"Jason, we need to get a lawyer." Sam knelt beside Jason. Jason knelt in front of Michael. Michael was back in his chair. "Bobbie has kept the police away from Michael, but she can't do it forever. And that's not our only problem."

"The press." Jason spoke in a low voice that sounded tinny to his own ears. "It's probably all over the place."

Soon, the hospital was going to be teeming with people, and most of them, if not all, Jason didn't want to see. Michael probably didn't either. He didn't need to see them.

AJ would definitely be there. Wouldn't this be the perfect time to swoop in and get Michael? As his biological father, with Sonny dead and Carly incapacitated, AJ would have more legal ground to take Michael home than Jason would have to tell AJ to get the hell away from him. AJ would storm the hospital with a swarm of Quartermaines, and Michael wasn't ready for that.

Alcazar would come, too. Where Michael was concerned, Jason didn't have to worry. But Carly—Alcazar would cause a scene until someone was able to tell him what had happened. Since Michael was the only one who could do that—Maybe Jason had to worry about Alcazar after all.

"Jason?" He looked to Sam with a vacant stare. "Jason, we have to do something."

What did she want him to do? Jason sighed. What needed to be done, of course. He always did what had to be done. That was an integral part of his character. He was the point man. While others pondered the circumstances and consequences, waited to see where the chips would fall, Jason went out and he acted. He took care of business, and left the rest for someone else to sort out.

But, he couldn't do that this time. There was no one else to do it for him. Jason had to figure everything out, and then execute. He was happier just being the executioner. In a case like this, he didn't want to be judge and jury, too.

What were the facts? What did he know?

Sonny was dead.

Carly was badly beaten and taken into surgery.

Michael was nearly catatonic and covered in blood.

Maybe if he kept going over the facts, something in them would change. Maybe Max's useless ass would come up with some piece of information that was missing. Something else had to be out there, something that would entirely change this situation. Something that wouldn't lead Jason to believe the worst.

Deluding himself would have been easier had Jason had the faculties with which to accomplish the feat. If he were able to actually fantasize, to play make believe-- It was gone. He'd tried before, with Michael and with Sam, but it was never really making anything up. It was just taking fact and modifying it. He couldn't make up stories. He could only alter bits and pieces.

But there was nothing add. There was nothing that could be changed. Unless they found that someone else was there, some kind of track that said there was another killer, then Jason had no choice but to believe the worst.

Sonny had beaten Carly to within an inch of her life.

Michael had witnessed Sonny beating his mother.

Michael had killed Sonny.

"No," Jason muttered. He pushed himself to his feet and shook his head. "That's not what happened."


"Michael didn't do that. Sonny didn't do that." The gravity of the situation was crushing. Jason put his hands to his head and squeezed. "I'm missing something. Some piece of information, some kind of evidence." He let his hands drop. "I have to talk to Carly."

"Jason, she's still in surgery. There's no telling when she'll be out. Bobbie said—"

"Bobbie's said a lot of things." To say the least. For a moment, Jason got her to talk to him, and he didn't learn anything. She screamed at him. She blamed him for giving her daughter to "that bastard." She raged on him for handing her grandson over to "that monster." Bobbie beat his chest with her fists, and Jason just stood there and took it. He couldn't think straight enough to do anything else. "Bobbie probably won't even tell me when she's out of surgery if I leave her. I can't leave."

"Then, let me get Michael out of here." Sam bit her bottom lip, then looked around Jason. She rested her eyes on Michael for a few seconds, then faced Jason again. "Stay here. Find out what happened. Talk to Carly when she's conscious, but unless you want the Quartermaines to walk out of here with Michael, one of us needs to get him out of here."

"And we need to get him a lawyer. They'll figure it out." Jason was echoing Sam's words. Sam was echoing Jason's thoughts. There was so much going on.


Who did he call? He could possibly call Justus, but he was still too connected with the Quartermaines. What if they didn't know yet and Justus was with one of them when he got the call? There was too much of a risk of them showing up.

Alexis? She hated Sonny, so would she even care that he was dead? Granted, she had nothing against Michael, and she was going to have to know, eventually. Sonny was the father of her daughter.

Lansing? Yeah, that was fucking likely. Sonny's brother or not, Jason didn't trust Ric Lansing. The man had spent too much time trying to take him down. From an Alcazar to the District Attorney's spot, he was the last person Jason wanted anywhere near Michael. All he could do was bring chargest against him, anyway. What did Jason think he'd do? Recommend a good attorney?

Out of the options, there was only one that Jason could go with.

"Call Alexis," he told Sam. "Take Michael to Alexis's place. When the Quartermaines come looking for him, that's the last place that they'd look." Jason closed his eyes for a second, then muttered, "Clothes. He needs a change of clothes." His eyes popped open. "Grab a pair of scrubs on the way out. You have to tell Alexis everything in person. Nothing over the phone."

"I know that, Jason."

"Then, take him to a safehouse. He'll need clothes, but we won't have time to shop. Just get him undressed and get him showered at Alexis's. Keep the scrubs until I get there."


"I can't let Michael go down for this. If push comes to shove—" He shook his head. "I can have a jet ready to go in under twenty-four hours. You just have to keep Michael safe. Get him to talk if you can, but don't push him. If he won't talk, then he won't talk. Just make sure he's not hurt." He grabbed her by the arms, gripping just below the shoulders. "You have to make sure he's alright, Sam. Can you do that?"


"I don't ask for favors. I'm supposed to do all of this, but right now, you're the only one I trust. Please, don't let me be making another mistake with Michael. Don't let me be putting him in the wrong hands."

Jason slowly started to release her, and Sam reached up to touch his cheek. She was so small that only her fingertips managed to reach his cheekbone. "You can trust me, Jason. I'll take care of him. You just-- Don't do anything stupid, alright?"

"Sam…" He sighed. "I wasn't even there. What could I possibly do?"

"There's a lot you can do, and if I'm already thinking about it, that means you had to have thought about it long before I did. You weren't there, Jason. You don't know anything. You didn't see anything." There was a scuffle behind them, and Sam turned to see Mac Scorpio. Bobbie may have been able to bully the regular officers, but apparently not the police commissioner. "Damn. I'm going. Keep a wall, and give me five minutes."

Jason bent down for a short kiss, and then Sam was gone. He didn't look behind him to see how she managed to coax Michael from his chair. He only listened for the footfalls that signalled their rapid run from the hospital. Jason stared forward, his eyes on the police as they came forward. "Yeah, yeah, I know the drill," Jason said as Mac stepped up in front of him. He put his arms out, wrists face up. "Questions, like always? Well, here's the answer, just like always." Jason set his face to unreadable blank lines and gave Mac Scorpio cold, dead eyes. Now, this… This Jason could handle with his hands tied behind his back. And that's usually how he did it.