Kyo lost his bet. That should be a bad thing, but apparently, Akito had decided that after everything - Kyo is just to much of a bother, even to lock up. So, Akito's done the next best thing - he's given Kyo away, or, to be more specific, sold Kyo into 'slavery'. Of course, this comes as a shock to Kyo, but... what comes as a bigger shock, is the fact that he's been given away to... Hatori?

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Chapter One: Who is it?

Kyo wasn't happy. Kyo was never happy. Kyo being happy was like foreign currency in the Sohma household. Normally, however, Kyo's anger was loud and aggressive – not today. Today, the cat sat silently with his legs crossed; glaring at Shigure – who, on a side note, he was never going to forgive! Why?

"I spoke to Akito today." Shigure said, loosening his tie.

That's why. Whenever Shigure spoke to Akito, and then called Kyo into his presence, it was the call of disaster. Utter and complete diaster. Normally Kyo came out unscathed – the dog, on the other hand, wouldn't. Kyo glared at a silent Shigure for a few seconds, before saying; "And...?"

"Huh? Oh, right, yeah. I spoke to Akito today."

Kyo twitched; "... and?" Why did Shigure have an incredibly short attention span? No wonder his manuscripts were never done on time! The dog couldn't even keep his mind on a simple conversation!

"And, apparently you pair made a bet." Shigure said, now sliding his tie off from around his neck. He glared at it, before tossing it in the corner of his study, where, of course, they were both seated. "About beating Yuki?"

"... What about it?" Kyo snapped.

"Apparently, your time's up." Shigure replied simply, grinning; "You lost!"

Kyo twitched again. It was no laughing matter! He was going to wring the dog's bloody neck in a moment! Well... Kyo did feel sour about the matter. Although... sour was an understatement... "..."

"Never fear though." Shigure said, patting Kyo on the shoulder – who of course turned around so that his hand fell on the floor. The dog sighed; using that same hand to scratch the back of his head. "'Cause Akito's not going to cage you."

"Huh?" Kyo blinked, turning around immediately. If he wasn't getting caged, then what... did Akito have a brain tumour or something?

"Akito's decided you're too much of a bother. Not exactly sure why, but that's what he said, so, instead, he's decided to give you away." Shigure explained, well, as best he could. He'd expected the extremely confused look on Kyo's face however; but decided that it was normal and dismissed it. "Kyo," he continued finally, seeing as Kyo hadn't snapped out of it; "it means he's selling you into slavery."

"WHAT?" Kyo screamed, standing up swiftly, almost knocking over Shigure's table – which, in itself, was a hard feet, considering it has a computer and piles of books on it – and grabbed Shigure's collar. "STOP MAKING UP STORIES YOU FUCKING MUTT!"

"I'm not making up stories." Shigure said, staring up at Kyo. His eyes betrayed no... jokes... oh... crap... had Kyo... really...?

"You're lying." Kyo said finally. Kyo's comment was completely ignored by Shigure, who continued to explain the situation, unhooking Kyo's hand from his collar.

"I'm not aware exactly who you're getting given away too... okay... so I am... but;" Shigure paused, tilting his head, "but... we sure are going to miss you around here. Anyways, your new 'Master' should be here around this time tomorrow to get you." Shigure stood. Blinked, and turned into the perverted idiot that he was normally. He walked out of the room, and cried merrily; "Toooooooooooooooooorhu-kun, Yuuuuuuuuuki! Guess what! Kyo's been sold into prostitution!"

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Kyo screamed from where he was standing, and tore down the hall after Shigure.

Kyo looked at his suitcase. Surprisingly, he hadn't had that much that he had to pack in the first place... which was... a relief? No – it was a shame! He didn't want to go anywhere! Except maybe Hawaii... the beaches were... no! The fact of the matter was that Kyo did not want to work for some evil sadistic bastard who was trying to take over the world!

Kyo made a mental note to cut down on the TV.

But... still... what right did Akito have? None! This... would be possibly better than being caged though. But, what would happen if he ended up with an evil, sadistic, lunatic that chained him to a bed and... Kyo shuddered, the exact moment Shigure opened the door. "Kyoooo! Ready to go?"

"Who is it?"

"That's not the right answer." Shigure sighed; "You're supposed to say; 'Oh yes, Shigure dear, I'm very much ready to go... but... I would rather die than leave your side!'"

"I am not!" Kyo turned around and glared at a smiling Shigure in the doorway. "Who is this person I'm supposed to be staying with?"

"It's a se-cr-et!" Shigure grinned; "You'll find out tomorrow."


"Tohru-kun! What's for dinner?"

Dinner, which was ordinarily a quiet occasion... in this instant... wasn't. Kyo still wasn't letting up on Shigure. "Who is it?"

"Pass the salt, Tohru-kun? ... Thanks!"

"Who is it?"

"You know, the funniest thing happened in the store today..."

"Who is it?"

"And then, can you believe what this guy said?"

"Who is it?"

"And then I said..."


Shigure finally turned his attention to Kyo, who was looking sourly towards him. Kyo asked the question again. "Who is it?"

"It's a secret, Kyo." Shigure said; "if I told you now, you'd run away without a second thought."

"NO DUH! I'd do that ANYWAY!"

"Then tell me, why are you still here, stupid cat?" Yuki asked from across the table. He had a headache from Kyo's constant asking skills. He watched as Kyo opened his mouth, closed his mouth, opened it again, closed it again, and then stood up and stormed for bed.

As Kyo lay on his bed, for possibly the last time, he stared up at the ceiling, watching his fan without much interest what so ever. Tomorrow... tomorrow was the day that he was cast aside by this household and went into somebody else's... somebody he probably didn't know. Tomorrow... was the day that he'd begin service for somebody else. Tomorrow – the world travelled back in time to the 1900's.

Kyo rolled over. Why him? What did he do to deserve this? Did Akito know that this would be worse, or was Kyo just that much trouble?

Wait. Why was that a bad thing? It wasn't!

Feeling slightly better, Kyo closed his eyes. He'd sort it all out tomorrow.

The next day past without too much incident, only a ringing in Shigure's ears of Kyo constantly asking him who the new Master was, but, it finally came to the time to find out...

"So, who is it?" Kyo asked again, for the fiftieth time, shoving his suitcase at the door. Apparently, his new 'Master' was coming to pick him up in approximately 'five minutes'. Kyo wouldn't lie – he was nervous. So, when Hatori opened the door, he was slightly relieved.


"What're you doing here?" Kyo demanded; "Why do you get the responsibility of taking me to my doom?"

"Doom?" Hatori asked, arching his eyebrow; "You're sounding more like Shigure. Watch your mouth, Kyo. And, on a side note, there's not going to be any 'doom'."

Shigure butted in, gripping Kyo's shoulder; "Kyo, don't you get it? He is your new Master."

It took a moment to sink in, before Kyo paled. There, standing in front of him, his new Master. "W-W-What?"

Oh lord Jesus. Kyo had been given to Hatori.