For Want of a Screw ...

Kristoff was furious.

Three disastrous production glitches in less than a week. A Kleig light falling virtually on Truman's feet. The sprinkler system pouring *only* on Truman's head before letting loose, then their star's car radio deciding to pick up a UHF frequency used only by the extras!

A billion to one occurrence, shouted the technical supervisor before Kristoff booted his ass out of the door. The script department was ordered to work overtime to find something to cover up this mess.

Kristoff was mentally working on several possible solutions before somebody tapped him on the shoulder. The producer turned around to see the small Scottish man he had met earlier producing a screwdriver with a flourish.

"Thank you for the loan."

Kristoff took and pocketed his screwdriver, already forgetting the man's face. "I hope it helped you."

"It certainly helped me fix the problem."


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