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During the attack of the nine- tailed fox demon, Kyuubi, which was12years ago a young small baby boy by the name of Uzumaki Naruto was used as a container to hold the demon fox. But unbeknownst to Naruto was that the Yondaime was his actual father who gave up his life to protect the village he loved and to have his son known as a hero instead of some demon monster, through all of Naruto's life he was always alone and he can't quite bear it anymore. What is a boy to do with all of this hatred?


"Why are you running away DEMON child?" an angry villager said to him while

throwing rocks at Naruto. Naruto was scared and freighted about what will happen if the

villagers caught him, while running for his life he tripped on his own foot and he fell

down, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH…….. Thud!" silence fell and Naruto woke up

screaming and sweating a little in his small bed. He looked out the window and it was

still dark outside, and then he checked his clock and it was only 3:30 am he was still

scared about his nightmare and he didn't go back to sleep after that. Then he started to

curse himself on why he was the one chosen for being the container for Kyuubi.

"UUUUHHHH...Why did I have to know what I was?" he started to think about how he found out about it.


It all started when he failed the Academy test for the third time, he almost gave up when

Mizuki came and told him about the secret scrolls and that if he got one he would pass

the Academy test and become a genin. So, Naruto, not knowing anything stole the secret scroll and ran into the Forbidden Woods, there he learned Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and

also the horrifying truth. Mizuki started and said, "Didn't you think it was so strange? To

be despised, everywhere you went?", Naruto started to become scared and said "W-

WH- WH- What are you talking about?", "Heh, you know full well what. They despised and shunned you because you are the Demon Fox!"

"W- W-What?"

"No one was supposed to talk about it because of the decree. No one was supposed to tell you that you are the nine- tailed fox spirit that destroyed the VILLAGE!"


He remembered that day like it was yesterday, he remembered the anger, sadness, fear, and even happiness he had when he found out, and especially when Iruka passed Naruto that day on the test to become genin. Iruka passed him on what he saw that day, which was Naruto beating Mizuki, and learning a high level ninjutsu attack. He was talking to himself and he said,"Heh, it's a good thing I found out because than I wouldn't have learned an attack, became a genin, and have someone like Iruka care and watch over me. Now I know why those stupid villagers hate, shunned, and despised me my whole life except for Iruka and old man Hokage, Sarutobi." While Naruto was thinking about these things he didn't notice that the time was now 7:30 and when he noticed he cursed himself mentally, "Shit I'm going to be late", he got dressed as quickly as possible and then he jumped on the roof tops to get to team 7's training grounds.

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