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Harry Potter and the Heavens Curse Chapter 1: The Breakaway

It was late in the evening in London and many people where asleep in their beds, dreaming about things that could only happen in dreams. For one person though, the dreams they were having were all too real. A man in ragged clothes and messy black hair was fighting a woman who had a manical expression on her face. The man was moving around in this persons dream and waving a wand as colors of light exploded from the tip.

The woman was doing the same and then all of a sudden, the man was hit with a red light and sent flying backwards towards a dark cloth. In slow motion the man fell behind the cloth as a high pitched laugh was screached into existence.

The person having the dream sat up screaming at this point from their slumber and looked at their hands. Their were covered in sweat as was most of their body and they were shaking badly. The entire dream running through their mind as they stared at their still shaking hands. But not soon after, the person fell back into their bed and passed out from the shear amount of pain that their body was now feeling.

Somewhere else in London, a teen with unruly black hair was sitting up in his own bed, shaking as he looked at his own sweaty hands. His head was throbbing and his mind was a blur as he shakily got out of his bed and went to the bathroom. Once their he turned the light on, seeing at how it was still night, and looked at himselfe in the mirror.

His black hair was still as unruly as ever, even more so from the dream he had just had, his face paler than it usualy was, and his normaly bright emeral green eyes now had a dull emotionless tone to them. An above all else, the scar, shapped in the form of a lightning bolt, on his forehead stood out like a sore thumb in contrast to his skin. It was a bright red, as if someone had jsut burnt it into his forehead and he glanced at it in the mirror, cursing mentaly at the thing that had cause him more gried than he had ever thought possible.

The next thing he was doing though was leaning over the toilet as everything that was in his stomach, which at that time consisted of only the acidic ensims used to digest food came out in violent lurches. They lasted for nearly a minute before the boy stood up on even more unstable legs now and wiped his mouth with his hand.

He flushed the toilet once he was fulling standing again and looked back into the mirror again and sighed. He cursed his scar again silently as he turned off the lights and headed back to his room.

As he entered his room though he heard a voice behind him that caught his attention.

"Harry, are you alright?" the voice asked. It was a womans voice and was filled with worry.

The teen, Harry James Potter, turned around slowly to regard the person who had addressed him. It was his Aunt Petunia Dursley, someone whom he had not expected to one be up at that hour, and two, not give a rats arse about his health.

"Yes, I'm fine," Harry said, his mind immediatly going back to a few minutes ago when he was puking up nothing but stomach acid.

"Oh. Alright then. Goodnight Harry," his aunt said and hesitated for a few moments as if she wanted to say more before turning to head back towards her room with Vernon, Harry's uncle.

Harry just starred after her as she walked down the hall and stopped again at her bedroom door. She sighed deeply as if thinking and then turned back around to see Harry still at his doorway looking at her.

"Would you like some tea Harry?" she asked suddenly, catching Harry completely off guard.

Harry blinked at her a few times trying to take in exactly what was going on with his aunt. After a fem moments though of comming up with nothing he closed the door into his room and nodded his head. His aunt smiled slightly at this and headed down the stairs with him following behind her and into the kitchen.

Harry, out of instinct started to head towards the stove and cuboards when his aunt laid a hand on his shoulder and stopped him dead in his tracks.

"You sit Harry. I know you're not feeling well, so just relac. I'll make the tea," she said when he turned and was about to question her, then she went and started to make the tea as Harry was left silent and blinking at her.

This was definetly not the same aunt he had grown up with and he was starting to wonder if it was a good idea that he had left his wand upstairs in his room. But something compeled him to sit down as she made the tea, humming something that Harry knew he should recongnize but could not place as to where he had heard it before.

After a few minutes though, the tea was ready and his Aunt came back to where the table was and handed him a glass before sitting down opposite of him with her own glass.

Harry looked down at the tea in his hands then back to his aunt who was looking out the back doors into the night, obviously thinking about something. He looked down at his tea again after he stopped starring at his aunt, and sighed before taking a sip. To his utter surprise the tea had an almost vanila flavor to it and its warmth made every ounce of pain he had in his body just go away as if it wasn't there to beging with.

He took a few more sips and let the flavor and warmth wash over his mouth and down his throat as he suddenly started to feel more relaxed. He had had tea before, but none he could think of compared to the tea his aunt had just made.

When he looked up again from drinking his tea, he saw his aunt still looking out towards the back, the fool moon of the summer night shinning into the room. But what was out of place was the small trail of tears that was streaking down the cheek that was facing Harry.

Before Harry could even start to ask a question, she tuned back to him rubbing her eyes and smiled weakly at him.

"How do you feel now?" she asked sweetly, her voice still the same as how he remembered it but sounding more serene and calming for some reason.

"Better, thanks. What was in that tea?" Harry asked quietly as he looked down at his cup, realizing there was nothing left in his cup.

"Beleive it or not, Lily taught me a few things about potions while she was at school," she soflty as her head lowered and Harry's head suddenly snapped up with shock in his eyes and expression.

This was the first time Harry had heard his aunt say anything nice about his parents and harry was really starting to wish he had his wand suddenly, thinking this was some kind of trick, or even hoping that this was a dream.

When his aunt looked up though and saw the expression on his face, she laughed a little and said, "We never did hate each other you know. If anything, it was Vernon that hated her and your father for being magical. When he learned about it being in my family, he decied to seperate me as far away from them as possible. Lily was the only family I had left then, our partents having died in a car crash two years before Lily graduated from school."

Harry was now blinking rapidly at his aunt as his head started to swirl around in thoughts. One kept saying that this wasn't his aunt and another was telling him to listen to more while another was telling him to force his body to wake up.

"I... I don't really know why I'm telling you all of this know. I guess its an attempted apology for all the years we've treated you badly. I know we do not deserve any forgivness from you Harry, but please know that we, at least I, am truly sorry for how my family has acted towards you since you first came to us," Petunia said as tears started to fall from her face again. Her shoulders lurched a bit as she silently sobbed and let the tears fall down her face.

Harry was speechless at what his aunt had just said and the raw emotions she was letting him see. The only emotions he had ever seen up until this point were her sneering at him and utter contempt. He could do nothing but stare at her as her shoulders shook with her sobs.

A few minutes passed with no other sound besides his aunts sobs before she managed to regain control over her emotions and look up at Harry again as she wiped away her tears.

"Sorry, guess your not used to seeing me like this," she said as she finished wiping her tears away.

Harry nodded, it being the only thing his mind could register doing at the moment. At this though his aunt let out a small laugh that was truly amused at him being struck speechless. Her mood though changed once again as she stopped laughing and sighed again.

"I know something happened Harry. I'm not sure what happened this last year at school for you but I can tell that it is something you do not wish to speak of," she said, and watching as Harry suddenly stiffened at her words.

"I don't know if there is anything that I can do Harry to make what ever it is you are feeling go away but at least let me give you this," Petunia said and then removed a necklace from around her neck that Harry had never noticed until she had taken it off. She then got up from her chair and walked over to Harry, who watched her silently, before she knelt before him and took one of her hands.

"Your mother gave this to me when she and James went into hiding saying that if my family were ever dragged into the war here, to say her new last name and it would take me and my family to a safe place far away from here if we were all touching it. I think maybe now you need this more than my family ever would," she said and laid the necklace down in his palm before closing his fist around it. She patted his hand twice and looked at him with one of sorrow and carring before she stood back up and grabbed his cup and went back into the kitchen.

Harry looked down at his now closed hand and opened it slowly to see what the necklace was. It was a simple gold locket Harry saw but something nagged at him and he suddenly opened it. On the inside were two pictures, one of Lily, his mother, smiling brightly and waving at him, and the other of Petunia, also smiling brightly and also waving. The two looked to be at about the age he was now and seemed to have no care in the world.

"Why would you give me something like this after all that has happened?" Harry asked suddenly, as he starred at the locket. His voice was soft but filled with confusion at all of the things his aunt was doing that night.

"Call it penance for my own sins against my own blood. I don't know much about the magical world but what I do know is that a burden like the one that was strapped to you name has no place to be on a sixteen year old. I wish now that I had been able to at least sat goodbye to Lily, and I guess in part this is how I am trying to repay her. I'm saying use that necklace Harry and get away from here for a while. Go be free and enoying being a teen," Petunia said as she washed the two cups and put them away.

As she did though she pulled out what Harry recognized as a thermostat. He had seen it in the cuboard many times but never really knew why it was there. He was even more confused though as she tossed it to him from where she was.

"In there is the same drink you just had. Lily was the one who brewed the tea like potion you just drank and I think it will be of more use for you. The liquid inside never depeltes but be careful as to how you use it. Lily told me no one knew about that particular type of potion and to keep it secret from everyone in case of emergencies," Petunia said, a hint of pride coming into her voice as she spoke of her sister.

"But why now of all times? Why do you chose now to actualy care about what is going on around me?" Harry asked, his head trying to think of something that might make him understand what was going on.

"I told you I know something is wrong Harry," she said as she walked over to him again and knelt before him like she had a few minutes prior, "Every night since you've been back, you either don't sleep or have a nightmare when you do sleep. You are not eating anything and you are becomeing more frail than I have ever seen anyone in my life. I was asked to take care of you once and failed miserably. I want to somehow at least make it up to you so one day you might forgive me and my family. But most of all... I see in you the same crushed spirit in you that I had when Lily and James died. You lost someone close to you and being cooped up here is not the place for you to be. You need to be away from everything for a while and cope with what ever greif it is that you are feeling."

Harry could not find his voice at what his aunt had said. He watched her eyes closely and could not help tears slolwy starting to fall out of his eyes. He could not remember the last time it was when he had cried in front of his aunt but at the moment he could not hold back any tears that were suddenly falling down his face. And not a few moments later, he found himself enveloped in a loving hug from his aunt and his body didn't know what to do or how to react.

His aunt had never hugged him once, as far as he could remember. Everything in his mind was screaming this was all a dream, that he shouldn't beleive her and that she would just turn back into the person he thought he knew her to be and start screeching at him in her high pitched voice. But his body acted differently and slowly his arms enveloped her as well as he felt her body start to shake again as she too started to cry.

The two cried hugging each other for what seemed like ages before Petunia removed herself from his grasp with a smile on her face as she wiped her tears away again as Harry wiped away his own tears. The two starred at each other for a few more moments smiling.

"Now off to bed with you Harry," she said in a mock serious tone of voice as she placed a hand on her hip and tried to sneer which only came out as a lopsided grinning smirk.

Harry chuckled a bit and said, "Yes ma'am."

He gathered the thermostat that she had given him as well as the necklace and then headed back upstairs to his room, her following closley behind him. When he got to his door, he turned to see her standing behind him with a smile on her face.

"Well good night Aunt Petunia," Harry said and before he could turn back around she enveloepd him in another hug. This one was briefer than the last one and when she pulled away she said her own goodnight.

When she turned to leave though she snapped her fingers as if remembering something and turned once again and said, "And don't worry Harry. Vernon and I will make sure those who will be searching for you have no idea as to where you are."

Harry could only smile at this as a plan suddenly started to form in his head. It was very brief and cut up at most but it came fast and had a very simple idea to it. Leave tonight and not come back until school was starting.

The faces of his friends though suddenly came into view in his minds eye and he suddenly felt and overwhelming sense of guilt at the idea of leaving them behind. But several parts of his mind nagged at the back of his head. leading him more towards the idea of packing everything right now and leaving.

With that thought pushing all other ones aside, including any sense of reason or doubt, Harry hurridely started to pack everything he had into his trunk and in under ten minutes had everything he owned inside it. Almost everything, his mind told him as he remembered the loose floorboard and suddenly went to it.

He pulled it up and started to pull out more of his magical things like his invisibility cloak and a few of his more interesting school books. It was when he was about to put the floorboard back though that he noticed there was something else inside that he did not recognize. It was a small black velvet pouch that he had never seen before.

He took it out hesitantly and put the board back before moving to his bed and sitting on it with the puch still in his hands. Curiousity still got the better of him though as he sat looking at the puch and opened it slowly to look inside. His mind was thinking of many different things that could be inside, knowing that the magical world was full of many surprises.

And it did not disappoint him, for inside was something that was definetly a complete surprise to him. There were almost twenty trunks inside the bag, ranging from ones like his school trunk to others like the one he had seen Mad Eye Moody use. Each were placed in what looked to be like a shelving unit inside the bag but none had labels saying as to which was what or held what.

Harry however managed to restrain his sudden urge to pull out each trunk and go through them. Instead he closed the bag and tied it to the belt he had that was holding up his clothes and double check everything to make sure that he all of his belongings. When he was sure that he had everything he went over to Hedwig's cage, where the snowy white owl had awoke some time in the night and had just starred at Harry as he had packed his things.

He figured if the necklace was what he though it was, that Hedwig would not want to be portkeyed to a new destination suddenly and that it would be better if she was not with him for the time be.

"Hey girl," he said as he opened the cage and let Hedwig perch herself on his arm as he removed her from the cage. He stroked her feathers softly as she closed her eyes and hooted in happiness at his attention. This made Harry smile as he looked at hsi owl.

"I'm going to be going away for a while Hedwig and I don't think you would like to be portkeyed to where ever it is that I am going," he said softly and Hedwig hooted in response as she shook her feathers as if the mere idea of her traveling by anything but flight was something she did not want.

Harry chuckeld slightly at her response and moved her to his shoulder as he decided it would be best to at least right a note to his friends and the Orderletting them know he would be fine. He figured they didn't need to know where he was going but at least that he was safe.

He went over to his trunk and rumaged quickly for his ink, quill, and parchment before heading to his small desk and scribbling three notes. One he addressed to Ron, the other Hermione, and the other for the Order. The latter one he left on his bed before he tied the other two to Hedwigs legs.

"Could you deleiver these to Ron and Hermione for me girl?" Harry asked the owl as he finished tieing off the two notes to her legs. She hooted in response which made Harry smile.

"Thank you Hedwig, once you are done, stay with either Ron or Hermione, whoever you choose, but please don't come looking for me unless you absolutley have to. I need to get away from all this for a bit, okay?" Harry asked and again Hedwig nodded and gently niped at his fingers to show she understood. Harry smile again at his owl and stroked her feathers again as she took her place on his arm before he walked to his window. He opened it quietly and stuck his arm with Hedwig on in outside before the owl took flight to do the job that Harry had requested of her.

"Be safe girl, and I'll be back eventually," Harry said softly as he watched his owl fly off into the night sky. When she was out of sight, Harry closed his bedroom windown and grabbed Hedwigs cage before putting it into hsi trunk with everything else he had.

Then he took hold of its handles and pulled out the necklace his Aunt had given him. He opened it one last time and looked at how Happy his Aunt and mother looked before he closed it and took a deep steading breath.

"Well, here goes nothing," he though before he said, "Potter."

The sudden pull behind his navel told him this was indeed a portkey and mere moments hsi surroundings changed and deposited him into his new location. The landing was sudden and made Harry loose his balance completley as he stumbled back and landed on hisbackside, his vision still somewhat blury form the sudden movement the portkey had done.

He shook his head a few times to get his sense back before he stood up and decided to look around. He had arrived in a room that had a very pleasant and comfortbale feeling to it and its simple surroundings made his body relax even farther.

A sudden pop behind him though brought every piece of tension he had back full force as he dropped his trunk, pulled his wand out of his pocket, and had his arms out, wand at the ready, at whoever it was that he thought had apparated in behind him. He blinked twice at seeing no one was there in front of him before a small voice from below him said, "Welcome, good sir."

Harry's eyes and head and wand instantly snapped down to see a house elf standing a few feet away from him, but the elf was dressed in what looked like fine butler garments and was bowing deeply to him. He stowed his wand away quickly and looked at the elf in confussion for a few moments.

"Uh.. hi," Harry said a few seconds later, not really knowing what to say. The elf righted himself at this and said, "Welcome good sir. As it seems, I am assuming you and your misses are in trouble at the moment?"

"Trouble? Misses? What are you talking about?" Harry asked, blinking at the elf in confussion.

"You are not the Mr. Dursley we had been informed of by Lady Potter that would arrive if there was something wrong with mi'ladies sister?" the elf asked quizically and seemed to tense greatly as thoughts started to flow threw the elfs head.

"No, I am not Vernon Dursley," Harry said a small laugh following. The simple thought that he had been mistaken with the overly large man that was his uncle was one that slightly sickened him but for some reason was mroe humorous than grotesque.

"Then who sir might you be if you are not the one's we hahad been instructed to protect?" the elf questioned. And as he did a vast more numbe rof pops could be heard and Harry quickly looked around seeing almost an additional thirty or so house elves suddenly appear in the room around him. All of them had scowls on their faces as their hands started to glow a deep blue, including the one whas currently talking to him.

"My name is Harry Potter," Harry said, hoping that what ever was about to happen to him wouldn't. When his name was released from his lips, something Harry could only describe as comical happened.

Each and every elf in the room suddenly dropped their hands, the glow of magic disappearing instatnly, and their mouths opened in shock as they all suddenly starred at him. Then, not two seconds later, they all fell back on their backs, knocked out from sheer shock alone.

"Well there's one way to make an entrance," Harry thought as he chuckled slightly at the reaction the elves had suddenly had.