukeba. I am your creator." Jumba replied.

"And I am 628? Correct?" the creature asked as it turned to scan it's surroundings once more.

"You are being correct once more." Jumba replied as he watched his creation analyze his surroundings.

The creature began to explore the room, looking at different objects, picking some up, but then placing them back once more. Then it returned it's gaze to Jumba. "How do I know what these things are, if I have never seen them before?"

"Because you are being programmed with the knowledge of what they are. In fact, you are programmed with all my scientific knowledge, as well as other basic skills." Jumba said as he sized up his creature's reactions to his surroundings. He is very curious, is just as programmed. Will one day be able to assist me in evil genius experimenting. As well as being able to act on own without guidance.

"What basic skills? Are they of any importance?" 628 asked as it began to explore the rest of the ship.

"Skills such as language program and basic social skills." Jumba said as he followed 628. "Nothing in relation to purpose."

628 stopped. It turned back to Jumba. "My purpose is to assist in your work, correct?"

"Yes, yes it is. But will one day expect you to be working on own." Jumba said as he patted 628 on the head.

"How will I do that? Which of my properties assists in this?" 628 said as he started to explore once again.

"Aah, is simple. Your computer brain will do this."

"But 624 thru 627 also possess this ability, why was I created for this purpose?" 628 said as he examined the ship's controls.

"Indeed, other experiments possess this ability, but not corresponding programming. You are being programmed with intense curiosity, and have memory to back up fast thinking brain." Jumba said as he sat in the cockpit chair.

628 stood for a minute, going over his knowledge of the other experiments. He realized that they all had one or more evil purposes. But his program included none.

"Why am I different from my brethren? Why do I have no evil purpose?"

Jumba sighed. "Am afraid that I no longer have evil purpose either. Nor do most of other experiments, save maybe 627."

"Lilo?" 628 said as he climbed onto the panel of the ship and looked out the window.

"Yes, is having to do with little girl, but did not give my memories, so you would not be knowing why."

Indeed, 628 knew what Jumba knew, the names and faces of everyone he had ever met, up until the point his creation began, which was five years ago. He also knew that this information was probably outdated, since he knew instinctively the exact time and place he was at the present moment due to his advanced brain program. His programming did not extend, however, to Jumba's memories; he wanted 628 to create his own.

"What happened that caused your change of heart?" 628 said as he continued to stare out the window.

"Do not wish to go into that, is troubling. Besides, it doesn't matter." Jumba said, knowing that 628 was programmed to not push a question, he would simply re-ask when the matter came up again.

628 continued to stare outside the ship's windshield. Then he climbed down and started toward the door.

"Where are you going 628?" Jumba asked as he followed him.

"Outside. I wish to explore my surroundings and learn about the people I share this world with." 628 replied as he headed for the door.

Now Jumba figured this might happen. He knew 628's curiosity would lead him into the outside world, but he couldn't let 628 be seen by the wrong people. "Wait 628, you must be knowing what to watch out for outside"

628 turned to face Jumba. "I have your knowledge of this planet, and there are no dangers to me here. What must I watch out for? People who might recognize me as the 628th experiment?"

"Indeed, be waiting one moment, I will be fetching computer and pictures of those to be looking out for." Jumba said as he headed quickly back to the lab.

628 instead turned to the table in the corner, and picked up a photo. It was a picture of the family and friends on Lilo's last birthday. 628 turned the picture around and checked the date, knowing Jumba always dated and labeled his photos, no matter how trivial. "This photo will suffice. It has pictures of the family, and they are the only ones who know of the experiments existence. Correct?"

Jumba had just returned. "Why yes 628, is good thinking. But must point out which ones to be looking out for."

628 handed the photo to Jumba. "Then please do so. I wish to explore the island without causing retribution on you."

Jumba circled Lilo, Stitch, and Cobra in the photo and handed it back to 628. "Be on look out for these 3 most of all, for will immediately recognize you as new experiment. Others in photo might, but is unlikely as long as you are not drawing attention to self."

628 looked over the photo and then placed it back on the table. Then he removed another photo, and showed it to Jumba. "Who is this? I do not recognize him, and yet his photo stands alone on your table."

It was Stitch's fall photo. He had managed stick his tongue out at the camera just before the shot was taken, and was in a t-shirt saying "Bite Me" on the front.

"Aah, is 626's human form. Is good you are reminding me, need to be on lookout for 626 in that form as well." Jumba said as he took the photo from 628 and patted him on the head.

"But according to my memories, 626 does not have metamorphic capabilities." 628 said as he got down from the table.

"Recent addition." was Jumba's reply. "At 626's request of course."

This puzzled 628. 626 had plenty of abilities, and advanced stealth training. Why did he need to be able to take other forms?

"Why did 626 request this?" 628 said as he looked at Jumba.

"Same reason 323 asked for hair, was being in love." Jumba replied as he placed his computer down on the table.

"That does not make sense. Why would 323 want hair because of love? Why would 626 want his new form? Neither is capable of mating yet. What is the point? What does it have to do with love?"

Jumba laughed. "I'm sometimes wondering myself. But you are confusing the emotion 'love' with the instinct 'lust'. Love is strong caring for another, while lust is the need to procreate."

628 tilted his head. "I am aware of this. But isn't one just a cover for the other in this case?"

Although 628 was following his programming exactly, it was starting to annoy Jumba. "Why not go ask source. Find 323. He maybe can explain it better." he said, hoping 628 would leave him to his work.

"I will do so. But what time should I be back to assist in your work?" 628 said, knowing that helping Jumba was the other half of his purpose.

"I do not require your assistance at the moment, you should go and explore island."

"Thank you Jumba. I will do so and return after dark, when I am less likely to be seen." 628 said as he took off.

Jumba just smiled as he went back into his lab. "Is very smart experiment, and very observant. But is being just a bit too inquisitive."

Sora (Lilo in experiment form) circled the school yard, looking for any signs of Stitch or one of his friends. "Now where could they be? Please don't tell me I'm too late." Then she spotted Richie leaving the forest behind the school. "Bingo."

Sora landed on the side of the building, as to not be seen by Richie. She retracted her wings, and transformed back into Lilo. She quickly ran to the corner of the building, and peered around it to the path. Richie was gone. "Probably went back to see if the others were finished." She knew Richie was a bit of a coward. Myrtle constantly harped about it, and it made Lilo feel sorry for him. Lilo tried to be his friend, but he would constantly try to avoid her. That was probably Myrtle's fault too. She could only imagine what things Myrtle said about her. Of course Richie probably knew they were lies, but he was too frightened of Myrtle. Myrtle had to be the worst sister on the face of the planet.

The truth was a bit different. Richie was indeed afraid of Myrtle, but he had his own fear of Lilo. He was afraid because he thought she was an alien. Which technically, she was. What made Richie afraid was what he thought would happen if she found out he knew. He had spied on her more than once when she was alone with Chris (Stitch in human form) and found out that she could take control of others, alter their memories, and fire beams of energy from her hands. And he was afraid that these powers would be turned on him if she found out he knew her secret. And he couldn't tell Jason or Knuckles, she would come after them too.

So when he saw her alien form flying around the school, he turned tail. He ran back to the others. To the only person who could protect him: Chris. He ran back into the launch point where the others had just finished installing the last cannon and setting up the ammo, which had taken them all of 5 minutes. By the time he had gotten there, Richie was out of breath.

"Whoa, what's up Richie? See a ghost again?" Jason said as he started to load the cannons.

"In broad daylight? I don't think so Jason. Even Richie doesn't spook that easily. More like we have company." Knuckles said as he started to cover the cannons.

"Who is it Richie? Principal Tanner? The cops? The Army?" Stitch said jokingly, but he also began to stash stuff into the bushes.

"Pant…Lilo." Richie said between breaths.

Stitch just slapped his hand to his forehead. Yep, that's enough to make Richie run full speed. I have no idea why he is so scared of Lilo. I keep telling him how nice she really is and how big a liar his sister is. But he still seems frightened for some reason. Maybe he saw her transform? Naw… Lilo is way too careful for that to happen. And besides, then he would be scared of me too, since we are usually experiments at the same time.

"Oh boy, wife aggro. Men prepare for chewing out by annoying female." Jason said in his usual, smart tone.

"She isn't Stitch's wife Jason, just his girlfriend. I wish you would knock it off with that joke, it's old." Knuckles said as he hid the rest of the ammo.

"Yeah, but the way she acts you'd think she was. I mean she never lets Stitch do anything!" Jason said as they finished preparing for the unwelcome guest.

"That might be cause everything we do runs the risk of expulsion or worse." Knuckles said as he pushed the cannons behind a rock.

"Details, details. It's not like we ever get caught." Jason said as he leaned against the same rock.

Just then Lilo entered the clearing. She saw Jason leaned up against a rock, Knuckles standing next to Jason, Stitch over by a tree on the other side of the clearing, and Richie right behind him.

"So what brings you to our neck of the woods? Stitch got something he forgot to do, or is it just that you don't want him out of your sight unless you say so?" Jason said, smartly.

Of all Stitch's friends, Jason was the one Lilo liked the least. He was a wiseass and arrogant. He was also convinced that she was a control freak. Just because he had one bad experience with a girl, a mean one at that, didn't mean that he should think all girls were the same. "Jason, I'm going to tell you for the last time, the only reason I have to keep tabs on Stitch is because you keep trying to get him in trouble!" she said sternly as she looked around the clearing. She saw one of the cannons sticking out from behind the rock and frowned. "And I can see the cannon. You hid it behind the rock."

"Yeah, so. Why don't you just let Stitch do what he wants to do? I mean you're his girlfriend, not his master." Jason said, his voice becoming sterner as well. He was sick of Lilo trying to run Stitch's life. He obviously liked pranks, and Lilo should respect his decision. Jason used to think Lilo was the only cool girl on the island. Then she fell in love, and became like all the others: determined to control whatever hapless guy fell into her clutches.

"Listen, you can do whatever you want for all I care, but I don't want my boyfriend to get kicked out of school!" Lilo screamed.

"Well I think you should be more supportive of him! You used to be the coolest girl on the island, now look at you! You're as bad as Myrtle!" Jason screamed back at her.

Stitch could see that both of them were ready to fight, and he needed to keep that from happening. "Listen Jason, you guys can finish up, can't you? I need to go talk to Lilo and calm her down." he said as he took Lilo's hand. "Come on Lilo, you and me need to have a talk."

"Yes we do. And I don't think Richie or Alex should be here either, they actually have things going for them in school, unlike you Jason." Lilo said as Stitch tried to lead her away.

"What, not happy just controlling Stitch? You wanna control my other friends too? Whose next, me? Leave us alone." Jason said, becoming very angry.

"You stupid jerk!" Lilo screamed, tugging on Stitch's arm, trying to get free and get at Jason.

Meanwhile, Richie cringed away. Jason, making a powerful alien mad isn't such a good idea. Richie decided though that he would stay behind, he would rather be here and away from the possibly crazy alien than near her when she was mad at her boyfriend. "I think I will stay here with them, I don't want Myrtle to see me with you. She might destroy another one of my notebooks."

The name 'Myrtle' got Jason's attention off Lilo and on to Richie. "She did what? She destroyed your drawings? What did you do that made her mad this time, breathe funny?"

"No, she didn't like the pictures." Richie said, his head lowered.

Lilo then spoke up. "Of all the lame excuses. Richie, you can't let Myrtle push you around like that. She's just your sister, not your boss. You should just tell her to leave you alone."

"What do you care? You want to control us too." Jason said, remembering Lilo.

"I'm trying to keep you sorry butts out of trouble! You are going to get caught one day, Jason, so I'm trying to tell you to quit while you are ahead! The principal has it out for you, he knows you are behind this, he just hasn't been able to prove it yet. But one day he will, and then all four of you will be out on your ears, and I don't want that to happen. You may be a wiseguy Jason, but you're not mean. I don't want that to happen to Stitch or any of his friends, including you."

Knuckles then stepped forward between the two. "I think we have valid points on both sides. Jason in the fact that we haven't been caught yet, and the fact that Lilo, you have been a bit bossy lately, no offense."

"None taken."

"And Lilo has a point in that one day our luck might run out. Every prank we pull puts us one step closer to expulsion. And both of you agree on one thing."

"What's that?" Jason asked, curious as to what he and Lilo both actually agreed on.

"That Myrtle's a bossy jerk." Knuckles said with a smirk.

Jason gave a wide smile. "You're right, we do agree on that." Then he turned back to Lilo. "And I guess you're kinda right too. We have been a bit too bold lately. So after this last prank, which I promise will be evidence free, we will lay low for the rest of the year. Then next year, we will cool it a bit, and just focus on pranking the preps and of course, Myrtle."

Lilo smiled back. "That's better. I guess I need to stop being so bossy, I just want Stitch and me to go to school together. But I know he likes to play jokes sometimes. Heck, I used to."

"You still do. Remember the spider in Nani's lunch bag? I didn't do that." Stitch said as he put his arm on his girlfriend.

"No that was me. She grounded me for a week after that." Lilo said, giggling.

"So why do you get on to Stitch for his pranks then, isn't that being a…what's the word Knuckles?" Jason asked, not knowing the right word for the situation.

"Hypocrite." Knuckles replied, finishing his friend's sentence.

"Yeah, I guess I am being a bit of a hypocrite." Lilo said, looking down at the ground slightly. "But my little pranks aren't nearly as bad as the one you guys pull. I mean, I saw that tree back at the house."

"I told Jason not to fire the cannon at close range." Knuckles said under his breath.

"Yeah, don't worry about that." Jason said with his hand behind his head. "The cannons won't do anything but spread paint at their intended range."

"And what do you intend to do?" Lilo asked, more interested than annoyed now.

"You ever prank an entire school board before?" Jason said in a full grin.

"No, but I think I'm about to." Lilo responded. Now this was a surprise. Lilo was going to help them pull off a prank.

"Really Lilo, you are going to help us? Why?" Stitch said, turning back to face his girlfriend.

"Because you are my boyfriend, and we should do things together. Even get in trouble together. You know, like we used to." Lilo said as she leaned in to kiss him.

"That's the Lilo I fell in love with." Stitch said as he met her lips.

The other 3 watched this scene, each with different reactions.

Jason watched this scene with great happiness. Man, those two really are hooked on each other. But I guess they still have their arguments, but they get over them . He then thought about something somewhat sadder: If only she could have, we might have worked out too.

Knuckles had a small smile on his face. I can't believe it, but what Jason said at the beginning of school may actually be true. They may actually be in real love. Will wonders never cease? But as their friends, we need to make sure they can stay that way, and Stitch being kicked out won't help.

Richie at that moment had a realization. I don't think it matters if Lilo is an alien or not. Stitch loves her, and that's what matters. But I wonder something: is it possible that Stitch might be an alien too? I mean, I know his guardian is, and Lilo used to have a 'dog' named Stitch, although they swear it's a coincidence. Nevertheless, the only way I will find out the truth is if I confront them, and I'm afraid of what they will do. NO, I shouldn't be afraid. Stitch is my friend, no, both of them are. They would never hurt me. But I will wait until the right time, like when one of them does something alien, then I will confront them. Yeah, that's what I will do.

Jason finally broke the silence. "Well Lilo, welcome to the team."

End Thru New Eyes Chapter 1

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