I really liked the idea of this (not as thrilled about how it came out, though.) It is in Ichabod's perspective. He's falling in love with her, but is reminding himself of their mutually hatred to stop himself. One big mistake I made: I don't think he hated her too much in the movie, but I interpreted it weird today…

I Hate the Look of Love

I close my eyes to see her there;

she's on my mind, she's everywhere.

She never leaves, it never goes:

the thought of her and how she hates me so.

And I hate her too,

I hate her.

I close my eyes and hear her speak,

her… beautiful…voice leaves me weak,

and I hate it so much.

I hate it so much,

and she hates me too.

She hates me.

And how she follows me everywhere

leaves me in despair,

her gentle… loving eyes follow me

and they can see

how much I… hate her!

I hate her.

Oh, how I despise the look of love.