I posted this 'shirebunny' on Livejournal, and then couldn't stop thinking about it: Frodo, Sam, and Pippin recovered at Cormallen from late March to early April; surely the springtime weather in Ithilien wasn't blissfully perfect every day. Perhaps there was a day or two of rain, wind, colder-than-usual air... what was done to ensure that the hobbit heroes were kept warm, dry, and comfortable?

Characters include Pippin, Gimli, Aragorn, Merry, Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf, Sam, and Beregond.

DISCLAIMER: Professor Tolkien's wonderful characters don't belong to me, I just get to think about them day and night


SHELTER - Prologue


"Look who Lord Aragorn is carrying!" "Are those the Ring-bearers?" "Éomer King approaches." "Sit up straight, you dolt."

The wooden shelter echoed with hushed voices and whispers as Aragorn entered carrying a small, blanket-wrapped form. Legolas and King Éomer followed him, carrying two others. Frodo and Sam slept unawares, their dreams peaceful and calm. Pippin drowsed, having been given a draught to help him bear the pain of being moved.

As the storm approached, Aragorn had called to the nearest people – Legolas and Éomer – to help him move the hobbits from their beds in the open-air pavilion to the more substantial shelter that Gimli had erected to house many of the wounded.

"My lord." A young soldier from Gondor fairly leaped from his pallet, the pain of his fractured arm suddenly of little consequence. "Please, my lord King, I would be honored if you would allow one of the small folk to rest here."

"Thank you," Aragorn said gravely, setting Frodo down gently. Two others hastily rose and offered their beds as well, and soon the three hobbits were settled comfortably. The shelter fell silent, all eyes on the Ring-bearers about whom everyone had heard so much.

"This is Frodo," Aragorn said quietly. The Men gazed at the pale, delicately-featured face.

"And Sam," Legolas gestured.

It was a moment the Men would never forget. The Ring-bearers, here amongst us. It is said that they brought down the Dark Lord in his very tower. They nearly perished in the Black Land, but the new king called them back from death. When will they wake?

Beregond knelt by Pippin's side. "And this is Peregrin, or 'Pippin', as he wishes to be known. Not all of you have met him. Pippin stood firm at the Black Gate and saved my life – as well as the life of Captain Faramir, in Minas Tirith. He and his kin are worthy of all honor."

One at a time, in utter silence, all who could walk passed by the three sleeping hobbits, bowing in respect. Those who were bedridden just looked, unable to believe their good fortune.

Éomer drew Aragorn aside. "I do not think we will hear any grumbling or complaining today," he said.

"I agree," Aragorn smiled. "Perhaps we should have thought of this sooner."