Right after ROTG, but Numair and Daine never fell in love, only their friendship was bought closer. It is up to where Onua walks down to meet the two friends after the war.


"I take it Uusoae was acting through Ozorne?" Numair asked, quietly

Daine nodded. "I'll tell you all of it later. It will take a bit of telling."

There were Stormwings overhead. They descended from behind the cover of clouds in a spiralling pattern, feathers blazing where they reflected in the sun. By the time Tkaa, Kitten, Onua and Tahoi met Daine and Numair, and brought them to the north gate of Port Legann, the Stormwings were at work on the bodies of the fallen. Watching them from a distance, Daine realized that it might be just well if she told only a few, trusted friends that she had spoken for the Stormwings' right to stay ion the Mortal Realms. Somehow, she had the idea that not everyone would understand.


The young wildmage smiled happily as she walked up the steps of the battlement, Numair behind her stepping carefully over fallen arrows and sharp metallic feathers. She had almost reached the top when she heard Numair swear. The young woman turned to see him holding his finger while blood dripped slowly to the stair.

"Oh Numair, can I not turn my back for a second without you getting into trouble?" she asked cheekily, stepping down to him. She stopped on the stair above his own and even then he was still taller. He grinned down to her.

"I was curious 'mother'." He said, holding his finger with his free hand. She sighed and pulled out her handkerchief from her skirt pocket. Wrapping it around his finger she said in fake severity.

"And how many times do I have to remind you that curiosity killed the cat." He laughed tiredly, his face still grey from his battle with Inar Hadensra.

"Ah, but you forget Magelet." His face was close to hers and her heart started beating unusually fast.

"Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." He tweaked her nose and smiled into her face, scant inches between their noses. She saw something flicker in those dark but tired eyes, something that made her breath catch. Suddenly it was gone, and she felt as if something important had been shoved under her nose and was swiftly taken away. Numair leaned back and smiled. She sighed.

"You're right, I did forget. What were you doing?" he bent down and carefully picked up a metal feather, a Stormwing feather.

"I was just looking at the feathers." he said.

"Perhaps if we collected more we could study them at the university." Daine turned back around and started back up the stairs.

"What ever for?" she asked, and searched along the top of the wall, looking for a certain black haired man.

"Daine, Numair over here." They both turned when they heard their names and smiled when the king beckoned them over.

"We could learn more about them Daine, gain knowledge from them." She smiled at him.

"I think you could do with a break for a while hmmm?" That moment both their attentions were caught over the wall and Daine gasped when she saw the destruction of the forest and field.

"Goddess bless." She whispered, and leaned her hands heavily on the wall. Trees were uprooted; the ground was turned and muddy, there was smoke rising from some of the stumps and logs that studded the ground. Bodies, human, immortal and animal, were strewn across the earth. She wondered why she hadn't felt some of the injured animals over the field, but guessing if she had she would be too weak to do anything about it. A sob caught in her throat as she saw riders checking the bodies of animalsand slitting the throats of those to badly injured to help. Her hand flew to her mouth to stop herself from crying out as she saw a rider slit the throat of a vixen. She whimpered as she felt the life of the fox die.

Strong arms spun her around so she couldn't see the nightmare over the wall.

"Daine listen to me." A voice said, but she wasn't listening, her mind was far away, still transfixed on the dieing animals.

"Numair take her down to the healers tent, Alanna is in there. I will talk to you later, it can wait." Numair nodded and shook Daine gently, trying to pull her away from what she had seen.

"Daine stop it. What's done is done, it wasn't your fault." He firmly spoke to her until her grey eyes focused on him and he knew she was back. She was shaking all over, shock had now consumed her. Daine's whole body quivered as Numair spoke to her.

"They fought for me." she whispered out a sob catching her words.

"And now they are dieing." Numair took her face between his large, gentle hands. He stroked her cheek with his thumb.

"Daine listen to me." she turned her face away from him. His voice was firm but comforting and it washed over Daine.

"Listen to me."Hefirmly pulled her face back to his.

"They knew the dangers of war, they knew what would happen. They took that chance and paid the price, but not for you." She nodded.

"They did it to protect themselves and their homes, do you understand?" Daine nodded again and took a deep breath.

"Im sorry, it's just… I couldn't…" She stopped and took another deep breath. Numair pulled her into a strong embrace.

"Shh Magelet. Its ok." He put an arm around her waist and led her to the stairs.

"Let's get you checked out." Daine shook her head and went to pull away.

"No Numair Im fine, I just need a little rest is all." Numair shook his head.

"No Daine, I don't want to hear a word of it. You're going to see Alanna." Keeping a hold of his student; Numair led Daine down the stairs and towards the healing tents that had been set up. She was still trembling but only in short bursts. Her face had paled to a shade that Numair thought impossible. She rapidly wriggled out of his hold and ran to a clear but secluded spot between the side of two tents and much to her shame, threw up the little amount of food in her belly. Why do I feel this way? She asked herself as a cool hand was placed on her forehead and another held her hair. She finished emptying her stomach until cramps took hold of her belly. She clutched her middle and crouched down. Numair was talking to her softly his hand still holding her hair.

"Numair?" a voice demanded from behind them both, Daine groaned.

"What in the name if the Goddess are you doing in there? Who is with you?" Alanna tried to see who it was but Daine was obscured by Numair's massive form.

"Jon said you were to bring Daine down, where is she?" Diane ran fingers through her hair and called out to the worried Lioness.

"Im here Alanna." Diane stood slowly, Numair holding her up.

"Oh good." That wasn't the reaction she got when she got into the healers tent.

"Gods Diane you look horrible." Daine snorted and pushed curls away from her eyes.

"State the obvious." Daine replied, and wrapped arms around herself as a burst of trembling took her again. Alanna checked her over, taking her time with a full inspection. When she had done the knight braided Daine's hair and sat next to her.

"Well missy you are going to have a few scars left over from this war. You will be ok; you have a case of shock is all." She laughed and kissed the top of Daine's head.

"Gods Daine, you had know idea how scared I was when Jon told me you didn't return from those skinner things." Daine turned to look at the older woman and smiled.

"I'm not kidding Daine, you and Numair scared the hell out of me. I sent out one of the rider groups to search, and then they came back with Spots and the packs." Alanna's breath caught in her throat. The wildmage was shocked to see Alanna like this; she had never seen her so emotional, well, she had seen her much more emotional than this just not with this sameemotion.

"Hey." Daine said, turning to face the knight.

"No need to get emotional on me Lioness, were here now aren't we, just wait till you hear what me and Numair have been through."

"Numair and I." Alanna retorted. Daine ignored her,

"Gods Alanna, I even learnt who my father was because of this blasted war. I met him in the Divine Realms, I saw my mother again." Daine choked on those last few words and Alanna looked up and saw the young woman's eyes fill with tears.

"I had to choose, you know? I had to choose between a life as a minor Goddess and with my ma and Da or here in Tortall." Daine smiled through tears and she felt relived that she could let the tears out; the war had been long and had taken its toll on all of her friends.

"I chose here because my family are here, I wasn't about to give up seeing you in a temper or the Queen when Kali married. I came back Alanna. We both did." Alanna smiled and hugged the young woman.

"I have missed you over this war Daine. And once the clean ups and celebrations are done we will go on a holiday, maybe." Daine flinched at the word celebrations.

"When you say celebrations you really mean boring parties we have to attend because of who we are and that means looking nice and dancing." Alanna grinned.

"Got it in one." Daine giggled and nudged Alanna, everything from earlier forgotten.

"You should have seen Thayet's face when we dropped in with the dragons." Alanna smiled, and nudged the girl back.

"You should have seen Raoul's face when he saw Buri yesterday run out of the wash house wearing breast band and loincloth. It was a joke that went too far I think." They both broke into fits of laughter, making them both gasp for air. She could see Buri's temper and Raoul's embarrassment now. Numair walked in and smiled to see the two women happy. He flicked a worried glance at Daine.

"Numair, Daine is fine, she was just in shock." Numair nodded.

"Well I'm glad it wasn't serious. But what about the vomiting?"

"It was just another symptom of shock. A long rest will do her the world of good." Alanna stood and ran fingers through her short red hair.

"It would do us all the world of good." She winked at Daine before turning on Numair.

"And what about you master mage?" she asked, checking his pulse and pushing him down to a chair.

"How do you feel, you look very grey." Numair waited while Alanna checked him over.

"I was drained, that is all. It has been a long day and we all need sleep." Alanna nodded and stood back.

"Oh, Alanna could you check his finger please?" Daine asked nicely, winking to Numair. Numair sighed and looked tiredly over at Daine.

"Daine its fine, you know it doesn't hurt any more." She giggled again and covered her mouth when he glared at her.

Alanna was shocked to see Numair's finger all bloody and already starting to swell with infection, the normal thing for a discarded Stormwing feather cut to do.

"What did he do?" Alanna asked, burning away the infection and healing the wound. Numair glared at her and Daine thought over her words.

"Let's just say that curiosity got the better of him."

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