A/N: I don't know Jake's parents names (I haven't read Animorphs since grade 8) and I couldn't be bothered looking them up so I just pulled them out of my arse. Enjoy.

Doing the Dishes

The rest of the Animorphs arranged in Cassie's barn remained a fair bit shocked on Jake's news. Tobias, feeling a little sensitive on this subject had decided to show up once Jake had explained it to them fully.

'Are you sure about this dude? I mean…is he sure about this?' Marco asked.

'Yeah,' Jake shrugged.

'But why now? What brought this on?' Cassie asked.

'He just needs this right now, I told him not to worry about anything that you'd all be supportive,' Jake informed 'I wasn't wrong was I?'

It almost seemed like a threat? Cassie thought, 'Of course not…it's just after all this time…well I suppose that doesn't matter really. We're behind it a hundred percent,' she smiled.

'Yeah sure,' Marco shrugged.

'Whatever,' Rachel added.

'Alright,' Jake grinned.

(Is that my que to enter?) Tobias asked from where he was positioned a few trees away, within viewing and hearing distance of a hawk. Jake nodded, and Tobias lifted off and landed on a beam on the roof.

(Hey guys) Tobias spoke.

'You sure about this man?' Marco asked the hawk 'I mean we understand and will…you know support you and all that but…you actually want to be in year twelve?'

(Yeah) was all Tobias said. There was no way he was going to pour his heart out to the entire group. Besides Jake had already told them his reasons.

'Alright then dude no worries,' Marco shrugged 'Just call the school tell em you wanna come back and choose your subjects,'

'What are you going to do about clothes?' Cassie asked.

'Oh I can go shopping for you?' Rachel exclaimed.


'No!' Jake, Tobias and Cassie all spoke simultaneously.

(Sorry Rach…I've been shopping with you before…and I'd rather become a controller than relive that experience)

They all laughed at that, except Rachel of course.

'I was thinking he could borrow some of my clothes?' Jake offered. Rachel scoffed and Cassie scowled.

'No I don't think so, people- well the girls,would notice and become suspicious,' Cassie thought 'He could…he could have Daniel's old clothes,'

'Oh…Cassie are you sure?' Jake asked 'Really he doesn't need-,'

'No…it's okay, I'll…I'll go get them,' Cassie turned and left the barn.

(Ookay, who's Daniel?)

'Cassie's older brother,' Rachel spoke.

(I thought she was an only child?)

'She is, he died when he was 19, car accident I think,' Marco explained.

'Yeah, that's why her parents decided to have another baby,' Rachel informed.

(I thought Cassie's parents were a bit old to have her…wait does this mean I'll be wearing some dead guy's clothes?)

'Old clothes, he became a pretty big guy…but he was pretty thin when he was our age…so she'll no doubt bring down the older stuff,' Rachel informed.

'Hope you don't mind wearing old band t-shirts, hehe, you poor bugger,' Marco laughed. Jake rolled his eyes.

(Won't this be hard for Cassie?)

'No,' Jake answered 'He died before she was born just…don't wear them in front of her parents,'

(Oh okay…I suppose that's the reason then)

'For what?' Marco asked confused.

(Why she's so intuitive of other people's feelings)

'Don't be stupid she didn't even know the guy,' Rachel rolled her eyes.

(Her parents would have been in a lot of pain Rachel. That kind of hurt never goes away. It doesn't matter that she didn't know him either…he's her family, her blood. He'll always be a part of her)

Jake looked at Tobias with understanding. The others looked disbelieving at the floor. Jake was the only one who realised Tobias was speaking of the father he'd never know. Cassie came back with a bag full of clothes.

'Umm I guess I'll leave them somewhere in your territory?' she offered.

(Thanks Cass)

'Okay, is that all there is oh great leader?' Marco asked.

'Ah yeah,' Jake shrugged.

'Okay then, you wana go catch a flick then? I'm dying to see Poseidon,' Marco offered.

'Ah no thanks Marco, I've got plans,' Jake answered. Everything went quiet, one of those really awkward complete silences.

'You…have got…plans?' Marco asked 'With who?'

'Ah…no one, it's a family thing,'

'Ohhhh,' the moment settled. Jake having a life outside of the war, just was not possible.

Jake gave Tobias a knowing smile.

'Who's your Daddy?' Tobias screamed. Jake scowled and crossed his arms.

'Lucky fluke,'

'Ha! After twenty games of defeat, Tobias the great has finally beaten Jake the champ at Street Fighter on PS 2!' Tobias raised his arms in victory.

'Wow congratulations,' Jake droned 'Bet you can't do it again!'

'Haha! I don't think so!' Tobias declared from where he stood in the living room across from the tv 'I'm going to take some great advice and quit while I'm ahead,'

'Jake, Tom!' a female voice called out. A woman entered the room, face hidden behind a giant box, that she was struggling to carry. Tobias rushed forward just as the woman tripped and caught her before she fell.

'Oh thank god,' she sighed. Tobias took the box from her.

'Where would you like this?' Tobias asked.

'Oh thank-you so much, just by the tv would be wonderful,' the woman answered. Tobias moved to the tv and placed the box down before turning to face the woman.

'And who are you?'


'Ah finally,' she smiled 'I've heard a lot about you,'

Tobias couldn't help turning a little red.

'Y-you have?'

'Jake could you go get me the scissors please?' Jake's mother asked.

'Ah sure, where are they?' Jake asked.

'Second shelf,' she spoke 'Jake tells me you're a great reader,'

Jake ran into the kitchen.

'Umm yeah I guess so,' Tobias tried to will away the awkwardness.

'Ever read Robin Hobb?' she asked.

'Ah yeah, actually but only the farseer trilogy and the tawny man ones. I never read the liveship stuff,' Tobias smiled politely.

'Oh yes,' Jake's mum exclaimed as Jake came back with the scissors 'I loved the series about Fitz, I wasn't very happy about the ending though…,'

Jake's mum took the scissors and began opening the box.

'Hmm me neither,' Tobias replied standing beside Jake.

'I never liked his girl…what was her name…Meg or something…she was just too…annoying I suppose,' his mother shrugged.

'Exactly,' Tobias agreed becoming enthusiastic.'I'd much rather he end up with the fool, because they shared that special connection and dearly loved Fitz. He wouldn't have anyone else,'

'That's what I thought as well!' the mother exclaimed 'I was so disappointed…it's so refreshing to find an open minded teenager on same sex relationships,'

Tobias thanked all his years as a hawk for not blushing and keeping a polite smile on his face. Jake however was another matter and quickly turned away to hide his full cheeked blush. Tobias wondered what the mother would think of same sex relationships if they involved her own son.

'I'm Sarah by the way,' Jake's mum smiled 'What were you boys up to before I came in?'

'I was setting a new world record of finally beating Jake at Street Fighter,'

'Well congratulations, has Jake invited you to say for dinner?'


'Well than I shall do it for him,'

'I don't know if I can,' Tobias looked to Jake.

'Sure you can, you're not doing anything tonight remember?' Jake assured him. Tobias grinned.

'Alright sure, I'll stay,'

'Besides we're having it in ten minutes so really what's the point in leaving?' Sarah smiled.

'Hey Mum did you call me?' Tom asked as he walked down the stairs.

'Yes Tom, thirty minutes ago,' she rolled her eyes 'But there's no need now, your position as my son has been replaced by Tobias. I've had a longer conversation with him now than I've had with you in months,'

'Sorry Mum I've been busy lately with Uni and all,' Tom shrugged.

'I keep forgetting, my brilliant College son,'

'Tobias huh?' Tom asked and looked the boy up and down.

'Your last name wouldn't be Fangor would it?'

'No,' Jake said stepping between his boyfriend and the yeerk 'It's Thatcher,'

'As in the factory worker that was killed last week?' Tom asked.

'Ah yeah, he was my Uncle,' Tobias folded his arms.

'Oh dear I'm so sorry,' Sarah comforted.

'It's alright,' Tobias shrugged. 'We weren't that close,'

'Mmm something smells good-, oh we have a guest?' a man entered in a grey suit.

'Hey Dad, this is Tobias,' Jake introduced.


'Hi, I'm Daniel…you wouldn't be the Tobias that Rachel was dating would you?' Daniel asked.

'Ah that was a while ago,' Tobias shrugged.

'I'll go get dinner, you boys sit down,' Sarah offered and hurried into the kitchen. The men of the family headed into another room, so Tobias followed them into what happened to be the dinning room. Daniel sat at the head of the table. Tom on his right and Jake on his left. Tobias sat himself beside Jake.

'So how come it didn't work out between you and Rachel?' Daniel asked.

'Dad!' Jake glared.

'I dunno,' Tobias shrugged 'I guess I just wasn't attracted,'

'You weren't attracted?' Tom laughed 'To Rachel?'

'Um yeah,'

'What, you like fat chicks?' Sarah hit Tom on the head as she came back in with the lasagne and salad.

'Ow Mum!'

'You deserved it,'

'No I don't,' Tobias interjected 'I just wasn't attracted to Rachel,'

'Perfectly understandable,' Sarah glared at Tom as she served the dinner. Jake was trying so very hard not to laugh. Tobias reached beside him and pinched Jake's leg.

'Ow!' Jake jumped, his family all looked up at him in shock. This time it was Tobias who was trying hard not to laugh as Jake mumbled about ants. Tobias tucked into his lasagne. After living off rodents, home cooked pasta tasted so good.

'So Tobias, any thoughts of what you want to do once you leave school?' Daniel asked. Tobias couldn't be bothered to explain he was just returning to school so thought genuinely about the question.

'I don't know maybe…join the army,' Tobias shrugged. Tom's head raised in interest. Jake hid a smile as he sipped his coke.

'Actually I think I'll try the Air Force,' Tobias grinned and Jake couldn't help but laugh.

'Jake!' Sarah scorned 'That's a marvellous idea! It's more than you've got planned! Every time I ask Jake about after school life he just shrugs it off!'

'That's disgraceful Jake,' Tobias scorned.

'I'm thinking of committing myself to an insane asylum,' Jake grinned.

'Oh laugh it up, but at the end of the year when you're stressing out don't come crying to me,' Sarah huffed.

'Deal,' Jake smirked. There was a silence afterward. Tobias had finished his lasagne and stared at his salad with distaste. Hawks don't care for vegetables. Tobias thought it would seem rude if he left a huge hunk of salad on his plate so he began to pick at it reluctantly.

'So Tobias you got a new girl then?' Tom asked.

'Well…no,' Jake looked up at him 'But I've got my eye on someone special,'

Jake immediately looked back down to hide his flush.

'What's she look like then? If you didn't like Rachel, I'm just dying to hear who this special one looks like,' Tom asked.

'Well,' Tobias grinned 'They're a brunette, with the most gorgeous body I've ever seen and really soulful brown eyes. Not to mention a great sense of humour, an amazing laugh and a smile that would make your heart melt,'

Jake had gone so red he resembled the tomato in the salad.

'Oh so you're into brunette's?' Tom nodded.

'Sounds like you really like her,' Daniel pointed out.

'Yeah I do,' Tobias squeezed Jake's leg under the table. Sarah smiled and sighed.

'Well if you're all done I'll just clear up,'

'I'll do it,' Tobias announced standing.

'No, you're the guest, you can't, it's against the rules,' Sarah smiled.

'I'll help him,' Jake stood also.

'Really?' Sarah asked shocked 'Tobias now you have to come by as often as possible. I never thought I'd see the day Jake would offer to help clean,'

Tobias laughed as he collected the plates and headed into the kitchen. Jake collected the cups and cutlery before hurrying after him. He closed the door and found Tobias washing up in the sink. Jake came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Tobias stopped cleaning and leant back into the other boy.

'Do I get to say all the things I like about you then?' Jake asked.

'Mmm if you want,' Tobias smiled. Jake slid his hands up under Tobias' shirt and traced patterns on the boys stomach.

'Your hair always sits perfectly, your eyes are so beautiful, I accidentally found myself starring into them often enough. You're sensitive, your lips are absolutely perfect. You can be so damn adorable and you've the hottest body,' Jake nuzzled into Tobias' shoulder 'You're so beautiful,'

Tobias moaned softly and tilted his head back brushing his lips softly against Jake's before parting them. They kissed deeply, tongues gliding over one another. Soon the kiss became heated and desperate. Tobias wanted to turn around and throw his arms around his boyfriend, however Jake's body pinned him between the sink and other boy, refusing to let Tobias budge. Jake's hand moved lower from Tobias' stomach and brushed across the front of Tobias' trousers. Tobias gasped, Jake smirked into the kiss and moved his hand up and down across the front of Tobias' crutch. Tobias shivered in pleasure. Jake found the head of Tobias' shaft and traced it through his pants. Tobias' cry was muted by Jake's mouth. Tobias was beginning to weep into his pants.

'Jake,' Tobias gasped 'Want this so much…but your parents,'

Jake made the movements of his hand more forceful and Tobias arched into them with a soft groan.

'Then I'll have to work quickly won't I?' Jake asked.

Tobias nodded, mind clouded with lust. Jake quickened his movements and made them far more harder. Tobias moaned, his hands grasped onto Jake's hips for balance and clung on for dear life.

'Jake,' Tobias pleaded, he was so close, so close just a little more. Oh god, who would have though over clothed groping, could feel so good. The feeling was en-heightened by the fact it was Jake. Jake pressed up against him, Jake delicately placing kisses on his neck, Jake's hand rubbing against him. Up and down, up and down.

'Come for me Tobias,' Tobias arched forward and came into his trousers. His fists were white, from grasping Jake's shirt, his mouth open in a silent scream. When Tobias had finished Jake pressed a tender kiss on his lips before turning to the sink and beginning on the dishes. Tobias leant against the counter eyes closed recovering, when he opened his eyes, Jake was halfway through.

'How are you boys doing?' Sarah poked her head through the door.

'Fantastic,' Tobias sighed and grabbed a tea towel. Jake smiled

'We're halfway through,' Jake called out, but didn't turn around to face his mother.

'That's good, we're all going to watch stealth, if you wanted to join us,' Sarah asked.

'No mum, that's alright, we're going to hang upstairs in my room after this,' Jake replied, however still remaining faced toward the sink.

'Alright then, thanks for the dishes,'

'No worries,' Tobias answered as she left. Tobias looked Jake up and down and realised why he hadn't turned his body from the sink. Tobias pressed his body against Jakes' side and slipped his hand over Jake's straining arousal. Jake moaned and pressed into the hand.

'I promise to take care of this later,' Tobias whispered in Jake's ear.