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Phoenix Tearfather

By Silvain Star- anime fan


To Catch a Legend

Thomas Christopher Ketchum stood on his doorstep, his long, messy black hair swaying in the light breeze. A young boy of about three was pulling on his light blue jeans. Tom took off his dark blue cap and sat it over the boy's messy black hair. It fell down, covering the boy's deep brown eyes. The boy grabbed the sleeve of Tom's black shirt.

"Daddy, come back soon, okay?" the boy said, smiling at Tom.

"I will, Ash. I promise," Tom said, straightening the boy's t-shirt, which was black, with a Pokeball design on the front. "You're losing your shorts, kiddo." He pulled up Ash's light blue jean shorts.

"Go get that Ho-oh, Daddy!" Ash said, grinning. "Bye!"

Tom set off towards Viridian, waving to his son and smiling. He got to Viridian Forest within a few days. He had heard of several Ho-oh sightings there recently. He searched every day for three days, until one day he saw a feather caught on a tree full of Beedrill.

This might be a bit tougher than I thought it would… Tom thought. This place is Beedrill territory…

He tried to get closer to examine the feather. At that exact moment, all of the Beedrill woke up. They looked at him for a moment, then flew at him, attacking with their poisonous stingers. He staggered and started to fall, then grabbed a tree branch to steady himself, his fingers brushing the Ho-oh feather in the process. Suddenly, a bright light filled the clearing in which the tree stood. A Ho-oh landed in front of him and let loose a flamethrower on the Beedrill. Then it used its power to try to heal him.

"I came here… to try to catch you… Ho-oh… foolish of me… my…victories in… Pokemon battles… must've… heh… gone to my head… Keep an eye on my family… if I don't … make it… please," Tom said, smiling at the Ho-oh.

I will, it told him.

"Thank… you…" Tom said. He passed out. Later that day, at the hospital in Viridian city, Ash Ketchum and his mother, Delia, sat in a waiting room, crying.

"No… Tom, no…" Delia said, crying and holding her young son.

"Daddy…" Ash said, sniffling.

Seven years later, Ash saw the same Ho-oh that had done its best to save his father's life as he left on his Pokemon journey. It had kept its promise.