Thru New Eyes

Thru New Eyes

Chapter 18

A Beautiful Day

It has been three months since Lilith's destruction, as friends and family gather for a wonderful occasion. Much had happened in those months, on Earth and in space. A few days after the incident, an agent of the Councilwoman came to Earth, hot on the trail of the deadly world destroying weapon, the Sweeper Cannon, but found it totaled. Upon his reporting the details of its destruction, which Cobra had said was that the cannon destroying itself, the Councilwoman made a visit herself. After assuring that everything was in order, and never discovering Siron, she made her way back home after congratuating Lilo and Stitch.

Meanwhile relationships flourished all around them. Richie and Victoria had begun to spend much more time together, even if it was just walks along the beach or a movie. However, they often had to put up with a little tag along every now and then; which Victoria preferred, since the alternative, an unsupervised Chance, often led to something breaking or blowing up. (She still had no idea where he was getting the things that blew up.) Jason and Myrtle, on the other hand, often had several third wheels, namely Myrtle's entire posse. After learning that they had gotten back together, they forgot all about Myrtle's previous obsession with Lilo, and focused entirely on following the pair everywhere they went. (As to why, Myrtle assumed they were jealous.)

Now the sun shines brightly, not a cloud in the sky, as the gathering reached its climax.

"You may kiss the bride."

After so many years of putting it off and waiting, the day had finally come for David and Nani to wed. The bride's side was noticeably small, with only her ohana and few of her and her sister's friends, but Nani was glad that they were there. She'd almost lost her sister twice in a year's time, and was glad that she would finally be safe. David was the happiest he'd been in his entire life. After so many tries, then so many delays, he was finally marrying the love of his life.

"It's so wonderful." Pleakly said with a tear in his eye.

"Yes, yes is being very nice. Let see how long it will be lasting." Jumba replied, looking bored. Lately Siron had been up late working on something, and Jumba was interested in seeing what his creation had been up to.

"Spoilsport." Pleakly replied. "This is a happy occasion! Just because you're marriage went sour…"

Meanwhile Stitch's attention was divided between the newly married couple and the argument, when Lilo tapped him on the shoulder. "Stitch are you paying attention at all?"

"I can't help it. It's always fun to watch Jumba and Pleakly argue."

Lilo narrowed her eyes at him. "I don't care. You'd better be paying attention to the wedding. After all, you need to know what to do when we do this."

Stitch gulped. "Aren't you getting a little ahead…" Lilo then cut him off with a glare.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lilo said angrily.

Thinking quickly, Stitch responded. "I mean we aren't getting married for a long time, why are you worried about it now?"

Lilo sighed. "I guess you're right. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream about it."

"That's true. Took them forever didn't it?"

"You can say that again, it seems that way, huh?" Lilo said as she stood up "Yeah, but I guess that was partially our fault."

"How's that?" Stitch replied as he followed suit.

"Experiment hunting, getting in trouble constantly" Lilo paused a second before she finished. "Lilith."

Stitch frowned at that name. "Lilo, I thought we agreed we'd never speak of her again?"

"I know." Lilo began, "But it's so hard, all the damage she did."

Stitch embraced Lilo. "It's alright. She's gone. And for all the damage she did, a lot of good came out of it."

Lilo cracked a small smile. "You mean like Jason and Myrtle?"

"And Victoria and Richie. And us." Stitch replied as he looked her in the eyes.

"It made our love stronger." She said as she drew closer. The pair met in a kiss, as the crowd looked on.

"Now there is being relationship guaranteed to last." Jumba said as he watched the pair embrace.

"That's something we can agree on."

Meanwhile, Siron had just finished running another scan of Chance, trying to figure out how the energy creature within him worked. It had taken months just to invent a scanner that could actually make it out at all, and he still wasn't sure if it was actually the Sirrion or just a false image created by a faulty device.

"Sigh, I just cannot figure it out. What is this energy? It's like nothing anyone in the Galactic Alliance has ever seen. Nothing in the databases even comes close to matching its signature." Siron then turned to look at Chance, seeing him messing with several devices. "Be careful Chance, some of those things are dangerous."

"They don't look dangerous."

"That's what you said about the last 7 things you managed to blow up."

"Nuh uh, one of them melted."

"Yes, the Hydrometation Unit did dissolve, because you set it to create hydrotonic acid. It dissolved and so did several other objects, as well as part of the floor."

"But it didn't blow up."

Siron put his hand to his head. He had come to realize that Chance, although observant for an eight-year old, had a great sense of curiosity and very little in the way of common sense. "Yes, I suppose that's true. I'll be done in just a minute, then you can show me how to play that card game of yours."

A few minutes passed while Siron finished his calculations. From what he could tell, the energy readings would spike every so often, and whither or not this was Chance's doing, or it being the mere nature of it, he could not be certain. He put down the readouts and turned around. Chance wasn't there.

"Now where did Chance go?" Siron wondered aloud. His eyes fell on one of the worktables, where Jumba had been working on a pair of micronized rocket boosters, one of his 'see if he could be doing it' projects. They weren't there. He ran outside, and his eyes went wide. "Oh no."

Meanwhile the wedding had just gotten a lot more exciting for a certain couple. "I caught it! I caught it!" Lilo cried in excitement. She then cast a seductive glance at her boyfriend, and Stitch gulped.

"Looks like someone's days are numbered." One guest commented.

"As she's letting him know it, ain't she?" Replied another.

"Oh no, I don't care if she did catch the bouquet, she's not getting married for a LONG time." Nani replied as she got back down from the stage.

"Lighten up Nani, It's just a superstition." David replied as he helped her down. "Besides," David then whispered. "It'll be fun to watch Stitch squirm for the rest of the evening."

Nani let out a small laugh. "You're right. I should lighten up. It is the greatest day of my life after all."


Nani then turned to look at Lilo and Stitch, who were sitting next to one another, Lilo holding the flowers up to Stitch, and Stitch scratching his head, with a nervous grin. Nani then turned back to her new husband. "It's amazing how much those two have matured in such a short time." Nani said, sighing. "It seems like just yesterday they were causing trouble all over the island. Now they look so grown up."

"You had a hand in that, you know." David said as they began to dance.

Meanwhile, Lilo and Stitch were continuing their discussion on THEIR impending marriage. "So what should we do for a wedding cake?"

"Umm… I don't know." Stitch replied stuttering. He was being to wish she had never caught that stupid bouquet of flowers.

"Stitch, that's been your reply to everything! We need to get serious about this. None of the other girls will be able to get married until I do. Don't you know that? We don't want to make them wait forever."

"Lilo, that's just made up." Stitch replied.

"Is it Stitch?" Lilo then got her face extremely close to his. "Is it really?" She then smiled wide. The nervousness in Stitch's eyes was just too much. She started laughing. "I had you going there, didn't I?"

Stitch let out a sigh of relief. "Really funny Lilo."

"I know." Lilo replied. "It was funny."

Stitch just glared at her, but then he smiled back. "I don't know why you are in such a hurry to get married. After all we been thru, would it actually make our bond any stronger?"

"No, but it would declare it to the world." Lilo said as she looked into his eyes.

"I don't care what the world knows or thinks." Stitch said as he drew in close. "All I care about is you."

The pair met in a light kiss while Pleakly looked upon them from a distance. "Sigh, it's just so wonderful. Love everywhere."

"Yes, yes, is very nice. Now where are those little sausages?" Jumba replied as he scanned the buffet table.

"Jumba! How can you think about food at a time like this!" Pleakly said, glaring at him.

"Is simple. Just think about it is all."

"I can't believe you. There's beauty all around, and you're concerned with cocktail wieners." Pleakly then squinted, as if straining to here a distant sound. "Do you hear something?"

Jumba had to struggle to hear it at first as well, but it soon became clearer as the source drew closer. "Is sounding like low roaring, like rocket boosters."

"Rocket boosters, now who would …"

Pleakly didn't get to finish his sentence, as he noticed the small red wagon coming up in the distance, a pair of Jumba's micro-rocket boosters strapped to each side. Apparently while Siron had been finishing his tests, Chance had gotten the bright idea to see if he could break the sound barrier in a toy wagon.

"WEEEEE!" Chance yelled as he shot past the wedding, getting everyone's attention in the process.

Mere seconds later, Siron ran past the crowd, screaming at the top of his lungs. "Chance, those are not toys!"

Jumba couldn't help but smile. "Ah, is reminding me of days as evil genius child prodigy, those were good times."

"Good times? Good times! That little boy could get hurt, and all you can do is reminisce about your childhood?" Pleakly exclaimed. "Why don't you keep stuff like that locked up!"

Jumba just rolled his eyes. 628 would have transformed if the boy was in any real danger, and he had suspicions that something was abnormal about that child, but what remained unclear.

Meanwhile, Lilo just looked over at Stitch. "You wanna tell Victoria that her favorite 8-year old is flying down the street at 100 miles an hour, or should I?"

"Naw, I think she'll know in a few seconds." Stitch replied as they watched the pair disappear in the distance.

Meanwhile a young couple had just left the movie theater. "Wow, that movie was better than I thought it would be." Victoria said as she and her boyfriend stepped out onto the sidewalk.

"I told you it would be, the first two were great, and this one was the best one yet." Richie replied as the pair turned to head down the street.

"Yeah, I guess you were right, I just usually don't like superhero movies." Victoria said as she turned on her cell phone. "Well, no messages, that's always a good sign."

Richie just smirked a little. "Yeah, it means your little brother hasn't broken anything today." Richie would often refer to Chance as Victoria's 'little brother', which pretty well describe her relationship with the 8 year old.

Victoria giggled a little, when she remembered that Nani and David were getting married today. "Oh man, I forgot that Lilo's big sister is getting married today! I hope Lilo wasn't expecting me to show up."

"Naw, I asked Stitch if I could come, but he said they were trying to keep the wedding small." Richie replied. "Besides, I know they will invite us to their wedding."

"Yeah, now that won't be a small affair. 600+ of Stitch's family, plus Lilo's."

"They are going to need a stadium to hold their wedding." Richie said as he pressed the button at the crosswalk. He then heard a roaring sound. "What is that?'

Both turned their heads in the direction of the sound, and at the speck in the distance. Victoria muttered under her breath. "Please don't let that be Chance, please don't let that be Chance."

As it came into view, Richie sighed. "So much for a quiet afternoon."

The wagon zoomed by, Chance waving as he passed. "Hi Victoria!"

Victoria just stared in shock for a moment before taking off after the speeding boy. "Chance you're going to hurt yourself! Stop this instant before I call your mom!"

"Victoria he's not going to hear you." Realizing that she was going to chase after him anyway, he rolled his eyes as he took off after her. "I don't care what she says, when we grow up, I don't want a kid like him. My hair would be white before I'm forty!"

Meanwhile Siron had finally caught the wagon, having leapt off a hill that Chance had gone around. Now he was hanging on for dear life, as the wagon continued its wild journey across the island. "Chance, what possessed you to do this?"

"Well, I always wanted to be like Calvin and Hobbies." The boy replied.

"You do know what happens at the end of those strips, right?" Siron said as he pulled himself aboard.

"Umm… maybe."

All and all, it had been a good day for Myrtle Evans. Her mom and dad had decided to take a weekend together, and Richie was with Victoria, seeing some spider movie, which left her all day to do what she wanted. But she didn't call her friends up, she decided to spend the day with Jason. They had started spending a lot more time together after the incident, and now that Knuckles and most of the girls had gone off to summer camps, they pretty much went everywhere together. They had just gotten finished eating lunch and were headed for the mall.

"Seriously, you didn't have to pay for your own lunch back there, I had enough to cover it." Jason said as they walked towards the mall.

"A strong woman stands on her own two feet." Myrtle replied. She had changed quite a bit since her run in with Lilith, in the fact that she didn't take advantage of others. She was still bossy and thought she was right, but Jason figured that couldn't be helped.

"Yeah, but if my mom finds out, I'm going to get it." Jason replied as the pair started to cross the street.

"You worry too much. It's none of her business what we do anyway."

Jason was about to reply that his mother had a habit of making things her business, when he heard a roaring sound.

"What the…" Jason's eyes then went wide as he grabbed Myrtle's arm, jerking her to the side.

"What are you doing?" Myrtle exclaimed, only to see a rocket wagon zoom past them.

"Sorry!" Chance called out as the wagon sped away.

Myrtle and Jason just looked dumbstruck. Finally Myrtle reached into her purse for her cell phone and dialed a number, while Jason just shook his head. "Man, that kid's nuts."

"Hello, Victoria. Do you realize that little pest nearly ran me over?"

"Do you know where he went?"

"He's headed toward the mall." Myrtle replied. "And where the heck did he get rocket boosters!"

"Probably the same place he got that weird box that made a ton of lightning before it took a chunk outta the sidewalk." Jason replied as his eyes followed the skid marks. "Kid must think he's invincible or something."

"He's a headcase, that's what he is." Myrtle replied.

"He is not a headcase!" Victoria screamed over the phone.

Jason just rolled his eyes as the two girls argued. He then started off in the direction of the mall.

Myrtle turned her head long enough to see that her boyfriend was taking off. "Where are you going?"

"To see how big a crater that thing makes when he crashes it into Mike's Hobbies." Jason replied.

Both could clearly make out Victoria screaming over the phone. "What, you actually think that's funny!"

"Nobody thinks it's funny, Victoria, but that's what is going to happen." She then turned back to Jason. "How do you know that he's going there?"

"Cause that's where he ended up last time." Jason replied as he picked up his pace

"Fair enough." Myrtle replied as she followed him. "Wait, what do you mean last time?"

Meanwhile Richie was out of breath trying to keep up with Victoria, who was screaming into her phone as she ran. "We'll never catch up to him at this rate."

A car pulled up to the pair, the window rolling down. "Need a lift?"

Jon didn't wait for a response from the out of breath pair. He popped the lock on the back door. "Better hurry if we want to catch the speed demon before he runs someone over."

Meanwhile, Chance and Siron's wild ride had taken them into the busy shopping center where Mike's Hobbies was located. Fortunately, the rockets seemed to have run out of fuel and the pair had been slowing down ever since they had passed the hilltop. However, they were still going too fast to stop, and people were screaming as they had near misses with the rocket wagon. "Excuse me, pardon me, sorry!" Chance called out as various people dodged out of the way of the runaway wagon.


"What the heck?"

"Watch where you're going you stupid kid!"

Mike had just opened his doors for business when he heard screams. His head tilted towards the sky as he muttered, "Not again." He looked down just in time to see Chance coming down the path towards the shop.

"Chance, look out!" Siron screamed as the two got near the wall. Chance pulled hard on the handle and the wagon took a hard left, right into a bush. The force of the impact thru both from the wagon and into another hedge.

Mike ran over to Chance. "You okay kid?" Chance appeared to be completely uninjured, and Mike was able to breathe a sigh of relief. "Crazy kid." He looked over the wagon, now tilted up and examined the boosters. "I swear I can't figure out where he's getting these things."

Suddenly the boosters started up again, and the wagon sailed off into the sky. Chance looked over to Siron. "That one didn't blow up either."

Siron just stared up as the wagon flew out of sight. No, but it will still make a crater when it lands, IF it lands. Siron had no idea what Chance was thinking, he could have been killed.

"I'd have called on him if we didn't slow down. It helps when I'm in danger." Chance said nonchantly.

Siron when wide eyed. Is that what Chance has been trying to do all this time, cause himself to change into the Sirrion? "Chance, you aren't supposed to play with those powers."

"I know, but we better not talk about it anymore, Mike's just about finished shooing away the tourists."

"There's nothing to see here, just some stupid kid and his dog. Move along, you're blocking my shop entrance." Mike said as he finished breaking up the crowd. He then turned to Chance. "I swear they need to put you on a leash, never mind your dog."

At that moment Jon's car pulled into a parking space. Victoria shot out of the car and hugged Chance. "You're okay!" Chance gave a big grin as Victoria checked him over for bruises, at least until his gaze fell on Richie, at which point he stuck out his tongue.

Richie just looked at him for a second until he realized what he was trying to do. Wait a second; has he been doing all of this to get Victoria's attention?

Jon walked up to Richie as Victoria started to scold Chance for his recklessness. "Don't worry kid, Chance will get over it. First crushes often end in heartbreak, and the little guy just isn't ready to accept that yet."

Richie's eyes went wide. That's why Chance always followed Victoria around, and why he wouldn't let anyone else baby-sit him. He had a crush on her. And that's why he'd tried to come to the rescue that night.

Richie instinctively moved towards the pair, but felt a firm hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about Chance; I've got something that will get his attention away from Victoria."

Jon said as he reached for something in his bag. "Chance, look what just came in the mail today!"

Chance turned away from Victoria, and as he laid eyes on the case in Jon's hand, he tore out of Victoria's grip and ran to Jon. "It's here! My DVD got here!"

Mike took one look at the case. "Oh no, If he watches that, you're minding the store."

"Now come on, you liked the American version of the show." Jon said he gave Chance the DVD.

"Yes, I did. And the Japanese absolutely ruined."

"You watched the Powerpuff Girls Mike?" Owen said as stepped outside.

"Shut up Owen."

Meanwhile as Chance looked over the DVD case, Jon looked back over at Richie and Victoria. Richie was glaring over at Chance. Jon then turned back to the little boy. "Her boyfriend's on to you, better make a run for it." Chance took one more look at Richie, and stuck his tongue out again before running inside.

"What's the matter dude, scared that an eight year old is trying to compete with you?" Jason said as he and Myrtle finally arrived at the scene. "I thought you gotten over that confidence problem?"

"Jason, leave my brother alone." Myrtle said as she straightened her dress. "That kid is enough to annoy anybody."

"Eh, all kids act out for attention." Jason replied. "Least I did anyway."

Myrtle sighed. "Always about you, isn't it?"

Richie meanwhile just shook his head. "Naw, it's okay. You're both right. He's just acting out for attention." He then sighed heavily. "I just don't know why Victoria falls for it every time."

Unbeknownst to the trio, Victoria heard every word of their conversation. "Richie, I'm sorry if my looking out for Chance upsets you so much."

Richie immediately turned around. "No, no, it's not that." He said defensively.

"No, it is that, and I guess I should explain why." Victoria said as she put her arm on his shoulder. "But I don't want to discuss it here, okay?"

Richie turned back to the others. "I'm going to go with Victoria. I guess I'll see you at home Myrtle."

"Alright." Myrtle replied. "But don't be late for dinner, I am so not covering for you this time."

"We won't be long." Victoria said as she took Richie's hand and led him away.

"You'd better not be." Myrtle said as she turned around. "Let's hit the mall before we go home Jason."

Then she realized Jason wasn't there. She turned to face the shop window. Sure enough, Jason was watching TV with Chance. Once she realized what was on, she rolled her eyes.

"Magical girl anime, it never fails to distract him from anything and EVERYTHING."

Victoria and Richie had just reached a hill overlooking the beach, when Victoria stopped for a moment..

"Ok, Richie, I guess I owe you an explanation." Victoria said as she turned to look at him.

"Yeah, but why out here?" Richie replied.

"Because I don't want just anyone to hear this, especially not the others or Chance." Victoria said as she turned to face him. "You see, it was almost four years ago that my mom announced that she was pregnant again."

Richie was taken aback. Wait, Victoria doesn't have any siblings, so why would she say her mother had gotten pregnant again four years ago. Whatever the answer, Richie knew this wasn't a happy story.

While Richie was lost in his thoughts, Victoria continued. "At first I was worried. I wondered if Mom and Dad would pay any attention to me after the new baby came, or if I'd just fade away to them."

"But then the baby was born. My little brother Charlie."

Richie interrupted her. "But I thought you didn't have any siblings."

Victoria turned her head down as a tear began to fall. "I don't. Not anymore."

She fought back tears as she looked back up at Richie. "I fell in love with my little brother the moment I first saw him. I swore to myself that I would always take care of him, no matter what."

"What happened?" Richie asked, his attention now focused totally on her.

"It was great for a long time. I watched him learn to crawl, and then learn to walk only a few months after. He was such a smart baby, he could even say my name. 'Sis sis' he called me."

Tears began to stream down her cheeks, even as she fought to keep it inside. "But one day, a few weeks after his first birthday, he got very sick. Mom and Dad rushed him to the hospital. The doctors said it was a very bad case of pneumonia, and that Charlie might not make it thru the night. And he didn't."

Victoria broke out crying as Richie held her. It then suddenly dawned on him where they were. Their walk had taken them right into the cemetery near the church. Richie looked down, and there he saw a small stone with the words inscribed: Charlie Garrison Nov 19 2003- Dec 16 2004 We will always remember our little ray of light.

"Victoria, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you'd lost a brother." Richie said, holding her close, letting her tears stain his shirt. "Do any of your friends know?"

"Just Lilo and Stitch, they are the only ones that ever saw him alive." Victoria said, he sobs subsiding for a moment. "But even they don't know the next part."

"What next part?" Richie asked, confused.

"The part that involves Chance." Victoria said, her sobs starting up again. "It was just a month later that Chance moved in across the street."

Victoria sobs became stronger as she spoke. "He looked so much like my little brother; what I imagined he'd be when he got older. I guess…I guess I."

"You started to pretend Chance was Charlie." Richie said, as he held her closer. It all made sense now. Chance was a substitute for the little brother Victoria had lost. That's why she always fussed over him and worried about him.

Victoria could barely be understood for her sobbing. "I know it isn't fair to Charlie, to just replace him with someone else, but it just hurt so much. I never told Mom and Dad, I'm scared what they'd think of me."

"It's okay Victoria. It's okay." Richie whispered to her. "I can't imagine what I'd do if Myrtle died. But you are right about something."

"What?" Victoria said, her eyes meeting his.

"It isn't fair, to either of them." Richie replied, his voice still soft.

"I don't understand." Victoria said, afraid Richie was disgusted with her. "Please don't hate me."

"I don't hate you, Victoria. I could never hate you. But Chance doesn't feel for you that way." Richie turned his gaze away from her. "He feels about you the way I do. Jon told me he's had a huge crush on you for a while."

Victoria was silent for a moment, then replied. "I know. I didn't want to hurt him, so I couldn't bring myself to tell him. I mean, after that day in the comic shop, when he said you were my boyfriend, I thought he'd gotten over it."

"But then he faced down Lilith to try and save you."

"Just as I was about to kill you, I heard his voice screaming in my mind, and I broke free. I didn't understand how at the time, but…never mind."

"But what? What are you talking about?" Richie asked.

"It's nothing important." Victoria replied, her tears drying up. "Thanks for listening Richie."

Richie knew there was more to it, but he also knew that he probably wasn't going to get an answer out of her tonight. "Let's go home Victoria, it's getting late."

"Yeah, let's go home."

Lilo and Stitch had decided to go flying after the wedding. Lilo had changed into a tank top that had a place for her wings to break thru, and Stitch had warped his appearance back to his normal attire. "It sure has been a long day, hasn't it?" Stitch said as the pair soared along the beach.

"Yeah, it has, but it was fun." Lilo replied. "And I did catch the bouquet."

"Please stop talking about those stupid flowers." Stitch said as they passed near the old cemetery.

"Spoilsport." Lilo huffed.

Stitch turned his gaze downward, and his eye caught Victoria and Richie leaving the graveyard. "I wonder what Victoria and Richie are doing down there?"

Lilo didn't even look down, knowing exactly what, or who, was of interest there. "She told him about Charlie." Both became quiet as Lilo touched down on a nearby hill.

"I figured she would eventually." Lilo continued. "It's really sad how all that happened."

"Yeah, losing someone you care about is never easy." Stitch replied as he took his normal form.

"Let's not dwell on that though." Lilo replied as she sat down facing the sunset. "Not when there are so many happy things in our lives. And hers too."

"Yeah, she and Richie make a good couple." Stitch said as he moved closer to Lilo.

"We don't make such a bad couple ourselves." Lilo replied.

Stitch snickered. "Yeah, you're right."

"Speaking of couples, did you hear about Sparky and Clip?" Lilo said as they watched the waves.

"Yeah, Jumba says she's supposed to give birth in a couple months." Stitch replied. "I know Angel's driving 625 crazy with talk about babies."

"Doesn't she know she can't have children for a few more years since she's a 600 experiment?" Lilo said as she leaned against him.

"Yeah, and she's been on Jumba's case about that."

Lilo laughed lightly. "Yeah, that makes me think about what we were talking about the other day. I wonder what our kids will be like?"

"Who knows?" Stitch replied as the pair watched the sunset. "I guess will have to have them first."

"Well don't you get in a hurry; childbirth is one thing I'm not looking forward to."

"But you're looking forward to raising them I'll bet." Stitch replied.

"Maybe. I mean, they may turn our just like us, and then we will be in for it."

Both of them laughed at the thought of it. Lilo then turned towards Stitch. "But I know it will all be worth it. Because I'll be with you."

The pair said nothing else as they met in a kiss, a kiss to the future, to children yet to come, to love everlasting. The first kiss of the rest of their lives.


Thru New Eyes

A/N: Yes, I know it's been two years. Things got nuts a little after I last wrote, and writing sorta fell by the wayside. There is supposed to be one more story after this one, but the plot for it is so far out there, I don't think I'll bother. (Still trying to figure out what caused me to put Sirrion in here; which was originally a childhood creation of mine, and probably better off in his own story). Oh well, you live and you learn. Anyway, I'll try and see if I can't get to work on Soul of the Night sometime in the near future, but college sucks a lot of my time, and I usually need inspiration to write, the kind I need for SotN usually comes around early October.