Sorry this took so long, ladies and gentlemen. We had a few other projects that demanded attention. But we're here now. So enjoy! Michael's revenge! Events based on book, ie involving the two Letties. We give you:

Chapter 2: My Lettie!

"Last night I wished you'd dyed his hair blue! When Howl said 'Lettie Hatter' I even thought of dyeing him blue myself!"

Michael, Chapter 7, Howl's Moving Castle.

Michael was horrified, furious, heartsore. What a night! When Howl threw his fit, Michael'd never been so scared. He'd thought the man was dying, or something! And then Sophie calmed Howl down, and coaxed Lettie's name out of him, and Michael had abruptly wished the bastard had died. Lettie! His Lettie, in the arms of this ... this foppish, prancing, snotty playboy of a wizard! It was too much to bear.

How could Lettie even look at Howl? She was so sweet, and shrewd and understanding, how could she fall for Howl's falsehoods? But she hadn't. That's right. Howl had said it wasn't working, that Lettie'd said there was another man. That could be him! That had to be him! Of course. Lettie was far too smart to fall for Howl's charade. Come to think of it, she was awfully like Sophie in that regard. So that was alright, then.

Except Howl wouldn't give up. He never did until he'd gotten the girl. He'd keep trying for Lettie, keep setting his wandering eyes on her sweet face, keep trying to get his hands on her. It was not going to continue! Not if Michael had anything to do with it! Now if only he could just get Sophie's help ...

The next night, Michael had it all set up. After running to Lettie, and finding out that she hadn't even seen Howl, he'd almost reconsidered. But no. Howl had it coming, if for nothing else than giving him a heartattack the night before. His plan would go ahead, just as he and Sophie had decided.

There were times when Sophie could be quite intimidating herself. When Michael had explained himself, she'd gone all thoughtful and grim. Then this weird spark had appeared in her eye, something wicked and mischievious, and Michael had briefly wondered if getting his revenge was worth unleashing Sophie on an unsuspecting populace. But what's done was done, he supposed. It was too late now.

Howl wandered in, all innocent and unprepared, that playful smirk on his face. Michael ground his teeth, suddenly sure that their plan was right. As usual, as soon as he came in, Howl ordered up his bath, and disappeared upstairs into the steam. Michael glanced across at Sophie, saw her sly grin. The trap was well and truly set.

Apprehensive, excited, they waited for the explosion. It didn't take long. That powder Michael had mixed up was fairly potent, and the dye had flooded into the bath with the first turn of the shiny taps that Sophie, completely harmlessly and with no ill intent whatsoever, had polished that afternoon. Howl had been immersed in the water for all of ten minutes when he noticed the change.

His ... hah! ... howl of horror shook the castle. This was beyond ginger hair. This was beyond cut suits. This was beyond any revenge anyone had ever inacted on the wizard, a diabolical scheme that even the Witch of the Wastes would have been proud of.

Michael and Sophie gazed in unabashed evil delight at the distraught apparition the appeared at the head of the stairs, wailing his head off.

Howl was a lurid, bright blue. All over. The skintone went rather well with his eyes, Michael thought. Whether Howl himself could think anything beyond the mindnumbing horror was debatable. Michael joined in Sophie's smirk, with considerable pleasure.

Job well done. Lettie was his! Howl had better remember that!

Well? It's a bit longer than the first, and based off the book, not the film. But it was a priceless scene, either way. Hope you enjoyed. R&R?