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A/N: Takes place after "The Hunted"

Chapter 1: Leah

Salt Lake City, Utah. That is where Leah Benson and her parents live. She likes to call it Mormon City, because a lot of the citizens in SLC are Mormon. Leah is a 14 year old, light brown haired, blue-eyed girl with special powers. She is a Supernatural. Ever since she was 10, she and her parents have known Leah can read minds, make things happen, and heal wounds. Four years later, they finally got a hold of the World Dragon Council for assistance.

On a rainy day in April, Councilors Kulde and Andam were having tea with Laura and Jack Benson. They were discussing Leah's safety.

"So, what you're saying is, our daughter is in danger of the Huntsclan?" Laura asked worriedly.

"We fear Leah is in danger of not only the Huntsclan," Councilor Kulde explained. "But of every threat to the magical community."

"Who will protect her while Laura and I are at work?"

Councilor Andam put a picture of Jake on the table. "Jake Long." He replied. "The American Dragon."

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