Rod M. & David Tai

The finale of the
Oh My Goddess / Vertigo Trilogy

Meddling Fates



"He has the potential to become the most powerful human
adept of this age"

-The Phantom Stranger to John Constantine on Tim Hunter,
"The Books of Magic"


Imagine, if you will, a skinny, somewhat reclusive,
bespectacled British boy, age approximately 15.
His home, a small, modest apartment. His only family,
his father, a one-armed man who sits in front of the
television all day. His mother, passed away long ago.

Now believe, if you can, that this boy was destined
to become the next great magus. Given a brief lesson
of the history of magic by four of the most
powerful magic practitioners of his time (The Phantom
Stranger, John Constantine, Dr. Occult, and the dangerous
Mister E), the boy was given a choice: to follow
the path of Magic, or to live the life of the Normal.

He chose Magic.

Soon after that, trouble came looking for him.
It came in many forms. There was Titania, Queen
of Faerie, who for some odd reason claimed Tim was
her son. They didn't get along very well. There
was Titania's former servant, Tam Lin the Falconer,
a man who could turn himself into a falcon. He
claimed to be Tim's real father. There were Cupid
and Psyche, who crossed paths with Tim while trying
to spread the gospel of Love in the Nineties.

And then there was a Tim Hunter from an alternate
future, arriving in the boy's time to make sure
Tim turned evil.

His love life wasn't any simpler.

There was Molly, an odd, energetic Irish girl who
became Tim's girlfriend. Soon after they met, she
ended up in Hell. It wasn't as bad as it sounded.
Tim went after her, and they had their first kiss,
in Hell.

There was the time Tim liberated a succubus from
slavery, giving her total freedom for the first
time in her life. Her name was Leah, and she fell
in love with him too. Somewhere along the way, she
disappeared. Tim wasn't sure what happened to her,
and would not find out for quite some time.

But the magic was always there. It called to him,
it beckoned him... it seduced him.

Until he lost focus of everything but Magic.

Even Molly.

Inevitably, Molly left him, sending Tim into a depression.
Eventually, he decided to surrender the magic within him
to the world, believing it needed it far more than he did.

Meanwhile, his family life had improved. His father,
thanks to some mysterious surgery, regained his other
arm. He met, fell in love with, and married a woman he'd
met during his stay at the hospital. Her son, only
a few years old, had some mental problems and was sent
away to an institution. Otherwise, with Tim seemingly
rid of the magic, he'd finally gotten a normal household.

And this time, Normal was to his liking.

It wouldn't last.

Leah returned, briefly, to remind Tim that he wasn't
rid of the magic at all. It would always be a part
of him, no matter what anyone tried.

And now, powerless and yet told he was not, Tim was left


"Why is a Goddess like you playing Servant to a mere

-Mara to Belldandy,
"Oh My Goddess: Love Potion No. 9"


Keiichi Morisato can be considered one lucky guy.

He's got a Goddess living with him. It still amazes him
that, even after many struggles, he has the love of
Belldandy, one of the Three Norn Sisters.

Of course, dealing with the love of Belldandy means dealing
with her sisters.

Poor sucker.

Skuld, Belldandy's younger sister, is smart, and generally a
pest about it. Her inventions can be spectacularly explosive
(as in, brilliant, but just a bit... clumsy). However,
Keiichi can live with that.

Urd, Belldandy's oldest sister, on the other hand, is just
a bit more of a problem. She fancies herself the Goddess of
Love. And her encouragement of Keiichi and Belldandy's
relationship can often be a biiiiiiig hinderance.

It'd be just terrible, terrible, if Urd were unleashed on
the world, instead of staying with Keiichi, now, wouldn't



Timothy Hunter was created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton.
All rights and related characters are owned and published
by DC Comics.

Ah! My Goddess was created and copyrighted by Kosuke
Fujishima. Published by Kodansha Ltd and Dark Horse

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