Timmy Turner, Boy Genius

Timmy comes in and people ask "Hey, Timmy. Where's Jimmy?" This happens to him a lot. He talked to Cosmo and Wanda. "Why is it that when I come in it's just 'Oh, it's Timmy', but when Jimmy comes in everyone gets all excited?" he asked. "Because you're insignificant" said Cosmo. "Cosmo!" snarled Wanda as she nudged him in the ribs. "Because he's a genius, sweetie. Everybody looks up to him." "Okay, then" he said, "I wish I were a genius." "Whoa, sorry. No can do, sport." Said Cosmo. "Okay, then, I'll have to talk to Jimmy".

Jimmy then used his brain gain helmet on Timmy – the same one that he used on Sheen. "EMC squared!" Timmy stated as the brain gaining process was done. He then went to the Candy Bar with Jimmy. There, he was doing math problems that even Jimmy couldn't answer! He's now a genius! Betty Quinlan spotted Timmy and came over there. When Jimmy saw Betty getting up and getting even closer to him, he was totally excited. "Hi, Betty." said Jimmy. "Hi, Jimmy." she said, brushing up against Jimmy. Instead of sitting next to him, gasp, she sat next to Timmy. "Hey, cutie. Whatcha doin'? Are those math problems? Holy heck! Those look hard." she said. Timmy started talking math gibberish. "Jeez, you are just so smart." Jimmy scowled. ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS TO MAKE TIMMY HAPPY, NOT HAVE HIS NOT-GIRLFRIEND HIT ON HIM!

Oh, well, he thought. I'm sure it won't get any further. "So what's your name?" asked Betty. "I am Timothy Thomas Turner and I..." Timmy started blabbing about himself so that Betty couldn't understand. "So, wanna meet here on Friday and we'll party?" "Affirmative." Answered Timmy. "THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!" yelled Jimmy. "What, James?" asked Timmy. "I mean, Sam, you'd better go to the store because those are the last of the straws."

Jimmy then went to his lab. " This is it. I am not going to let the new boy genius in town steal my, uh, not-girlfriend." He went back to the Candy Bar. "Listen, Timmy. This isn't working out. You're better off a, well, not-genius". Timmy said "No, James. Theoretically, it would be better if I, Timothy Thomas Turner were a genius, i.e. a person of a high intelligence quota, or also known as IQ." "Gas planet!" gasped Jimmy, disgusted. "How am I going to convince him to drain his brain?" He got an idea. "Timmy, this helmet has more math problems you can work on." he said. "Okay. Said Timmy. He put it on. He became a normal boy. Timmy talked to his godparents. "Maybe Jimmy's right. Maybe I am better off being a not-boy-genius". "That's my Timmy" Said Wanda.