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Musume Chapter 3

"What?" The miko stared uncomprehendingly at him, her face mirroring the shock he had felt earlier.
"She's my daughter." He repeated. He shifted uncomfortably. " I didn't know until just recently. But there isn't any doubt she's mine." He watched for a moment in sympathy as Kagome's mouth worked silently in shock. "Come on. We need to go back to the village." He hoisted her onto his back and ran without another word between them.
They arrived at their host's home in minutes and brought every one inside to talk. Kagome sat firmly on the opposite side of the room from Inu-Yasha and refused to look directly at him, surveying a space next to his head instead. Of course, he was having a hard time looking his friends in the face as well, his discomfort with the situation made worse by Sanchi claiming his arm as soon as he sat down. Miroku alternating giving him looks of sympathy and staring lustfully at Aisa wasn't helping either. Taking his courage in his hands, he broke the intense silence.
"Um, Sanchi, Aisa, these are my companions. This is Kagome, Sango, Shippo, and Miroku." He said awkwardly, pointing to his friends in turn. Aisa and her mother nodded to each of them respectfully. "Everyone, meet Sanchi and," he gulped nervously, "our daughter, Aisa"
"What?" Four set of eyes became rounder than seemed physically possible as even Kirara stared at Inu-Yasha in astonishment. Only Kagome remained aloof, her pupils barely showing through slitted lids.
"You never told us you had such a beautiful daughter, Inu-Yasha ." Miroku smiled, edging close to Aisa. Auras suddenly flamed with rage as Miroku clasped the girl's hands tightly and gazed into her eyes in an all too familiar way. "My dear Aisa, would you-" THOCK! THOCK! Sango's boomerang bone and Inu-Yasha's fist made contact with the impure monk's head within instants of each other.
"You didn't really think I'd let you try that with my daughter, pervert?" Inu-Yasha asked the prone form of his friend.
"I don't think he can hear you." said Shippo thoughtfully.
While Miroku recovered from his own stupidity, Sango and Shippo assaulted Inu-Yasha with rapid-fire questions. When they began coming too fast for even a demon's ears to follow, let alone answer, Sanchi put a finger to each of their mouths, silencing them.
"I think this will go faster if Inu-Yasha and I just tell you how we met, about sixty years ago"
"Yes, that's a very good idea. How exactly did you get a daughter and not know it, dog-boy?" The hanyou flinched, knowing the old insult meant he'd really dug himself deep with Kagome this time.
"Well, er, it was really closer to fifty-five years ago, not very long before I met Kikyo, when I was just wandering around Japan. That night there was a killer rainstorm pouring down, and I took shelter in a cave by the waterfall north of here, out of the wet. The thunder and the wind were so loud I couldn't even hear the little fire I built crackling. I never noticed Sanchi outside until she stumbled into the cave proper and twisted her ankle on the way down"
"You noticed me in time to catch me before I hit the ground." Sanchi smiled at the memory.
"Keh. I only caught you 'cause you were headed for my fire. You would have put it out, wet as you were"
But there was a small smile on his face as well. "I could hardly kick her out in the storm, so I let her dry herself by my fire. Next thing I knew she'd fallen asleep, and there was only one blanket between the two of us. She would have frozen to death without it, and I wasn't keen on going without either, so I just sorta draped it over the both of us"
"Blanket? I thought it was your red robe"
"Whatever. Anyway, we slept through the rest of the storm"
"Yes, and then I got to wake you up." Sanchi's smile was much wider now, and resembled one of Miroku's rather strongly. Inu-Yasha's face turned the most fascinating color of red, which only seemed to encourage her. She caressed his face with one gnarled finger, the tip of which was surprisingly soft. "As I recall, you turned this exact color of red when you figured out that I was…mmf.!" Whatever Sanchi wanted to say was lost under the muffling influence of Inu-Yasha's hand.
"Ah, she came on to me, I responded, and things sort of took off from there." the hanyou paraphrased hastily.
"Well, geez, leave out the good part." said Miroku suddenly from the floor. THOCK! THOCK! Anouther double hit was his reward for his forwardness.
"After we were… done, I took Sanchi back to her village again, and left the area. This is the first time I've seen her since then"
"I almost forgot all about the incident, until I started gaining weight from the pregnancy a few months later, and by then I had no idea how to find Inu-Yasha, let alone tell him what had happened. So I waited and hoped he'd happen back this way one day. And now, he has." Sanchi smiled at Inu-Yasha, her eyes glowing with a joy that made the years fall away from her face. He smiled back, seeing the girl who had taught him some of the pleasures of love, even if he hadn't been ready for it and had fled.
"So it was an accident. Very responsible, dog-boy." Ice cut through Inu-Yasha's pleasant mood, from the harsh tone of Kagome's voice. He ducked his head in shame, not having an answer for that.

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