Irritable. Max was very irritable. And that was an understatement.
She had been out all night on another Eye's Only run to get some
stupid disk with top secret information on a new computer chip or
something. She didn't care what it was about anymore. She had gone
swimming in what smelled like sewage, and wanted nothing but a
long, hot shower. She entered Logan's apartment and slammed the
door behind her. Logan looked up from the book he was reading and
began to smile, but noticed her expression and he thought better of it.

"Here's your disk," Max said, flinging it at him. "Thanks," he said,
catching it carefully. "Now if you'll excuse me," began Max, trying to
hide her frustration, "I just did twenty laps in a cesspool and could
really go for a shower right about now." She continued to speak as
she walked into the bathroom and closed the door. "Be my guest,"
replied Logan to an empty hallway. He inspected the disk in his hand.
"TETRIS," it read. Logan burst out laughing. "Max, I said it was a disk
on Project Tetarix, not Tetris! This is the wrong disk!" he shouted,
laughing. Then he heard the shower water stop. He knew he'd made
a mistake.

"WHAT?!?!" he, and probably the rest of the building, heard Max cry.
She burst out the bathroom door and marched up to him. Logan's
expression changed to shock and his mouth hung open. "I was out for
seven hours tonight running this stupid little mission for you," she
began, in a very low tone. "I had to crawl through the woods and
sneak past at least a dozen guards, and that was just trying to get into
the place."

"Um, I-" Logan attempted to speak but was silenced immediately by
Max's "speak-and-you're-dead" stare. "Once I finally cracked the
security system and got into the office, I had to sort through boxes of
disks looking for the right one," she continued, her voice slowly raising
in volume. "No, I-" Logan began again. "Interrupting me right now is
NOT a good idea," Max warned him. He gulped. "So then I finally find
the right disk, or at least the one I think is the right disk, and a guard
sees me on my way out. I had at least five of them shooting at me
before I was out of the building. And of course the only way I could
get away safely happened to be a three-story dive into a lake." "Max,
you-" Logan said quietly. His expression had remained frozen on his
face the whole time. "Shut up, I'm not finished," came her snappy
rebuttal. She was yelling now, and pacing back and forth, throwing
her hands in the air. "And for the grand finale, the lake turned out to
be a huge, shallow puddle of raw sewage! I'm lucky to have gotten
back alive, and you want to tell me it's the wrong disk?!"

Logan said nothing, but stared at her. This was the first time she had
actually looked at his face. He had a shocked, embarrassed
expression, and he continued to stare at her in silence even after she
had stopped talking. "What?" she asked, suddenly growing very
nervous, but trying to hold onto her anger. Logan's eyes flashed to
her lower body for a split-second then back to her face. Max looked
down. In her rage, she had forgotten to put on a robe before coming
out of the shower. She was completely naked and standing no more
than a few feet from Logan. She looked back up at him. She didn't
know whether to scream, laugh, or hide. She froze.

"On second thought, this disk will do fine," Logan said finally, and
quietly returned to his computer room. Max jumped back in the
shower and neither of them ever mentioned that mission or the disk