Feels Good to Get Away, a tale from the weary mind of M.T.Froste, someone who realised they probably should make an appearnce after three months to destroy any theories that I may be dead.

A/N: Never underestimate you siblings.


"Three days, Lucius," Narcissa said looking out the window in the drawing room.

"I am well aware of how long it's been," the man said irritably.

"Yes, well, I just thought it was odd," Narcissa continued.

"Did you just?" Lucius muttered not looking up from the documents laid out on the oak coffee table in front of him.

"Yes," Narcissa turned from the window and walked slowly around the room. She stopped in front of her husband, who lowered his reading glasses down his nose and glanced briefly up at her.

"It seems you've underestimated your son," she stated. "What was it you said?" she tilted her head to the side and looked thoughtfully back out the window. "Home before dusk, wasn't it? But my dear, that was three days ago and I don't see him walking up the drive as we speak either."

"What's your point?" Lucius asked impatiently.

"My point is, I don't think Draco's coming back anytime soon," she sat down gracefully on the couch opposite her husband.

Lucius sighed and removed his glasses entirely, placing them on the table on top of the papers. "Three days is nothing. I have complete confidence in Draco's return and I know that he's smart enough to realise where he belongs is here. It's just taking longer than I expected for him to realise that."

"Of course," Narcissa smirked, "that must be it."

Lucius's lips went into a tight line. "Well then," he said coldly, "what are your thoughts on the subject, dear? If you think mine are worth snubbing."

"Quite frankly, I don't see how you expect to get your son back by just sitting here fluffing through papers."

"These papers," the man said, "are confirming that our son no longer has access to his portion of the family's money or any other part of it for that matter. I thought it was about time we stepped in and gave Draco a helping hand in his realization that he needs us."

Narcissa frowned, "You mean the money's only just been cut off? He could've accessed it over these past few days."

"Yes," Lucius said smugly. "He's had the opportunity to live free of this life as he wished. But when he finds that he's completely free of what this life gave him, I don't think things are going to be looking so great. One can't exactly get very far without money."

"I shouldn't have doubted you, should I?" his wife said as she got up and came to sit down next to him.

"No, you never seem to win when you do, so I really wouldn't bother if I was you," he put an arm around his wife's shoulders.

Narcissa laughed, "Ok then Lucius, if you're going to go all high and mighty on me, how long till he returns now?"

"It really depends on when what little money he has left runs out. I'd say the end of the week at the latest."

Narcissa nodded against her husband's chest. "Where do you think he is?" she asked thoughtfully.

"That hardly matters."

"I'm serious Lucius, where could he have gone?"

The man sighed, "He's probably at a hotel nearby. He won't have gone far."

I hope so, Narcissa thought as she closed her eyes with her head lying against Lucius's chest.

Lucius looked down at his wife. "Don't worry dear, he'll be back." Looking at her worried face he decided not to mention that along with the confirmation of Draco's denied access, the bank had also pointed out that someone had been regularly withdrawing a specific amount of money from the account for the past few months. He knew that someone had certainly not been either him or his wife.

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