Hey sorry if I lost a few people with this story. I had the entire set up in my mind and when I saw where the story was going I realized that the story needed to be split up so people might understand it better.

First off, I apologize for jumping around near the last couple of chapters. The idea I have set in place was making my head spin a bit and I wrote it out as best I could. However, with the continuation I have set in place at the moment, which is also another focus of this story, I will explain everything.

Oh, and the intro of the characters I introduced is not just a random thing. They will be back, though you will have to follow the way this story goes.

Second, the better part of this story will be under the Anime/Manga category of under Naruto under the tile The Heavens Curse. This is because, well its part of the story I have in mind. It will be a bit easier to explain everything within this part of the story.

If you have no idea what Naruto is or is about, I apologize greatly and suggest, to at least get an understanding you do a search on the net for just a base summary of Naruto. It is a good Anime series in my opinion, a bit long but still good. If you have heard of Naruto and/or seen the manga and/or series, you probably have more of an idea as to where I am going at the moment than anyone else.

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding of the jumpiness but I hope you enjoy the story line I have planned out as I write it and I hope to keep you guys entertained with it .