Unwanted Angel

By Natalie

Sum: The war ended. Draco was fine, he really was, he was all alone but when had that been a problem? God didn't seem to agree, is this why he sent him this weird angel? A very strange one he couldn't seem to get rid off…DM/LL fluffy.

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Chapter 4

Draco sighed from the other side of the closed door, his chest heaving. He stood staring at the door, just staring, feeling uncomfortable. Draco reached for the handle, he did not want a lost girl in his manor but then he stopped, his hand inches away from the handle. Clutching his fingers into a fist, he let his hand fall limply to his sides. Draco forced himself to turn around and started to get dressed his brow wrinkled in thought as he threw down the towel.

Hey, I'm not always a bastard. Draco thought waving his hands and instantly his drawers threw open and pieces of clothes sprang out and onto his bed, neatly folded. Not that he was that skilled in wandless magic, the magic in the manor just respond stronger to him than other places, for an obvious reason. If she insisted on meddling in my life for no apparent reason, I mean that gives me the reason to be an ass, Draco paused looking back at the door before shaking his head, it's her fault.

Pulling on a blood red t-shirt and a pair of black jeans Draco sighed and checked himself in the enchanted mirror across the room, another one of his habits, looking good walked hand in hand with his reputation.

"Hello, good-looking" Commented his enchanted mirror and Draco smirked lifting up a hand to smooth out his blonde locks. Draco spared it one last glance before turning away.

If she's still there I'm going to tell her what I think of her and make her leave me alone for good. Draco thought to himself darkly, if it's the last thing I do I'll stop her from meddling in my life…it's the last thing anyone wants, to be involved with the Malfoy heir. Draco laughed bitterly as he opened the door.

"I'm practically saving her from me" Draco muttered as the door opened and he poked his head out to check if she was still there. He sighed in relief, it was clear, she wasn't there. Putting his hands in his jeans pocket Draco stroll down the hallway making his way to the breakfast chamber where the house elves would have a meal set ready for him each morning, his footsteps echoed throughout the enormous castle-like building, only the whisper of the wind outside could be heard other than the sound of him moving, gracefully through the halls.

Funny, even the garden was empty of sounds, usually in normal places people would hear things, birds chirping, the sound of bugs scurrying in the grass, laughter maybe…

Draco stopped at a huge wooden door and swiftly flicked his left hand, the giant doors opened and he strolled in. There in the middle was a long elegant table with twenty seating, the seats and table made out of dark oak wood and it shined brightly polish everyday by the house-elves, although Draco never told them to stop, he could not quite see the point, the chairs set glimmering, and unused.

Taking his lone seat at the head of the enormous twenty-seat table, Draco began his breakfast like any other day starting with his choice of cereal (There were ten kinds set out in front of him), followed with toast and blueberry jam (He had about five different kind of fruit jams to choose from) and started cutting up his hams and bacon (again, with at least twenty kind of meat to choose from on the table before him) listening to the echoing of his silvers against the expensive china, he paused looking over the plates of food curiously.

"Fruits…?" Draco uttered to himself thoughtfully looking at all the food spread out over the table, funny, he never thought of it before. He had never ordered fruits.


"Ebony" He stated coldly his face hard as he stared down at one of the house-elves not wanting to appear startled. "I told you not to interrupt me during meals…and pop up like that, need I tell you again?"

Ebony whimpered her eyes wide and his jaw muscles twitched, he hated signs of weakness…or so he thought. The elf breathed in deeply and bowed so low as was accustomed and spoke in a squeaky little voice.

"Apologies, Master!" Ebony squeaked, her body still bent low. "Ebony thought you had a request!"

"I told you to stop calling me that" Draco snapped leaning back in his chair.

"Sir?" She squeaked, looking uncertain. "Master does not wish Ebony to call him 'master'?"

"Yeah, you never called me that when I was younger. It sounds so…" Draco trailed off lacking for a better word "…ancient"

"As you wish…" Ebony surfaced to glance at him, only to go under again in another bow "Does young Malfoy wishes for some fruits? Ebony will fetch young Malfoy the freshest sweetest fruits!" She ended up hopping on the balls of the feet slightly. Draco raised his eye brows, he rather pitied them, and he could never understand someone who would follow orders so…happily. He never could.

Draco nodded.

"Yes, that would be nice. Bring me some…" Images of apples floated into his head but so did a certain girl. "Apples" Draco finished glancing at the little elf. She nodded.

"Just apple, sir?" Draco nodded. "Just apples" She disappeared with another CRACK. Draco went back to eating his bacon.

"You treat them a lot better than I would have thought, if I did not know you, Draco Malfoy" Draco choked on the bacon and coughed trying to get it out of his wind piped.

"Ack" He muttered softly, feeling annoyed.

Sure enough. It was the girl again; she was leaning against the wall and looking around the room in astonishment. Her round eyes were taking in the elegant texture of the room. He did not even bother to sneer at her but more like grimace to himself, he should have known better that she would not have left him alone and should not have been startled like that. She looked back at him with interest as if waiting for him to say something.

Refusing to give her that satisfaction, Draco kept his mouth shut staring furiously ahead. After a few seconds, she decided to continue talking in a light voice.

"This is such a great home. I bet you have many memories within these walls…" She smiled softly and traced the wall with her fingers. Draco rolled his eyes, he never understood people who smiled at themselves like that. "When I was little I always wished for a prince with a large castle a lot like this, every little girl's dreams huh?" Draco snorted. "So many of your memories are engraved into these walls...even though you do not share them much" Draco looked on in the empty space in front of him, his face showed disinterested. She pressed on.

"This place…has the most beautiful garden I've ever seen" She smiled, her eyes still roaming. "Although, it seems very lonely nowadays, the birds are gone because the trees are not fit for nesting, the water are all gone from the fountains…" She took a few steps towards him as she spoke. "Maybe…maybe you could go see the beauty of the garden sometime, walk the paths, plant some flowers-" She cut off at the glare he sent her, his eye twitching with the effort to remain composed. It did not stop her attempts at conversation though, as she continued moments later.

Draco tuned her out moments later, stabbing a piece of ham with unnecessary force and thrust the ham into his mouth, chewing and looking ill tempered, like a moose gnawing on a wooden stick before spitting out;

"Look, nobody gives a freakin damn thing about the garden, there's no point, stray animals can live in it for all I care, and if they don't, fine by me. It doesn't have a thing to do with me. I don't bring people here. This is my place, I stay in the mansion. I prefer it that way."

Draco stopped, tearing his gaze away from the empty space in front of him and glance down. She had placed a strangely warm hand on his shoulder, a touch of gentleness he would not have notice if not for the warmth that touched him.

"Your mother kept a lovely garden" She spoke simply, her voice softly washing over him. Draco stared at the hand on his shoulder, weirdly; he felt a strange sensation in his chest, rising up in his throat keeping him from doing his usual reflex that was to push her away. Draco lifted his head and glance into her eyes. She smiled.


"Young Malfoy!" Ebony called appearing on his other side, making Draco jerk in surprise. Draco turned towards the creature twisting away from her hand.

She watched as Draco twisted away from her and turned to the elf. Clutching her hands together in a very nun-like way she relapsed and smiled warmly at the little creature.

"Your apples, sir!"Ebony squeaked and magics the bowl of apples onto the table. Draco snatched one before the bowl touched the table.

"Thanks…you may go." Beaming up at her master, she nodded again, her ears flopping up and down happily at being thanked. A beaming house-elf seen in front of a guest, well there's a dent to my ego. Draco thought grumpily.

"And you" Draco growled turning back to the blonde. "YOU may go too. Nothing is keeping you here, get out. Go, go…" He gave a dramatic wave almost tiredly. She stared at him, looking a little offended.

"No?" Draco questioned. "Ebony" He called. "Put this 'little girl' from the house in any way you want. Boot her out for all I care." The girl frowned and folds her arms as he pointed at her.

"How rude, Draco Malfoy" Was her simple reply to his gesture.

"Young Malfoy, sir?" Squeaked Ebony uncertainly, looking as if the little elf had no idea what to do. The elf was looking from him to where the girl stood and back at him again seemingly confused.

"You know what Ebony, just go, I've changed my mind…go go, I'm done with you." Draco smirk at the elf who nodded back her eyes on the girl next to him. The girl smiled fondly at the little creature and waved. The house elf opened her mouth as if wanting to say something but when Draco looked at the elf in interest the creature closed her mouth again, and seemingly thought better of it, disappeared with a final 'CRACK' leaving the room with ringing silence.

"Hmph, even my house elf senses your psychotic power" Draco gave her a disdain look before continuing.

"Ok, our conversations are pointless and boring, if this was a story the readers are probably dying from boredom" Draco glanced at her biting into the apple. "But of course with a character like me, who could put such a book down" He chewed and swallowed. "So…why don't you just ask me what you want, or say whatever, I'm giving you two minutes and then I am seriously making sure you leave…for good" She was looking thoughtful now.

"Ok…starting now"

"Two minutes cannot cover all that I have to say to you, Draco Malfoy"

"You just wasted five seconds saying that" Draco cut in sipping water from his glass.

"Fine, Draco Malfoy. Questions you say? What are you doing every day? What do you do exactly? Have you ever thought of that? The past, present, thoughts, think of things-?"

"Of course I think!" Draco sneered sarcastically. "My father had some businesses left, which was mainly a cover but still a money running business, I pop in from time to time, of course there's actually no point at all because I have people running the business for me. You see, that's the power of money. Also, I spend my time surviving by eating and sleeping, oh and shagging deliciously hot women. Although, I say the population of hot women have gone down in an alarming rate or maybe just the quality I seek. Other than that I have to say I do not do much, I own things, spend money, order people around or just be by myself. It's very quite fulfilling you see." Draco finished in one breath before scratching his chin mockingly.

"Now, about thoughts; I do have hard time thinking about different varieties of things, you cannot imagine. I mean, take for example; what color I should wear to each date? Think about it; black or white? What do you think? Which looks better on me? Can you choose?"

She stared at him with a look that clearly said 'Who the hell is he?' as Draco spread out his arm and gave her a mock smile "I thought you wouldn't be able to…I know, hard isn't it? Everything looks good on me. Don't worry, I understand how you feel, I can't seem to choose myself."

"I was not talking…about that" She replied slowly somewhat bewildered. "You stray away from conversations that include thinking of certain things" She paused. "Each day you swallow yourself in your own world and refuse to think about anything much, what are you afraid of? People or-?"

"I do not get scared easily" He answered her, oddly enough keeping the conversation flowing then realized something; "Wait a minute, how long have you been stalking me exactly?"

She ignored the question.

"Do you not want anything more than this?" She asked her voice although still dreamy held a hint of passion, she moved and prop herself on the table facing him. She looked like a child when she started swinging her legs softly from side to side.

"You have businesses; money that would take a few hundred years to run out that even a Grophilian cannot steal-" Draco scowled wondering what the hell a 'Grophilian' was. "-AND you're shagging dirty s-skanky women-" Draco quirked his eyebrow at this, it was an odd thing for such a delicate looking girl like her to say.

"You just seem to be satisfied with all this. How can you not want-?"

"I have everything I want."

It was more of a statement than an answer and she stopped talking immediately. Draco trailed his finger across the expensive crafting on the glass in front of him his face smooth and cold although his eyes held deep sadness only angels could see.

Surprisingly she fell silent for a long time and her legs had stopped swinging, hanging stiffly in front of him, her dreamy eyes downcast. Not one to remain concerned with others thoughts although a bit curious to her change of behavior, Draco bit into the deliciously juicy apple again, savoring the taste and paying her no attention once again. He could have sworn he saw out of the corner of his eyes, her face harden for a fraction of a second.


Draco would have gasped if he did not have a mouth full of apple at that moment. His chair had shot clean off from right under him, hauling back and hitting the other side of the room with a CRASH, causing him to practically fly backwards onto the floor with a heavy THUD! No doubt the fall had bruised his smooth baby buttocks.

"Oaf!" Draco uttered as his back hit the floor. Laying there like a dead starfish out of bewilderedness, Draco blinked the stars away from his vision, staring up at the elegant ceiling of the chamber. She merely looked at him.

"What the heck was that for you psychotic woman?!"

Draco hollered rising himself on his elbows and stared at her. He was beyond annoyed that she had cursed the chair from right under him and was even more irritated at the fact that he was somewhat…surprisingly, impressed.

"How did you use that much force without a wand?" He questioned gruffly from the floor against his will, not making any move to get up on his feet just yet. She looked taken aback.

"I do not know" She answered stiffly which was kind of out of character. Crossing her legs from her position on the table looking down on him she gave him an almost cold expression on her face. Oddly she reminded him a bit of his beautiful late mother. The cold look didn't suit her, as if it was not its place to be on her pale face. She has too strong, a strong aura of warmth and intelligence. Draco thought, probably a Ravenclaw if I ever guessed one. The girl looked as though she had come to a conclusion and answered him stiffly.

"It just happens" Draco quirked an eye brow brushing his hair out of his forehead.

"A lot of things just 'happens' with you doesn't it?" Draco shot back with a hint of sarcasm as he considered her. She unhooked her legs and started swinging it from side to side again. What a strange girl.

"Yes, I must say it does" She smiled a little bit more cheerful and chose the moment to gaze off into nothingness and started humming, to Draco's surprise 'London Bridge is Falling down' in a pretty well tuned voice. Draco watched her with amusement, his head tilted to one side from his position on the floor. One moment she was mad at him for saying…what was it? 'I have everything I want'? And now she was seemingly cheered up by harming him.

She was something. Draco found himself thinking. An annoying pestering little thing but still, she was something. Draco's eyes followed her hands as they travelled upwards and started playing with her odd necklace he had noticed earlier…of bottle caps of different colors…

Draco blinked.

It seemed to trigger a memory in his rusty line of memories. A picture of a blonde girl with bright blue eyes wearing Hogwarts school robes burst into his mind, catching him off guard.

Slowly, Draco stood up to his full height.

He was taller than her even from where she sat on the table. He put his hands in his pocket and stared down at her, his facial expression totally changed from earlier, it was now a look of utter amazement plus uncertainty, his face inches from hers.

The girls' dreamy eyes met his searching ones. She tilted her head to the side slightly and gave him a small smile, her lips curving perfectly, and her eyes twinkling with delight before saying in a sing-song voice that was more familiar now than ever.

"Caught on have you…Draco Malfoy?"

Draco's eyes widen in disbelief, memories flashing in his head. He had not seen this girl since the war when each of the Order had to spread out and carry out their different missions. He remembered a quick image of her from one day. That day, before he had slipped back into the shadows, before giving a court node to Dumbledore who bowed his head, he had glanced around the dark meeting room. The image he remembered was of the youngest Weasley girl holding onto the tired looking blonde girl in a tight embrace. The girls each no doubt were going onto dangerous missions as usual, he recalled the Weasley girl crying somewhat angrily while the blonde girl just pat her soothingly on the back, her face smiling a sad smile, one single tear lingering on her eye lash, threatening to fall. Every week each side would lose a member, more so, on the light side, unfairly so and it was hard to keep up with all the deaths at that time. Not until one year after the end of the war did the ministry was actually able to conclude the deaths for sure.

Draco remembered that at that meeting, that was the last time he ever saw the Weasley girl, he knew she ended up in a coma and knew better than to go see her after the war. What was the point of visiting someone who wouldn't even be aware of your presence?

Draco also recalled never really talking to the blonde girl much at all, only when the plans were in discussion and when Dumbledore gave out orders did they meet, Draco was more about death and spying, he had no idea what others like her did, information crew, perhaps. He thought she was in a more secured place because he never came across her during battles.

During the war and after, he remembered seeing her at most of the funerals but never paid her much attention, always observed in his own thought. He remembered how she looked at the time, her black cloak slumped down looking tattered and worn, her usually long hair tied up in what earlier must have been a tight bun but now was slightly messy, her large eyes downcast on whosever grave she was looking down on, she was quite a sad little thing, standing by herself, an image of sorrow if there ever was one, but achingly elegant for lack of a better description with silent tears dripping down her moonlit pale cheeks…but like he remembered, he was too preoccupied with trying to slip away all the time, he never gave the surviving members the chance to catch him in a conversation, he would avoid them if he could.

He just could not stand being in a place where so many people would throw him pity looks at what he had to endured, or guilty glances his way for doubting him or calculating looks no doubt wondering how he was doing being the only surviving member of the Malfoy blood.

It was too disturbing, a waste of energy, he had rather them sneer at him or throw him dirty looks than to fall into their pitied-category. That he could not handle from people, especially people whose family he had watched died, tortured or killed others. Either way he just never stayed long during events like that, only long enough to give respect and there usually was so much heart ache in the air it was almost too hard to breathe. There were people crying and clinging onto each other left and right. Draco stood alone a good few feet away from the crowd, his hand letting white roses after roses fall to the ground as his sign of respect for the dead, before turning around and disappearing into the shadows once again.

Never had he cried for one. Not one death. Never would he let a tear fall for any to see. And afterwards he would find himself standing home, alone, thinking…could he cry now? He was alone after all. But still, no tear would fall. And it remained that way through each the deaths. He always wondered if that made him an even uglier bastard (not literally of course, he was too gorgeous for that) than he already was.

Draco could not seem to recall any news on anyone including a certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl after the war. But that was probably because he took too much effort into alienating himself from those people. He preferred to stay away from the people who knew of his involvement in the war. Anyway, now back to the present…

Draco stood towering over her, his eyes confused and she just glance back up at him seemingly respecting his silent inner battle. He continued to stare down at the girl sitting before him, she smiled urging him on with keen interested. He felt like saying a lot of different things as 'What the heck are you doing here?' or 'Don't you have anywhere better to go?' and many more nastier things he was used to saying but somehow his voice got lost on the way, including his chosen words, because all he managed was a rasp whisper of a question that sounded more like a quack.


To be continued…

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