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Chapter 1

Sirius Black and James Potter had never seen so many muggles all packed into one place before. They seemed to be everywhere, crammed into this rather large building, pushing and shoving. James and Sirius made their way through terminal three at Heathrow looking for the check in for Japan Airline. James ran his hands through his black hair and gave a sigh. His glasses sat comfortably on his straight nose. He was able to see past most people due to his height but it didn't do any good. He'd never find her in this stupid building!

"How are we supposed to find Lily and Laura here?" James asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Sirius said. He stretched his neck up to look over a particularly tall man in front of them. "Oh, I think I see the check in," He saw a few screens showing the Japan Airline signs ahead of them.

"Finally!" James said before squeezing his thin body way through several people. He came to a stop by the queue leading to the First Class check in and stared at the long queue for economy class.

"Right," Sirius said with a frown as he caught up. He slapped his hand on James' shoulder. "Good luck mate," He gave James his characteristic mischievous grin.

"The things I do for that girl!" James muttered.

"What girl?" came a voice that made James' heart skip a beat. He turned quickly to find his girlfriend Lily beaming at him with a smile that made his body go mental. Her green eyes were sparkling with excitement and her red hair was half tied up. James eyes wandered down to see what she was wearing. A short denim skirt and a pink strappy shirt just accentuated her dancer body. He scooped her into his arms and pressed his lips against hers. She returned the kiss he was giving her almost politely.

"What's up?" James said as he pulled his head away from Lily's. The kiss wasn't like the kisses Lily normally gave him.

"Parents," Lily said quietly, nodding to the side. James kept his arms around Lily as he turned suddenly to face Lily's amused looking parents and best friend. Lily had gone slightly red as if she was embarrassed of kissing James in front of them.

"Mr and Mrs Evans," James said with a wide smile. He held out his hand to Lily's dad, who took it with a rather strong grip. "Laura," James said when Mr. Evans had let go of his hand.

"Hi James," Laura said. Laura had long straight black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She'd been the prefect that had replaced Lily in their final year at Hogwarts. It seemed like they'd only finished Hogwarts the day before but they'd all already been away from their much loved school for a month. All four of the teens missed it so much. It was killing James to be away from Lily, Sirius missed being able to get up to his usual tricks. Lily and Laura missed living with each other and being away from their parents, or sister in Lily's case.

"Hi Sirius," She said to Sirius who was eyeing up an airhostess in a light blue uniform.

"What?" He said absently as he turned towards them.

"Lily, Laura, we should really get checked in," Mrs. Evans said. She was looking at the queue for the business class customers.

"All right," Lily said. She turned to James and kissed him on the lips. "I'll be back in a few minutes," James pouted and then grinned.

"You want anything?" James asked.

"Could you go and get me some water?" Lily asked. James nodded. "Here's some money, meet me back here," She gave him another kiss before joining her parents and Laura. James moved his hand to Lily's bum and gave it a quick squeeze, which caused her to jump slightly. She turned to look at him sternly but James had disappeared into the crowd. Sirius was following him reluctantly as they made their way to a general shop by the entrance.

"Why'd you pull me away from that air hostesses?" He asked.

"Sirius, do you ever think without your…parts?" James asked, nodding down to Sirius' groin. Sirius's face became screwed up in annoyance. He flipped his hair back away from his eyes before replying.

"Oh come on, James. Give me a break, I'm about to go into Auror training!" Sirius said.

"And I've heard the girls there are very hot, so you'll have plenty of time to get with them," James said.

"But they're all so…studious," Sirius said sticking out his tongue like the word had a bad taste.

"Laura's going into Auror training," James said with a shrug. He gazed at the fridge looking for the water.

"But Laura's like…I don't know," Sirius stopped for a few moments to think of the word. James was able to grab a bottled of water from the fridge. "Have you seen how much time Laura spends in libraries? She's almost as bad as Lily."

"She's still hot," James said as he made his way to the tills.

"I'll give her that,"

"And studious girls are much better looking then the easy ones,"

"Yeah I suppose," Sirius muttered.

"And how much time do you think you're actually going to have outside studying and sleeping?" James asked. The man at the till scanned in the bottle of water.

"Eighty nine pence please mate," James handed over the correct money and made his way back to the check in.

"That's not fair James. You get Lily and I'll get no one. You know female aurors have this weird stigma and reputation around them," Sirius said. James stopped and looked at Sirius

"Not fair?" James asked, his voice had risen slightly, "Lily is going to Japan for two and a half months! You think that's fair?" Sirius frowned.

"Sorry mate," Sirius said.

"It wouldn't be so bad if she'd just agree to marry me," James muttered. They returned to the check in.

"So she's not going to become a Mrs. Potter then?" Sirius said, "Good for her!" James pushed him in to a pile of suitcases that someone had placed in the middle of the hallway. Sirius got up and apologised profusely to the owners of the suitcases. James left Sirius where he was, knowing that Sirius would be alright. He went to Lily, who was now talking to Laura away from the check in while her parents were sorting out seating.

"Say yes," Laura was saying to Lily.

"I don't know, I don't feel ready yet," James overheard Lily saying.

"Is this about marrying me?" James interrupted. Lily jumped and let out a little shriek. James laughed.

"Don't do that!" Lily said as she hit James on the arm.

"Sorry darling," James said. He gave Lily the water with a smile. Lily gave him a shrewd look before bursting out into a smile. "So will you marry me?"

"James, we've talked about this," Lily said.

"No we haven't," James said.

"You haven't talked to him about it?" Laura asked in disbelief. Lily gave Laura an almost desperate look as if to say 'shut up'. Lily's parents joined them with a smile.

"All done, we're set to go," Mr. Evans said.

"Mum, dad, could you excuse us for a few minutes," Lily said.

"Of course," Mrs. Evans said, "We'll meet you at the departures gate,"

"Ok mum," Lily said. She pulled James away from her parents and walked slowly through the busy terminal.

"So will you?" James asked. Lily frowned and gave a sigh.

"James," She said. James felt as if he was about to get rejected. It was as if trying to date Lily was in preparation of trying to make her his wife!

"Lily, please say yes," James said. He'd stopped now and had both Lily's hands in his.

"James, I'm not ready to marry you yet. I love you, I really really do but…" Lily had to stop because of the look in James' face. She hated rejecting him because she couldn't stand the look in his eyes but it had to be done, "I just feel as if we're rushing. We've only been dating for four months," They started making their way to the departures gate.


"The first two didn't count" Lily said.

"Why not?" James asked,

"Because you'd suddenly become cocky and I'd dumped you," Lily said.

"Oh yeah, I remember, but still," James said, "We'd be perfect for each other, you know we would. And our children would be perfect and our life would be perfect."

"James, please," Lily said, "Don't make it more difficult, I love you but I just don't feel ready, I told you this!"

"Ok but you know I'm just going to ask you when you get back," James said with helpless innocent child look in his eyes.

"Yes, I know but I'll know if I'm ready then or not," Lily said. She gave him a quick kiss on his lips. James sighed and took Lily's hand in his. They continued to the Departures gate in silence. James didn't know how much longer he could keep going with Lily if she kept rejecting him. He didn't so much mind the fact that she was staying celibate to the fact that he was jealous of other men when she talked to them. Without the ring on her finger how was he to know that she was truly his?

They arrived at the departures gate with plenty of time. Lily's parents and Laura hadn't arrived yet. Sirius had disappeared off somewhere. James didn't worry about him though. Sirius would be alright. He put his hand in his pocket where he kept the ring. He fingered the ring fondly and looked at Lily. Lily was gazing at a notice about airport security

"I have no idea how I'm going to hide my wand," She said as she read it.

"Where is it?" James asked.

"In my bag," Lily said as she shifted her shoulder bag to her other shoulder. This caused James to lose contact with Lily's hand for a few moments. He quickly took back her hand, causing Lily to smile at him. She turned to him and pressed herself against him. "You'll be ok won't you?" She asked him.

"It's two and a half months Lily. How am I going to be ok?" James asked. Lily pushed herself up on her tiptoes and kissed James gently on the lips. James put his arms around her and hugged her when the kiss was over. She was just right height to hug. She wasn't so small that it was awkward. She was a two three inches shorter then James.

"I love you James and nothing will happen in Japan," Lily said into his shoulder.

"Yeah, I know I can't help worrying," James said. Lily laughed and looked at James.

"I'm not going to do anything," Lily said.

"It's not you I'm worried about," James said, "It's other guys. Have you seen hot gorgeous you are?" Lily laughed and gave James another kiss.

"Take the ring," James muttered in a small break between kisses.

"What ring?" Lily asked. She kissed James.

"The ring I want to give you. It'll help you make up your mind," James said. "Marry me," Lily grinned and kissed James again.

"James, I told you I'll tell you when I get back," Lily said.

"I can't wait that long," James muttered. Lily pulled away and gave James an amused smile.

"You waited three years to go out with me, you can wait a little longer for this," Lily said.

"But Lily-" Lily put her finger against James' lips.

"Please don't push me into this James or I may end up regretting it," Lily told him.

"How can you regret being married to me?" James said spreading his arms out. Lily hit him in the stomach.

"Shut up," She said with a grin. James laughed and pulled Lily towards him.

"Just take the ring and keep it safe for me," James said as he got the ring out of his pocket. Lily looked at it. It was a gold band with a gorgeous well cut diamond on it. The diamond wasn't so big it looked ridiculous but it wasn't so small that you couldn't see it. Lily took it, fingered it for a few moments before putting it into her pocket.

"It's beautiful," Lily said. James grinned and pulled Lily into one last passionate kiss before she left for Japan. After a few minutes there came the sound of someone clearing their throat. James opened one of his eyes to see Mr. Evans giving them a funny look. James let go of Lily, who turned quickly to see her dad.

"Dad!" She said slightly alarmed, "James was just…saying…bye," She cringed as she finished the sentenced.

"Uh huh," Mr. Evans said. Laura was grinning broadly at Lily. "We have to go Lily,"

"I'll see you when I get back," Lily said. She let go of James hand and followed her parents into the departure gate. She blew James a kiss and disappeared behind the check point. James sighed and turned around. This was going to be a very long few months.