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Oh boy. Jack Russell, son of Cairn Russell, the legendary knight, was running away. From everyone he had ever kicked. Which was a lot of people.

It seems that the citizens of Radiata got sick and tired of having this stupid boy kick them everyday. They had warned him to not kick them twice, for they'd get angry. He had kicked them again. On a daily basis. Needless to say, this got on their nerve. And so, they began plotting revenge.

This was why Jack, a Sergeant of Theater Vancoor, was running away from the townsfolk.

"Get back here!"

"We're gonna give you what you deserve!"

These were the yells of the angry mob. But, unlike most angry mobs, they did not only have pitch forks and torches. They also had many swords, knives, poison…etc. You get my point. Jack should have never messed with the guilds.

There was only one thing left to do. The only safe place left was Radiata Castle. Jack ran towards the castle.

"Hey, if you don't mind, I'm just gonna hang around here until they cool off…," Jack shouted as he sprinted past the guards. The guards only saw a blur of purple as they turned their heads. Then, they saw a blur of the rainbow. But there sure was a lot of glinting sliver. Oh no.

"Ridley! Heeellllp mee!"

Ridley lifter her head, as she had just heard a voice very familiar to her.

"Jack? What're you doing here?"

"No time to talk, angry mob after me. Just hide me as fast as you can!"

Too late. As the guards tried to stop the villagers from entering, they couldn't help but ask why they were chasing the former knight. They soon found out that it was for revenge against the shin-kicking boy. Haha Jack. Haha. The guards are now after you too, as you've kicked them plenty of times. The angriest out of all the guards was the one that dropped a dagol each time Jack kicked him. Jack took 400 dagols from him.

Oh good god. Were those elite knights(1) chasing Jack too? Poor boy, you're dead. Heck, maybe the Olacion order will bring you back to life, and then kill you again. An endless torture. Stupid Jack. Never should have kicked them.

As the brown haired boy ran out of Radiata castle and through Lupus Gate, I could swear everyone was out to get him. Oh wait. Everyone WAS out to get him. Ridley too, as she had found out Jack went into her room while she was in the Infirmary after the Blood Orc Incident.

Well, unfortunately for Jack, it seems that the news that people were trying to get Jack for kicking them was spreading. All the way to Earth Valley too, and the Dwarves were also quite angry at the fact that Jack had picked fights with all of them. And so, as Jack ran across the country, more and more monsters joined in with the chase.

Oh dear. It seems Jack had made a wrong turn…and ended up in City of Flowers. I think I'll just leave it at that.

Jack was worst than dead meat.

The moral of this story? Don't be like Jack, and don't kick people. Otherwise, dying won't seem that bad compared to what happened to him.

So…what'd you all think about this story? It's my first Radiata Story, so be nice.

Please:) Mind you, this is my second fanfic ever…so…I guess my writing skills aren't that great. :(