Ed had been extremely pissy for about two days before it was finally wheedled out of him that his jaw hurt. First Lieutenant Hawkeye, the wonderfully knowledgeable person she was, had opted to take a look and declared that it was his wisdom teeth coming in, and that the overcrowding had to be taken care of.

Begrudgingly, Ed had agreed, and an appointment was scheduled that Wednesday.

There were a few things Fullmetal found either quite nice or horribly insane about the entire process. First was the needle. By God, he hated the needle. After that, it was all nearly pleasant, the way he couldn't really feel anything.

He also found it very amusing, for some reason, that he could punch himself in the face and not feel it afterward. Alphonse had disliked the testing process, insisting that he'd rather not hit Edward, nor did he like his brother hitting himself to begin with.

Not that Edward would remember much of it, anyway. The pain medication he was on made his brain sort of fuzzy, and he'd rather not concentrate on anything too complicated right now. He'd rather go back to the dorms and lay down. That sounded nice.

He gave a half-hearted scowl when Alphonse informed him that he'd promised to report back at the office, just so that no one would be worried. It was quickly shrugged off, however, and he was merrily back on his way, Al following diligently behind him.

It wasn't with the usual, annoyed-sounding boot heel to the door that he entered, opting for a feeble bump with his toe and a push with his hand.

"Hey," he drawled, glancing around the room.

"Glad to see you back and well, Edward. I assume everything went as could be expected," Hawkeye greeted as he entered.


"Drugged you up, did they, Boss?" Havoc asked.


The blonde snickered, taking the cigarette from his lips before it could fall. "I take that as a yes."

Ed ignored it, more out of clouded mind than pointedness, and did a vague stalk toward Roy's private office, which he opened the same way he had the main door.

"Colonel" he drawled slowly, pushing the door closed.

"Ah, Fullmetal. Nice of you to drop in."

"Mrr." Ed responded, "Lookit, I can't feel this." He proceeded to prod random places along his mouth.

"Indeed," Roy said, folding his hands in front of him. "Is there anything else you'd like to waste my precious paperwork-time with?"

Ed squinted, looking rather put-out. "Nuh. Wanna see this."

Roy raised an eyebrow as Ed meandered forward. He noted that even when he was sitting, he was still eye-to-eye with the smaller alchemist, but kept quiet. He'd rather not have a shiner for the week. There was a required staff meeting he was planning to get out of to go on his date with… Emily? That may have been her name.

In the meantime, what on earth was Fullmetal doing?

The blonde was now standing next to his chair… just standing. As Roy opened his mouth to speak, possibly to inform Edward about the height discovery, Fullmetal's lips met his in a rather sloppy, sort of drunken kiss.

Roy didn't return it, and Ed pulled away shortly after, giving a glare and a mumble.

"Meh… didn't feel that, either."