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The Phantom Bride

Story by StormDancer

Chapter 1

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

The phone rang, but no one answered it. The machine picked it up. A male voice was heard on the message, pleading for her to pick it up. The machine was suddenly shut off by a hand slamming on the button.

Raven sighed angrily. How could he do this to her! She had thought he was her best friend, and she his, but now he just moves! And he doesn't tell her until the day before! How could he! See if she was going to see him off! A vase shattered in her dorm room. She took a deep, calming breath.

"Azarth, metrion, zinthos," she muttered, bringing herself under control once more.

Maybe she would go see him off. She needed closure, somehow. She needed to know that she felt nothing for him; nothing for that annoying, overly hyper, adorable, kind Beast Boy. Her decision made, a portal opened, and she stepped through it.


Beast Boy stared at the phone in despair. She wasn't even going to see him before he left. He had done all he could to coax her to come, but she hadn't listened. He didn't want his last remembrance of her being despair. He wanted to recall her happily, au revoir rather than good bye. But she wasn't complying.

"You have to leave soon, if you want to get there on time." Robin informed him, putting a hand on his shoulder in a fatherly fashion, "It seems she isn't coming."

Beast Boy spun around angrily to face him.

"She'll come," he said, half pleading, "She will. She has to."

Robin began to speak again, to argue, but Starfire put an arm around him gently.

"Our friend is right, Robin. He has the right to wait."

Cyborg nodded his agreement. Robin raised his hands in hopeless acquiescence, overruled.

The minutes passed slowly, all of them waiting for her to come, Robin despairingly, Starfire and Cyborg hopefully, and Beast Boy with a sinking heart. 'She really isn't coming,' he realized after a few moments.

He sighed, and his friends turned to face him. Starfire pulled him into a huge hug, nearly choking him.

"Star? Could you please put me down?" he politely requested. She complied.

"Do good there. You'll be a credit to the team," Robin told him shaking Beast Boy's hand sedately, but not quite managing to hide the catch in his voice. Beast Boy returned the handshake warmly.

"Of course I will, Rob. If I'm not, who would be?" he joked lamely. The other three looked at each other in complete agreement. He was hopeless.

"Everybody, dude. Call us, won't you? And send me any tech that you get so I can take it apart," Cyborg responded, giving him a one armed guy hug.

"You got it," Beast Boy grinned, hiding the tears in his eyes.

"We will miss you, friend. You will visit?" Star asked, crying softly. It wasn't everyday a friend moved across the country. Beast Boy gave her a quick hug.

"Of course Star, whenever I can," he dropped his voice, "Tell Rae I said bye, ok?"

Starfire nodded dumbly.

Beast Boy turned to look at his friends, all but one.

"Be seeing you," he said, shifting into a bird and taking off. He was almost at the top of the tower when a portal opened on top of it, and Raven stepped out.

Beast Boy saw her, and landed next to her on the roof.

"Decided to come?" he asked slightly bitterly.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that," she replied quietly.

She looked at him a moment in silence, than ran up to him and gave him a quick hug. Beast Boy stiffened in shock, and she pulled away.

"Sorry. Good-Bye, Beast Boy," she said stiffly, turning to go. Before she could do so, Beast Boy pulled her into a hug.

"How about au revoir?" He whispered to her. She grinned and nodded, subtly wiping away a tear.

He smiled at her, than took off once more, flying into the sunset. He didn't look back.

"See ya, Beast Boy," Raven murmured sadly. She waved until he was out of sight, than stepped back through the portal into her dorm.

The other three Titans looked up at the scene on the roof.

"I guess the message will not need delivering now?" Starfire asked slyly. All three were grinning. Maybe now Raven and Beast Boy would finally realize their feelings.

"Guess not, Star, I guess not," Robin responded thoughtfully, putting an arm around her gently.

Cyborg looked at the two of them, and then Raven, still standing on the roof.

"Love!" he exclaimed, disgusted.