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Kingdom Hearts: Mutants of Twilight

CHAPTER 1: Past Grievances

Thinking of you wherever you are.

We pray for our sorrows to end,

And hope that our hearts will blend.

Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows:

Starting a new journey may not be so hard

Or maybe it has already begun.

There are many worlds,

But they share the same sky -

One sky, one destiny.

This is the saga of Kingdom Hearts…


"Holy crap, they're EVERYWHERE!" roared Falco Lombardi as he flew his Arwing madly in chaotic loops and barrel-waves, already on hyperdrive-mode and trying his best to evade the Heartless that were flying and swarming the world of Corneria.


With a simple, natural flick of a button, the blue-and-red feathered anthropomorphic falcon activated a homing missile directly into the back of the Aparoid, a insect-like creature of grotesque appearance and mammoth proportions, dead center. It was a direct hit. As it let out a piercing shriek that could only be registered at the highest sonic frequencies before it succumbed to the flames and combustion of the explosive warhead, Fox McCloud was able to safely evade the strange creature that was seconds ago ready to devour his ship.

"What the hell?" Fox gasped at the strange Arwing that succeeded in saving his life before his communications screen on his aircraft console crackled with life, showing the familiar face of Fox's friend…even though Falco left the Star Fox team several months ago.

"Still needing to save your ass every now and then, huh, Fox?" Falco said dryly, but he was frowning at the image of Fox on his screen, almost with a twinge of resentful bitterness and surliness.

"Falco?" Fox exclaimed, his eyes going wide around his white-and-orange furred face.

"Look, no time for chit-chat!" Falco cut in strongly without giving Fox a chance to speak, "We need to get these things off our home! I'll take the skies along with the rest of the Corneria Starfleet and drive them out of the lower ionosphere! You go down to the base and help out Peppy and Slippy along with the others at the sieges at the military bases!"

"No way!" Fox snarled, protesting, his fangs bared with protective loyalty, "Not even a chance! I'm not letting you fly there alone, Falco! I'm coming with you!"

Falco shot Fox a look that could have been colder than sub-zero as he said with gritted teeth, "So…you still don't trust me? Just like what happened last time with Katt and her team?"

Fox visibly flinched.

For several tense seconds, Fox looked downwards, unable to meet Falco's narrowed eyes of accusation before he looked up, tossing caution to the winds and nodded before he activated the reverse thrusters of his aircraft, intending to back off a bit before descending down towards General Pepper's foot soldiers in order to give much needed assistance. Before he sped away, the alien turned one last look at Falco.

Fox then spoke softly, "And Falco…I'm sorry…for everything."

The falcon didn't answer back as his friend sped off towards the military base, but as he ended the link between his Arwing and McCloud's, he answered back, murmuring, "I know."

With that, Falco pulled back on the steering-mechanism of his spacecraft and thundered upwards towards the clouds and sea of endless creatures of darkness attacking Corneria.

"Don't even let them have a chance to descend!" Fox roared over the jet's intercom, firing a round of plasma torpedoes from his aircraft and sending two airborne Heartless to plummet from the sky, leaving a trail of smoke before crashing far to the grounds below, "Drive them back! General Pepper needs us to keep them off the fleet!"

"Like I'd be that much of a slacker!" Falco retorted acidly (but deep down, Fox knew that Falco and he were too much of friends to take retorts and insults personally) as he shot down another Heartless Aparoid. Unfortunately, their minds soon took into account on how much this was a losing battle. Corneria, and indeed, the entire Lylatt System was relentlessly under siege by numerous strange winged creatures bearing an odd red-and-black emblem of a misshapen heart crossed out by a thorny "X", and not even the strongest and most advanced weapons and defense systems could drive them off. And from what he overheard on the communications, they were in no way sent by Andross for they made no discrimination from any Cornerian, whether they be for the laws or mercenaries; the insect-like Aparoid Heartless devoured and killed all without bias, and every able soldier from Pepper's fleet to even the Star Wolf team worked together in a rare moment of alliance.

But then things took a turn for the worse. Slippy's terrified face came back on the Arwings' communications frequency as he tried to send out a distressed warning to his two teammates whereas Falco could see that on the monitors behind Slippy, to the bird's horror, were gruesome scenes of the Heartless killing the soldiers within the military base while the Cornerians were vainly trying to shoot their attackers.

"Fox! Falco! Come in! Hurry, we need help! We need help over at the base! Oh, for the love of Corneria, please hurry! They killed General Pepper! They - !" and the transmission was killed abruptly, leaving nothing but static as a corresponding explosion from the base where Slippy had been reporting from erupted is a plethora of flames.

"Damn it!" Falco blurted as he sped towards the military base on his Arwing, but upon reaching a closer view, the avian saw he was too late. More than half of the Cornerian air-force and military base and facility were nothing more than charred rubble and fires. And the Aparoids were invading the rest of the intact grounds along with devouring the multiple soldiers on foot who were using every single firearm in their private reserves to fight the monsters and creations of darkness head-on. And one of these was Fox McCloud himself, wielding a rapid-laser high-powered machine-gun.

"No!" howled Falco in rage as one Heartless managed to take a flying leap before landing skillfully on top of the relatively diminutive fox, pinning him down to the ground before it crushed him to death. Before he could succumb to his grief and vengeful ire, several Heartless immediately blitzed at Falco's Arwing from all sides, covering it with their insect appendages and crushing the small vessel slowly but surely within seconds, making curdling and clicking insect-noises all the while.

There was a bright flash of white light…and Falco knew no more.

"Uhhh…" the avian groaned as he regained consciousness, his mouth dry and cottony, before he shakily propped himself up, only to find himself in a dazzling room of pure white, as white as freshly fallen snow, pure, untainted, and bare. Despite his throbbing head threatening to pass out to darkness again, Falco managed to uneasily rise on his two feet, looking around in front of him. He was all…

It was then that Falco realized he was not alone…and the stranger's casual appearance and lack of fear despite the numerous creatures devouring his planet made Falco all the more hostile and willing to regard his visitor as an enemy.

"Who the hell are you?" snarled Falco, his voice hoarse, with one wing going for the laser pistol still strapped to his side in its holster, "Where's Fox? Where's Peppy and Slippy? Damn you, where are they?"

"They died in the last battle of the Heartless along with the rest of your planet," the stranger said.

"Heart…less?" Falco repeated, still cagey.

"The name of the creatures that destroyed your home. You are the only one to survive; I chose you out of the rest of the denizens of your homeworld."

"What?" Falco gasped, his eyes glazed with grief at the thought of his only friends and family dead, shattering to pieces inside, "But…but why?"

"To make you an offer…" the figure said gently.

"Screw your offer, asshat!" Falco snapped, still ferociously and dangerously angry from seeing his teammates and family die, "Why didn't you save Fox and the others? They could have survived if you helped them! Why did you just help me? I wasn't worth it!"

"You have a particularly strong heart, Falco. One that could be useful…" the figure partially commented, sidetracking the issue.

This, unsurprisingly, made Falco all the more livid. Falco obviously wasn't very trustworthy…or had a calm demeanor compared to Fox.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tell you to piss off and kill you right now and not necessarily in that order!" the blue-and-red feathered avian snarled hoarsely as he aimed the mouth of his laser pistol at the figure's head. Underneath the hood, the figure raised one eyebrow. Had he really wanted to, he would have easily knocked the weapon out of Falco's hand and beheaded the Cornerian pilot right then and there.

"Because the offer I give to you will gain you the power you need to see your friends and family again, Falco Lombardi," the figure in the black cloak said calmly at last.


"Where the hell are these things coming from?" Mako yelled as he and the rest of heroic band called the Tigersharks tried their best to beat back the endless horde of unfamiliar Heartless shark and piranha humanoids, all of them wearing strangle yet buoyant metal armor and wielding harpoon guns and wicked tridents glowing with dark auras. There was no question about it; they were surrounded and it was evident that their nemesis, Captain Bizzarly, had recruited them to exterminate the valiant fighters once and for all.

As they used anything from punches and kicks to their guns and weapons they had available to summoning multitudes of their fellow sea creatures to help aid them in their battle, Mako could see to his growing dread and dismay that there was no end to the horde of mysterious creatures bearing the crossed-out heart insignia. It was infinite. The massive aggregation filled the entire waters all around them as far as the leader could see, and yet he could also comprehend that the creatures were…looking for something?

"It's no use! There's too many of them!" whined Angel with exhaustion, her lithe yellow and red body managing to somersault and narrowly evade the teeth of one piranha-abomination before she managed to punch it swiftly in the throat, right in the soft, vulnerable, fleshy area while the Tigershark pet and mascot, Gupp, bit hard on the Heartless' foot, growling.

"This'll keep them off us!" Lorka shouted as he sent several ocra whales among the pack, the elegant black-and-white carnivores ravaging through the numerous evil creatures and ripping them to pieces with their teeth, savage and completely eager to defend their planet and friends.

"We can't keep this up forever!" the half-human, half-walrus Tigershark named Walro shouted as he expertly managed to fire another plasma round into the chest and torso of a nearby Heartless, emitting a sea of bubbles in the water as the enemy writher and convulsed in pain before vanishing in a cloud of dark aura. Indeed, Lorka could see that not even the two blue whales were able to drive off the bevy of monsters; in fact, a good portion of the swarm actually succeeded in ripping one of the behemoths to shreds, littering the waters with blood and blubber (and Lorka inwardly wept and grieved heavily upon the loss of one of his fellow comrades).

"We have to use the SARK's weapons system! It's the only thing I can think of that can give us a breather enough with this army so that we can directly stop the general directly!" Mako yelled over his communicator before he skillfully circumvented the harpoons of a particularly nasty Heartless and grabbed one spear before it sped past him before dive-bombing and ramming the pointed-head of the weapon into the skull of his enemy, killing it instantly.

"I'll go to the SARK immediately! Just keep these strange creatures at bay until I can put the ship in Omega-Aggression Mode!" Octavia said automatically, and no one rebutted against the octopus-woman's decision. Out of all of the Tigersharks, Octavia was the most qualified soldier and tactician to automatically run the computer systems to their fullest effectiveness, even more so than Mako and Walro.

"Go for it then! We got 'em! They won't pay much attention to you if we all kept them distracted! GO! We'll cover you!" Mako yelled as he and Dolph did a team-up attack and solidly kicked a Heartless into another, causing the both of their opponents to falter, dazed and unable to get their bearings in the water. Octavia quickly made haste towards the black, metallic headquarters of the group, resting serenely in the turquoise-blue ocean waters before she managed to reach the docking area inside the mouth of the shark-shaped craft. Yet before she could run to the computer consoles, something on the monitors made the green, octopus-humanoid stop and stare.

"What in the name of all the seas?" the female gasped as the Heartless managed to create a column of light at the very bottom of the rocky soil of the ocean floor, emitting a plethora of effervescence as her friends and family did their best to beat them back. And to Octavia's amazement, the column of light was shaping itself into…a keyhole?

"WHAT?" screeched Captain Bizzarly as he witnessed this happening through his headquarters, "No, you fools! What are you doing? The Keyhole belongs to me! It is mine to harn- !"

And the very last thing the female Tigershark encountered was a crippling and terrifying rumbling throughout the very waters of the ocean and the planet that could have shaken their entire world to its very core before a blinding flash of white light…

"Oh…my head…" groaned Octavia before her vision cleared and she found herself, to her absolute amazement and astonishment, conscious and…floating in space? Her body aching, she managed to endure the bruises and aching of her sore muscles as she slowly and hesitantly propped herself up to automatically see that she was floating in space, the stars, planets, and even chunks of the remains of Water-O floating around her. Her heart almost stopped beating with shock and fear as she hurriedly looked around, wondering if she was hallucinating. But there was no question about it. She was encapsulated in a sphere of glowing, white aura, hovering serenely in space…and to her further disbelief, Octavia realized that she was still in fish-mode, the tentacles around her head floating as if by a gentle updraft.

"I…I can still breathe?" Octavia gasped, scarcely daring to believe it, "But…but I'm not in water? How…am I dead?"

"No, you are not dead. You were saved with magic," an ethereal voice spoke behind her, and Octavia whirled around to see that she was not alone in the orb of light that was enveloping her body in the outer regions of orbit.

"Ma-…magic?" Octavia repeated incredulously, staring at the unknown stranger, scarcely daring to comprehend and believe the word. It couldn't be! Magic? Such a notion would defy the laws of physics and science, and to her scientific mind, it was an anomaly, an impossibility. But then her brain flashed back to the larger matter at hand as she desperately turned to the odd person and begged beseechingly.

"The Tigersharks?" Octavia whimpered, "The others…my friends…oh please, are they - ?"

The figure pointed to a mess of floating rubble and dead rock, lifeless and slowly revolving amongst themselves. Octavia felt her throat close up with terror and anguish as she caught on at once (as much as she didn't want to comprehend it); that mass of meteors was all that remained of Water-O, her planet.

"They are all dead," the unknown said after a pause, "The Heartless killed all of them when they destroyed your world. You are the only one of your planet who had survived. Not even your enemy, Captain Bizzarly, who was a fool in thinking he could control the Heartless, was spared."

"No…" Octavia whispered, shaking, her eyes welling before they began streaming down her face, "No…oh by the planet of Water-O…no, it can't be."

And then the Tigershark warrior bowed her head while on her hands and knees and wept uncontrollably, the images of her fellow comrades and family flashing like a slideshow of woe and cheated remorse. Mako, Dolph, Bronc, Angel, and the rest…they were all gone.

"You can still find a way to save your planet and bring them back from the way it once was before, Octavia," the mysterious person said at last, unmoved by her sorrow.

"What?" Octavia questioned hoarsely, her insides cold and causing her to tremble with grief, "Ho-…how? Please…tell me how!"

"If you wish to know, then you must join my cause, Octavia…" the figure in the black cloak said at last.


They were dreaming.

All of them.

The select few of the numerous heroes and beings on Earth were in a torpid and shaky fugue state, teetering between the bridge of conscious fantasy and reality, not sure if they were in a frenzied state of nightmares in the mind or if they were witnessing an actual event in the past or a prophecy of doom in the future to come.

And from what they were all simultaneously witnessing right now…they all unanimously hoped to God and whatever higher beneficial power that it was the former two and not the third possibility.

The skies were dark and bright red, as red as fresh blood while plumes of ashy, thick smoke wafted and coiled around the dark and foreboding skies similar to how an octopus' tentacles wrapped and ensnare around its prey right before it kills it. The stars had all died and vanished and the sun and moon had been completely obliterated, extinguished and ceased of the mortal coil. There was no light, no darkness, no hope of life and existence beyond those colors of death.

The ground they were walking on was none better. It was barren, dry and cracked before the fires of Hell and the lava and magma running underneath it baked it over and over until it was as hard as steel and lifeless as a skeleton. No plants or vegetation, no buildings or monumental skyscrapers of civilizations, no animal and wildlife at all. Nothing but rubble and devastation and tattered remains of cities and countries rendered into nothing but charred rock, glass, and metal.

There was no life, no sign of anything surviving, nothing salvageable.

Everything was destroyed.

Then to their collective fear, disgust, and astonished dread, they saw it.

A lone figure standing on a mound of dirt and , powerfully muscled and perfect in its shape and anatomy, fit, toned and silhouetted in the black shadows cloaking its face and front, but the crimson hue from the skies above managed to give it a demonic aura and halo, slightly hinting the black skin and pulsating veins running through the figure's flesh and blood. There was no way to tell if the individual was male or female. It was bald, had wicked claws, and though humanoid and standing on its two legs, the figure was so gigantic that there was no possible way it could be human. Yet what was also noticeable was that even in its silhouette, they could all discern the outline of a crown atop and around its forehead, like a ghastly, macabre appearance of a king, along with strange metallic armor and a tattered cape.

But there was no mistaking the black and red symbol of the thorny, crossed-out heart emblem on the character's chest. It was a Heartless, one unlike anything they had ever witnessed before.

Then the figure spoke, its voice deep, powerful, omnipotent and was the epitome of all things lifeless and cold, nearly sending shivers down all the spines of those who were watching this nightmare.

"It shall not pass…the Earth and all life consumed…the Thirteenth Order will triumph…for darkness is the heart's true essence…"

And to their horror, the skies above broke out into a celestial rapture of light and dark energy, the atmosphere now alive with shafts of black lighting and red luminescence before an actual door appeared out of thin air and levitated up high among the smoke and sea of blood. It was truly not like any other door they had ever seen. It was large with a style similar to Italian with a pointed, triangular apex at the top, as tall as a skyscraper and gleaming white, not made of wood but rather polished like marble and the cleanest stone. Its handles were silver and surprisingly enough, there were thin stained glass windows positioned in the door-bodies, displaying colors of pink and purple in a Renaissance aesthetic. But when both of the panels to the gateway flung open, an endless torrent of black shapes of all sizes and forms came roaring out gleefully, morbidly grotesque and with beady yellow eyes and all of them displaying the crest of the Heartless upon them as they swarmed and mobbed the firmament within seconds, making inhuman, guttural noises of beings hungering ravenously for flesh and blood.

And they weren't the only ones within the strange Door to the Light. Mixed amongst the Heartless, and causing a strange yet intricate pattern of black and white were groups and groups of strange creatures of pale creatures of no color. Unlike the Heartless, they had no eyes and rather, their hides were pulsating with veins of blue and purple against their white skin and jagged, toothy mouths. They were certainly a stark contrast to the black, vicious Heartless. And on each strange, white-bodied creature was a weird emblem of silver, similar to a four-pointed star except the bottom point of the star blossomed out to a wide berth shape, similar to the top portion of a heart symbol.

But what made it all the more terrifying and ghastly was when the light from the doorway above finally shone down upon the very ground the figure was standing on, and it was then revealed that the seer was not positioned on top of a mountain of earth, but rather a hill of dead bodies. To their revulsion, nausea, and loss, the ghastly and sickening heap of corpses were of those they have known and fought by and regarded closely as friends and allies. The Dinosaucers, the Justice League, the Teen Titans, the Titans East, the Slayers, the Scoobies, the Charmed Ones, the various soldiers of G.I. Joe, Leomon, each and every one of their friends and allies, human and superhero alike. They were all dead, ripped apart and rendered into nothing but limp dolls soaked with blood and gore, their faces lifeless and blank, and crawling and violating the remnants of the various defenders of the planet were numerous Heartless of all shapes and sizes, their black bodies pulsating madly with power and vitality as they feasted on the hearts of the fallen.

The heroes had lost to the Heartless.

And yet before they could have the time to digest the gruesome scene, the light from the doorway and gate of the Heartless above pooled at the foot of the mountain of cadavers to reveal another shocking and numbing sight.

"All shall fall before me, you fools! None shall stand and triumph!" the strange Heartless crowed boisterously on top of the hill of its victims and defeated foes as he raised a glowing hand, invoking streams of black energy, streaking and snaking across the sky like lightning and bathing the entire field of death.

The X-Men and the Misfits, each and every one of the mutants from both teams ranging from Professor Xavier and Wolverine to the smallest members like Multiple and Trinity, were all frozen in stone, their faces blank and as if completely caught by surprise, forever trapped in the positions of dead rock and astonished fossilization similar to the fate of the Earth's inhabitants when Trigon invaded. And to their grief, each and every one of the statues were instantly destroyed, shattered into pieces, leaving the various students of Xavier and the teammates of Wavedancer to crumble into chunks and cracked hunks of rock.

"I AM THE EXPERIMENT OF PERFECTION!" howled the disembodied voice in a fit of maniacal, bone-chilling laughter, its words more terrifying and curdling to be anything remotely human, "I AM THE EXPERIMENT 666! I AM THE ULTIMATE BEAST! I CONTROL THE HEARTLESS AND THE NOBODY! NONE CAN ESCAPE MY DOMINION, MY RULE, AND MY POWER! AND WE SHALL RULE ALL OF KINGDOM HEARTS!"

And to all their horrors…the Earth, the Milky Way, and indeed, all life beyond in the regions and dimensions of all life where light and darkness flowed freely was overwhelmed and conquered by the demonic and evil aura that came from the Heartless and the Nobody.

Every planet…

Every star…

Every star system and galaxy…

Every alternate universe, dimension, and possible realm where life could flourish, where the regions and worlds had hearts, where there could be possible existence by any being of both good and evil…

They were all destroyed as the black cloak of the infinite armies of the Heartless swooped down and obliterated all in their mad dash, snarling and howling madly with bloodlust and mindless savageness as they swallowed all hearts they could find, the presence of all light and darkness made completely devoid of everything and everyone…

…and that's when they awoke in terror.

At the Titans Tower in Jump City, Raven bolted upright from her bed, her eyes wide and her long-hair now mattered with her sweat, nearly needing all self-restraint to keep herself from screaming. By Azarath, it was even more terrifying than ten Trigons at once.

Barbara Gordon actually started shrieking so piercingly that even the neighbors of her Gotham City apartment complex above, below, and around her actually stirred as she woke from the nightmare while asleep on her couch in front of the television. The red-haired young woman was shivering, so cold her skin felt like ice.

Phoebe Halliwell back in the Ghostbusters headquarters in New York awoke with a jolt from the book Giles had assigned her as one of her intensive training and educational regimens as a future Watcher, using the thick tome as a makeshift pillow under her desk lamp.

In London at the Slayer Academy, the red-haired Scooby named Willow Rosenberg just jerked violently, as if in a spasm of pain, before she was violently flung from her session in the astral plane and back into her conscious body as she sat there, Indian-style in a meditative state, around a circle of candles and dove feathers.

That figure…

The end of the world…

The Heartless encompassing all life where light and darkness existed…

It is coming.

"The Organization…will triumph? Oh, no…no…" sobbed Raven to herself, her body quivering, as she hugged herself.

"Darkness is the heart's true essence…" Barbara Gordon whimpered to herself, her eyes already stinging from the grief of what she had witnessed.

"The experiment of perfection…" Phoebe shuddered, biting her lip so hard, it bled.

"The Gathering of Twilight…the Heartless and the Nobody…" Willow murmured to herself in fear, clasping her hands together tightly.

"Kingdom…Hearts?" all four of them said, not sure what to make of the strange, unfamiliar term.

Meanwhile, over at the small town of Bayville…

Jake Clawson gasped before he sat upright hurriedly from his bedroom at Xavier's Institute of the Gifted, panting hard, his fur now damp and clinging uncomfortably to his tank top and his heart thumping madly and painfully in agony, his eyes glazed and dilated from terror and dread. He too woke from a petrifying and realistic nightmare.

But for completely different reasons.


Unhindered, a lone, golden-furred hound named Pluto continued to make headway over the mountains and valleys towards a secretive military base of G.I. Joe known as the Pit…

Author's Notes: Falco Lombardi and Octavia are not mine! The characters, Falco Lombardi, is from the video game series, "Star Fox" and is under property of Nintendo (this Falco takes place after "Star Fox 64" but before "Star Fox Adventures"; hey, they never DID explain where Falco went while Fox was on Dinosaur Planet, so this is my insane attempt to explain it!) and Octavia is a character from the 80s cartoon "Tigersharks" and is under property of Rankin-Bass (Google it or look it up on Retrojunk; yes, I'm that outdated when it comes to arcane cartoons!). However, Falco and Octavia have HUGE roles in this, so their appearance in the X-Men/Misfits' universe is NOT out from left field. Next Friday, we see more and more of the stage being set as the Misfits, X-Men, and Joes ponder on the incoming threats while their enemies plot in the chapter, "Some Semblance of Normalcy". Until then, be prepared for this story, folks! It's around 85 chapters (possible to go up), so I'm not going to be finished with this crossover anytime soon!

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