Devil on the Doorstep

Hey guys! Here it is; the sequel to The Phantom of the Abbey (From hereon called POTA). You MUST read POTA before you start this one; otherwise nothing will make any sense. I do not own any of the songs in this story.

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Devil on the Doorstep; Chapter I: Dying in Your Arms

"Mr Hiwatari, just calm down and we can check how your hands are healing."

"I told you. Get. Out. Of. My. Room."

"Now now, you wouldn't want me to sedate you, would you?"

"Touch me with that needle and I'm suing for assault!"

Tyson looked at Ray.

"Sounds like Kai's having fun!" He quipped and Max burst out laughing.

It had been three weeks since the training sector of the BBA head-quarters had been devastated by fire, and things were slowly returning to normal. Kai's hands had been badly burnt, and the hospital had had to stitch up the gash on his forehead, but apart from that, he was fine. More to the point was the disappearance of the entire Demolition Boy team, even Bryan, who had been in hospital the last time anyone saw him. The fire-fighters had found Kai unconscious, but there had been no Seth…

"Hey Kai!" Max bounded into the room. Kai rolled his eyes.

"Can my day get any worse?"


You poisoned my life, so I take this knife, and I cut you out. Cut you out…


The first thing he felt was blinding pain. Bryan's soul screamed back into his body and his lavender eyes opened wide, his mouth admitting a hiss of pain.

"Bry! Tala was by his side in a flash. Tala embraced his friend, and all Bryan could see was red.

"Where-am-I…?" He whispered, trying to see. Ian stepped forward.

"The Tower." Bryan's eyes grew wider with fear.

"How long was I out?"

"Three weeks. We were getting worried. We didn't think you would make it." Bryan glared at his best friend.

"What can you remember?" Spencer asked. Bryan closed his eyes and arched his back.

"I remember… reminding Kai about our promise…" a tear began to form in his eye, but he banished it. "And then we fought… I was on top of him and he was struggling to get up… Pain… so much… Then Kai… After that, everything's blank." Bryan shook his head angrily. "What's wrong with me?" he whimpered and pulled himself up into a sitting position, cradling his head in his hands.

"You're just recovering from your fall." Kasi said, grinning across the room at him. "You broke a couple of ribs. We thought we were going to lose you when we heard one of them pierced your lungs… You also bruised the membrane in your back, but that's healed well whilst you've been out."

"Bry? How are you feeling?" Tala was like a mother hen, fussing around him.

"Actually… not bad." Bryan admitted, pulling on his gillet.

"Could you run?" Kasi and Tala exchanged glances.

"Da. Why?" Bryan began to brush his hair, wincing as it snagged on the knots.

"We know a way out."


And now I see it's you that's tearing me, ensnaring me, this is my dying in your arms, I cut you out now set me free…


Seth opened his eyes slowly. His throat was so dry he could barely breathe. He was in the same place he'd been for weeks.

It was only Voltaire and Boris that ventured down here. Speak of the devil…

Voltaire opened the tiny bottle in his hands.

"What's that?" Seth rasped.

"This, my son, is a mixture I conjured up out of hydrogen dioxide and sodium chloride. You'll know what that is, if you can cast your mind back fifteen years ago." Seth knew.



So I escaped, cut this noose around my neck, I break free to see the things you blinded me…


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