Hi there ppl! I'm back with a brand new story! Yay! Um...this is my first Xiaolin Showdown fanfic, so it might be bad. For example, this first chapter. I felt...strange writing it. But the rest of the story gets better. So enjoy! P.S.: I don't own XS. I'm not brilliant enough to have even thought of something so cool. I only own Aisha and Deja and other characters.



"I don't think this is a good idea," the little red & blue dragon (1) said.

"Of course it's a good idea," a girl in her late teens said.

"But we don't know anything about this guy."

"But he's the only person who can help me."

"-sigh- Fine, let's go."

"Thank you. Don't worry, nothing's going to happen."

The little red & blue dragon suddenly grew about (not sure) 50x its original size. The girl hopped on the dragon's back and it took off flying into the chilly night air.


The red dragon landed near a volcano with the entrance carved into the mouth of a giant tiger with sharp teeth. (this is what i think it looks like) The dragon shrank back to its normal size and set herself on her mistress's shoulders and around her neck. The girl walked up to the entrance to find a giant slab of rock. She reached out her hand and lightly touched the center of the cold, hard rock. A bright, white light formed the outline of a large rectangle for a few seconds, and then that section of rock disappeared showing the inside of the mountain. Ahead of the pair was a huge palace, many waterfalls, and a few trees; all of this set in a tinted blue-turquoise hue.

"Who are you?(2) And what is your purpose?" a cold, harsh voice called from the top of the giant staircase that stood before them.

The girl calmly walked into the palace with the missing rock reappearing behind her with a slam.

"Nice place you got here," she said unfazed by the scariness (3) of the voice; putting her hands on her hips looking around the palace.

"Who are you and what do you want," the voice said growing impatient.

"Hmm? Oh yeah... My name is Aisha and I have come for your help," the girl responded. She stepped out of the shadow of the entrance (4) into the light; bowing towards the dark figure on the top of the staircase. She had fair skin, was average in height, with waist length dark brown almost black hair & dark lavender-colored eyes. She wore a full length black dress with splits on both sides that stopped at her mid-thigh revealing that she wore black pants and black slippers u noe the ones that Omi & the gang wear, and a ruby colored gem sat in the middle of her forehead attached to a gold chain.

"I don't do charity work," the voice responded coldly.

"True, but I know that you used to," Aisha said with a small smirk, her hands back on her hips. "Besides, you would benefit greatly if you help me." She knew that she had struck a chord.

"...I don't need your money," the figure said after a few seconds. He turned around and began to walk away.

"I never said anything about money. I could show you how to attain power beyond your imagination."

He stopped in his tracks for a few moments and then turned back around beginning to walk down the stairs.

"And exactly how am I supposed to help you?" He made his way to the bottom of the stairs, a tiger at his heels. (a/n: do i REALLY have 2 describe how he looks? Good, b/c by now we should all noe it's Chase that Aisha is talking to. If u didn't catch on… for some reason I blame myself.)

'He's kinda cute.' "I need you to help me control my powers," Aisha said snapping out of her thought.

"How old are you?" Chase asked alittle taken aback by her request.

"How old are you?"



"And you can't control your powers?"

"Of course I can. It's just...been a while since I've used them?" Aisha lied.

"You know...You're a terrible liar," her dragon companion whispered in her ear. Aisha nodded slightly, not losing eye contact with Chase.

'Something about him. There's something...unique about him.' Aisha thought. She then noticed that he wasn't looking directly at her. Sure he was looking in her direction, but he wasn't looking at her. He was looking at the dragon around her neck with hunger. Worriedly she began to stroke her dragon's head.

"So...can you help me?" Aisha said breaking the silence.

"Why not," Chase answered turning to go back up the stairs.(5)

"Wohoo! See I told you not to worry," Aisha said to the dragon.

"Don't speak to soon," the dragon responded.

"Hey, wait for me!" Aisha called out at Chase who was already at the top of the staircase. He didn't stop, or look back, or even acknowledge what Aisha said. She ran up the stairs afte rhim taking two at a time, which didn't take her very long.

Okay, that was chapter 1 everybody. The things below are subjects I'd like to cover. You can find them in the chapter by looking for a number in that thing --> (blah) :

1) Looks like Dojo but red & blue. Name: Maybe Deja (get it? Dojo...Deja? neva'mind)

2) I dunno I guess he should know who it is. I mean he does in the show...

3) What kind of voice does he have? Is it menacing...harsh...cold? I don't know!

4) I guess there's a shadow at the entrance...

5) He hasn't turned full Heylin yet, more or less because its only been 2 months since he sold his soul. In my opinion.