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Chapter 19: First Date

Moonlight filtered in through the side window, illuminating the dark, light-less room. He sat at his desk twirling his pencil around his fingers in the same way he used to do in high school. He chewed on his bottom lip in the same way he used to do in high school. In fact, since Kyo had moved in with Hatori, all of Kazuma's old habits had returned. They hadn't returned when he'd moved in with Shigure; but they'd returned now that he'd moved in with Hatori.

Why? Because Akito had given his son away to this man as a personal servant. First of all, it was done without his permission, and second of all Hatori actually accepted Kyo into his house as a servant.

He bit down too hard and drew blood.

What kind of person did that? He had honestly thought better of Hatori. He would get Kyo back. Mark his words, Hatori, Kazuma will get Kyo back. If he didn't, he just might go insane.

Meanwhile, down town, Kyo was beginning to wonder what a date actually was. It wasn't as if he'd been able to go on one before: girls were off limits, and Hatori was the only man that he had ever held feelings for. Blushing, he looked down at his hand. This hand of which had it's fingers entangled with that of Hatori's hand, and he was being lead along like a small child.

Hatori was walking briskly. He had actually planned the whole thing and they had a dinner booking at 7.30, and it was now 7.25 and a futher ten minutes to walk. The place was so popular, too, that if they didn't get there at exactly 7.30 their table would be given away to another couple. Having to drag Kyo sure wasn't helping. "Kyo," he said as calmly as he could, "dear," he added for good measure, "please walk faster."

"I'm walking as fast as I can!" Kyo snapped back rather harsher than intended.

Hatori tisked in annoyance, and picked up his pace, dragging the cat along behind him.

Luckily (although not for the couple who missed out), they got to the restaurant in time. It was a French restaurant - Hatori had chosen it because he liked the wine - and was fairly expensive. Of course, being a doctor, Hatori could afford extravagance like this. He only wished that Kyo would stop sulking enough to enjoy it.

"Kyo, stop sulking." Hatori said monotonely to the cat who was staring at his so-far empty dish. He didn't say anything.

Hatori sighed. "Do you want a glass of wine?"

Kyo's expression perked up in an instant and he looked eagerly at Hatori. Of course he wanted wine; under-aged teenagers always wanted alcohol.

The dragon looked at his own glass - which was more than half full - and handed it across the table to Kyo. ... Who then drank the entire glass in one go.

"You're supposed to sip it, Kyo, not skull it."

The rest of dinner past without much interest. It wasn't even that romantic - which somewhat disappointed Kyo, but he was rather glad to be spending time with Hatori outside of the house - and Hatori ordered them Snails and Frogs Legs, insisting that they try something new. Kyo had not been impressed, but the dragon had seemed to rather enjoy it.

In fact, it wasn't even a decent date - or so Kyo had thought - until Hatori dragged him to the local park.

"What're we doing here?" Kyo asked standing in front of Hatori as he sat on one of the swings. It was a fairly updated childrens park, so the swings were fairly strong. He tested this before gently tugging on Kyo's shirt, forcing Kyo into his lap and wrapping protective arms around him. Kyo blushed a strong pink.

"I like it here." Hatori said simply, "I used to play with Shigure and Ayame here when I was a kid."

"Ugh don't mention those perverts!" Kyo said grumpily, crossing his arms over his chest.

Hatori actually laughed. It was a small laugh, but it was a laugh all the same. He kissed the back of Kyo's neck. "Sorry."

Kyo slowly twisted his body so he was sitting sideways on Hatori's lap and bit his lip slightly. Close up in the moonlight Hatori looked even more stunning than he usually did. They stared at each other for a while, and then Hatori kissed him.

From the other side of the park, with a clear visual of the goings on of the couple, Kazuma dropped his shopping bags.