Scene-Very First Date

The car ride was silent. Edward's eyes fixed on the road ahead. The engine, at last, fell to a constant speed. I was afraid to look at the speedometer because I knew I might scream and attempt to take the wheel. Edward's eyes were sharp, extraordinarily gifted, but I doubted that even vampire eyes could travel at over a hundred miles per hour. So I looked at him instead of out the window, terrified I might see my life flash before my eyes.

"So," I began to say, calmer than I probably should've been under the circumstances, but his presence was soothing. "We're a couple now?"

"Yup." He replied.

"And this is our first date?" I asked, fidgeting with my dress, casual but not too laid back. My heart beat wildly and I was more than positive he could hear it because his muscles tensed and his posture stiffened.

"Bella, are you scared?" He asked with a grin and looking at me for a brief second before turning his eyes back to the road.

"Absolutely not!" I shouted a little too loudly, even surprising myself as well as Edward. He chuckled and my cheeks lit and my face felt hot. The car fell silent once again, and despite my will, I looked outside the window.

I knew that it was night, but the darkness pressing my eyes exceeded my expectations. There was no moon that was visible and something told me it was hidden behind the cloud cover that seems to haunt the little town of Forks endlessly. I trembled as it dawned upon me that I may rarely ever see sunlight again in this town, just days of raining and the annoyingly popular moss that hung from every tree. I could hear Edward sigh and I looked at him surreptitiously. He was smiling an unnerving smile.

"Where are you taking me?" I spoke my thoughts and his smiled disappeared.

"It's a surprise. The whole purpose of this is to surprise you! And if you think I'm going to slip up and tell you, you've gone senile…I can't wait to see your face." His eyes locked in mine for a brief second and I resisted shuddering again. They were so agonizingly stunning.

"Which face? This one?" I mocked an amazed expression and accentuated it with a gasp. His sweet laugh filled the car, and even when he stopped, I could still hear it echoing in my mind.

"Still…I'm not going to spoil it. Just know that you're going to love it." He patted my knee reassuringly before placing it back on the stick shift. Rain softly pattered against the roof of the silver corvette, which I assume, is another one of Carlisle's collection piece cars, used on special occasions.

"Did I overdress? Or am I underdressed because if I am, it's not too late to turn back and- "

"No. You look beautiful, more than beautiful and I've already told you that about five times this evening. Now when are you going to start believing me, Bella? You look perfect. Delicious almost." His pearly white teeth glistened at me and I simply stared at them in demoralizing shock.

"I'm not scared, you know. You don't scare me. I know you wish I would just admit it so that you'd be within your right to take me home and be rid of me, but I'm not so easy to scare off." I lied through my teeth. My heart hammered against my ribs and dropped to the pit of my stomach. Tears burned in the back of my eyes and I tried to fight them back, but they poured in spite of my efforts. I thought to myself where the hell did this come from?

In a split second, he jerked the car to the side of the road, slamming on the breaks, slicing through a giant puddle that drenched the entire right side.

When the car stopped completely, he turned to me. His eyes were narrowed and slowly turning a malicious black. His biceps flexed involuntarily and his jaw clenched. He looked at me long and hard. And sure as I was that I was still alive, I was positive that tears were still betraying me.

And then he started laughing. Laughing as if someone had just told him the funniest joke in the world. My face burned with anger. My nose flared habitually. Tears surged down faster so that blinking tears away was useless and I had to wipe my tears with my fingers.

"Stop it!" I begged quietly but desperately. "I was being serious!"

His laughing died down leisurely but there was an obvious effort. When his eyes locked with mine again, they were their warm, soft, honey amber. His features were relaxed from the laughter and a remaining smile still played on his lips.

"I'm sorry." He said, taking my hands into his own, however cold they were. "Really, I am…but I never meant to make you think that way. You see, you have something right in that twisted story of yours. A part of me does wish that I could simply turn this car around, drop you off at your house safely, and never see you again."

My heart felt so heavy and my tears fell harder. His hands began to feel as warm as my own, yet as his words played out, my body rejected heat. He paused, glaring at me through the dark with such sympathy. My mind told my hand to withdraw from beneath his, but for some reason I couldn't. He started again.

"But Bella, I can't do it. I wish I could for the sole purpose of your safety because you mean everything to me, and the last thing I could ever stand is to see you hurt. And I'm so torn inside that I can't make myself do what's best for you because I'm so utterly, and frightfully absorbed by you. Out of all these miserable and cold years I've walked this earth, out of all the beautiful women I've seen…" he squeezed my hand and my heart froze at the cruelty of the last words he left me clinging to, "you're the only one that keeps me so alive. I'm warmer than I've ever been when I'm around you.

"And now these feelings…I've spent so long in my supernatural superiority that I've completely forgotten about being human. You remind me how I was and I'm so lively again. Don't you see, Bella? I love you so much that I can't let you go. And I'm more than scared that if I was able to let you go and never see you once more, I may never feel this way again."

His thumb brushed over my cheek, wiping one of the last few remaining tears. My jaw dropped and I sat silently, listening to his confessions pour out.

"I love you, Bella. And I'm more than aware that this is our very first date, but I couldn't bare letting you go tonight and fall asleep without knowing that I have to be on my guard around you. I'd hate myself for eternity if by God forbid I lose control and something happened to you. It's been so long since I've felt this way about anyone, and it doesn't help that you're so beautiful, that at any second I could become so entranced with you, that I'd forget just what it is that I'm protecting you from. So, Bella, in all honesty, I do terribly wish I had the courage to drive you home, leave you at your doorstep, and never see you again. But it's just too late for that. I'm too selfish.

"Tell me if you're feeling scared and I'll do anything to help. But you can never forget just how hard it is for me to simply look at such a attractive person as yourself and not want to taste the essence that makes you. My bloodlust is never-ending, Bella. I can't make it stop or guarantee your safety anymore. You smell so sweet every time you move and stir the air. Even at this moment, I can sense the rushing of blood in your veins and I could count the beats of your heart per second. You act so ashamed to be afraid, but you should be.

"I know that I can't scare you away. I've tried. You're just too stubborn to be with me, as I am with you. Yet I can't help but find it so funny that I'm quite possibly the only one here who is afraid for your safety, regardless of my own."

Five minutes passed as I fought to form real words. I felt so unbelievably stupid, forgetting to consider that he was a vampire and had more on his mind than this date. He fought himself to resist, though secretly, I craved to be just like him. I yearned for the strength he hoisted himself so gracefully with, yearned for the startling eyes comparable to a punch to the head, knocking any capability for human speech out of me. I longed to be by his side forever, regardless of any repercussion I had to suffer for. But I had to be strong for him, no longer for myself. Couldn't let my emotions get the better of me, or show him that I was weak when he's been so strong to protect me.

He smiled his best smile and kissed my hand charmingly. Next, he turned the keys in the ignition and the car roared to life. Feathering the accelerator and slowly releasing the clutch, we started through the empty road, cutting through the night like a knife. Edward's need for speed literally took my breath away as I pushed against the seat by a heavy force that hardly seemed to affect him.

The rain still drizzled outside. Soon enough we reached the same astonishing speed that would warrant any policeman to test him for driving under the influence. Yet he stayed perfectly within the right side of the road, pushing faster and faster. I still peered at him at a loss for words. I stuttered gibberish.

"'Thank you' might work." He said in response to my speechlessness. "Or you could do us both the tremendous favor and beg me to take you home. Then again, you could also ask me once again the classic question 'Do I look alright?' and I'll still give you the same reply." He talked on and on but those words felt meaningless because his whole speech kept replaying in my head. Three words in particular were the broken record that continued to spin my head in circles.

Finally, and surprisingly to my dismay, civilization came into view. And five more minutes passed until we pulled into a parking lot and he requested I close my eyes, so I did.

"Where are we?" I asked, trying to peek through a small opening in my eyelids.

"Ah! She speaks!" The words sounded so similar to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. "For a moment or five, you had me thinking you died on me! What a terrible tragedy that would be!" And I so believed those words. He laughed and I smiled, and with his thumbs he completely closed my eyelids so that all I could see was black.

He opened my door and picked me up as if I weighed the equivalent to a backpack. He placed my feet down on the ground and made sure I was able to stand on my own before letting me go, though I was pretty sure that I was still capable of tripping. Then, he told me to open my eyes and I obeyed.

I saw bright lights that haloed an extremely fancy restaurant and a gentlemen parking Edward's car. My jaw dropped and my eyes popped.

"Ta-da!" He exclaimed with so much joy, like a child in a candy store, and for a second I thought he was going to start spinning around in circles. "Dinner and a movie!" He grimaced. "Whoever says I can't be normal was wrong!" He laughed.

I tried to hide my expression but it was too late as he glimpsed at me.

"You lied!" I growled. "I'm not properly dressed for this!"

He boomed with laughter and shook the air around us. My heart skipped a beat. The light rain drizzled over my hair, making it all the frizzier. He held me close and whispered, "You're beautiful", and started to drag me toward the regal restaurant.

"Wait!" I panicked.

"What?" His smiled collapsed. "You don't like it?"

"No, that's not it. Not at all. It's beautiful and I love it!" My eyes began to water, and then I smiled as bright as I could. I placed his hand over my heart, though he became immediately rigid with apprehension and hesitation, and I whispered, "And I love you too. Thank you so much for everything."

His smile returned, spreading from ear to ear. My heart melted like the first time I ever laid eyes on him. My heart fluttered deafeningly and rushing blood kept me warm in the cold. And right there, before the gorgeous restaurant, he softly wrapped one arm around my waist and pressed his lips against my own, stopping my heart. My lungs felt empty and starving for air. But it was beautiful, both the kiss and the look in his eyes as he led me closer to the entrance. For a while, I could swear I glowed as bright as the lights that swallowed the restaurant. Quite possibly even brighter.

He said one last time as we stepped in the restaurant, "you're so beautiful" and I finally believed him.