Ripples through time

Chapter One: The Call

It was getting worse; he'd been in the past now a couple of months and what did he have to show for it? The changes he had made weren't big enough. Wyatt was still evil. And now Bianca was dead. And for what the greater good? He was no closer to finding out what turned Wyatt evil then he had been when he first got here. And to make matters worse the sisters hated him a part of him thought that he could just give up things would be easier then. Looking down from where he stood at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, he really couldn't help but think how easy it would be. As he stuffed his hands in his pockets his fingers brushed against a smooth, cool surface. Taking it out he saw the medallion that Jamie had shoved in his hand before he went with Bianca to open the portal.

Thinking back on it now maybe Jamie had been right.


"Are you crazy Chris you can't change the past." Jamie hissed at him she was trying to be quite she had finally got her son to sleep the last thing she wanted was for him to wake up because she was trying to get some sense into her hard headed cousin.

"No I'm not crazy Jamie, and I won't be changing the past I'll be changing the future. You have to remember if I can influence them enough maybe they'll make different choices saving everyone."

"Well what if you don't save everyone Chris? What happens if you get it to be my mom and your's make so manydifferent choices that we're never born? Are you willing to risk it? Your life, my life, my son's, Bianca's. I know I'm not."

"What life Jamie? A life were you're always on the run? What kind of life is that for a kid…Jamie I know it's harder for you. You've got so much more to think about. But Jamie is this the kind of world you want to raise your son in? I know it's not the world John wanted to for you and his son."

"You think I don't know that Chris. But it's to dangerous. What's going to happen when your gone? There'll be no one to stand up to against Wyatt."

"I don't think you and your dad are no one Jamie." Chris said as he grabbed a hold of his cousin and hugged her he knew that bring up John was a low blow but he needed Jamie to see what he's doing was right.

His uncle had been quite through out this entire exchange letting them talk it through, knowing that his daughter much like her mother needed to do stuff on her own no matter how hard it was for him to hold himself back.

Clearing his throat he finally gave his opinion, "listen sweetie I know you don't like it and your right it is very dangerous and there are to many variables to take into account…but…Chris is right."

Jamie closed her eyes taking a deep breath she disentangled herself from her cousin. Nodding her head she said, "Your going to need a spell to get you there and back. I'll see what I can come up with."

With that she left the room. Chris turned to his uncle and said, "Thanks for backing me up."

His uncle shock his head, "Don't thank me Chris, Jamie knows you're right but much like allthe Halliwell woman they'll do whatneeds yo be done butthat doesn't mean they like it. So have you thought on how your going to get there?"

"Yeah! I'm going to use a spell from the book.""

"It's going to be hard getting into the manor."

"Don't worry Bianca and I have it covered. I'm going to need both you and Jamie heading the resistance Wyatt can't think that because I'm going that people are just going to roll over and let him take over what little good is left in the world."

His uncle put his hand on his shoulder and squeezed it and said, "Don't sweat it kid, I know a thing or two about fighting the good fight. I was after all married to a Halliwell. You just make sure they don't make the samemistakes they made the first time around." His uncle winked at him.

"What like my aunt marrying you?" Chris smiled at his uncle.

His uncle put a hand to his heart and said, "Oh…Chris you wound me and here I thought I was your favorite uncle in the whole wide world?"

"Chris?" this was Bianca she came into the room and saw Chris with his uncle when she looked around the room she saw that it was only the two of them, unless she counted the sleeping child in the bassinet, "You told them didn't you?"

"Yeah I did."

Bianca walked up to him and hugged him, they exchanged a sweet kiss, "How did Jamie take the news?"

Chris sighed and said, "Jamie was Jamie. She heard me out. Then tore me to shreds."

Bianca looked and Chris and said, "But she had a valid point didn't she?"

"Yeah, she did."

"Is she going to help?"

"She'll help like I said that girl is her mother's daughter she'll always do the right thing it's what the Halliwell's are famous for until recently…what is this Bianca no hug for your favorite futureuncle-in-law?"

Bianca smiled at the man who had been so welcoming to her when Chris introduced her to the family. He always called himself Chris's uncle but in actually had been more of a father figure to the leader of the resistance. She hugged her future uncle-in-law. The same man who had been like a father to her when she meet him.

"Bianca I didn't here you come in."

"Hi Jamie I just got here."

"So… do you know how much of a nut case your future husband is?" Jamie smiled at the phoenix and moved over to hug her.

"Yeah I know he told me the night he had the idea."

Jamie nodded her head and turned her attention to her cousin, "well at least you understand that marriage makes you partners in crime. I have the spell ready."

Jamie handed Chris several sheets of paper. Chris slowly leafed through the pages, the more he did the deeper the frown that marred his face creased finally he said, "Jamie none of these spells get me into the past or back here. I mean this one is how to shield yourself from an empath, this one is for a defensive shield…this is for glamour…what's going on Jamie?"

Jamie raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow and said, "What are you going to tell me that you thought I was working on a time travel spell, please, you and I both know there's one already in the book. And I know you Chris you'd want hit Wyatt where it hurt him the most…and there is the add factor that in order to make sure you end up in the right place you'd have to be in the manor, to be in the manor in the past. Plus Halliwell magic is the strongest when accessing the Nexus. And where is the Nexus Chris? Plus you'll need these if you're get the job done right."

"You knew didn't you… that I already had everything planed, didn't you?"

"Yeah... I knowyou Chris you're going to go today. Aren't you?"


Jamie nodded her head looking down at her shoes she then looked up at her cousin and said, "Be careful okay."

Moving forward the cousins hugged knowing that this could be the last time they ever saw each other. When they pulled apart, Jamie pulled something out of her packet it was a metal medallion about the size of a penny, it was a bright silver color almost as if it had it's own light coming from within it. Imprinted in it was the image of a hand extend out. Jamie then took the medallion put it around Chris's neck, and said while wiping away her tears, "If you ever need me, ever need me, call."

Chris looked at the medallion he now held in his hand and said, "God Jamie I need your help."

Brushing away the tears before they fell. Chris put the medallion back in his pocket, with Bianca's engagement ring, and orbed back to the manor.

Across San Francisco in an empty lot, a portal of bright blue electric lights opened.

To be continued…..