Hey everybody its been a while like 8 months now…as for the family business its getting better….too many tears have fallen…..anyways im sorry if this is a little short but I didn't want you guys to think that I gave up on writing this fanfic….anways sorryyyy again and sorry that this is sooooo shorrrttttt….ill try to type up more…..so hopefully this will work out….again im sorry you guys…… .

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Once Naruto was done unpacking he called up to Inari.

"HEEYYY!!!! INARI!!!! I'M DONE!!!"


"Well, look who's talking….telling me not to scream humph!" Naruto said as he folded his arms in front of him.

"Well….you started it!" Inari countered back while sticking his tongue out at Naruto. Naruto was about to hit him on the head when Inari's mom came to the rescue.

"Ok, Ok boys, take it easy or else you might miss Zabuza and Haku at the bridge" Again Inari stuck his tongue out at Naruto, while Naruto mumbled "mommas boy" under his breath.

"Ok then, fine Inari, let's get going!"


Both Inari and Naruto walked in silence, but that didn't last long because Naruto just couldn't bear with the silence so he started a conversation with Inari.

"Sooo, Inari how's everything been in the Mist?"

"ItsbeengoinggreatalmosteverybodyhasalotofmoneyandthereismorefoodandIalsomadeawholebunchofnewfriends! ……." Inari was so excited to talk about the 'new life' that he almost couldn't finish his sentence.

"Wow Inari it's sounds as if everything is going well for everyone, and please try to talk a little slower" As Naruto was saying this he was thinking something along the lines of 'OhmygoshhowcouldIunderstandhim? Ohnoimtalkingjustlikehimtoo!! Nononononothiscantbehappeningtome!!!...NOOOOOOOOOO!' After his little episode it seems as they have made it closer to the bridge. Inari was going to yell out 'Hi' but he didn't get the chance to because Naruto prevented him. Inari saw a big grin on his nii-sans face and he knew what that meant, pranks, destruction, and pain was in Naruto's near future, and Inari was trying to run away but Naruto had a hold of his hand and he was SCREAMING like CRAZY on the inside.

There, standing in the middle of the bridge stood Zabuza and Haku. They looked like they were discussing something important by the seriousness in their faces. So both Naruto and Inari started to form a simple but yet devious plan. You could see Naruto stealthily sneak behind Zabuza and Haku, who by now seems to not notice anything suspicious. Naruto and Inari, who was right behind him, screamed out "BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" which made both the unsuspected ninja's to jump up like cats.

Naruto and Inari both fell to the ground laughing like crazy.

"Ha-Ha-Ha-Haaa!!!! Y-y-y-you s-sh-should have s-seen y-y-your faces!!!!" Naruto said this while laughing. Zabuza who had an irritated look on his face smacked Naruto up-side the head while yelling,


"S-s-sorry! I just couldn't help pulling something on you…especially when you're venerable like that! That only comes once in a lifetime!"