By Correspondence

by: Eyes-of-Pearl

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Author's Note & Synopsis: Here, I am taking a break from my Reela fic, "In This Life," to bring you this one. It has been sitting on my desk just waiting to be typed out.

AU. Carter wrote a letter on his wedding night, but it wasn't addressed to his future wife. Hint of Carby.

By Correspondence


She clutched the piece of paper in her hand, as if it was her lifeline. Then again, it had been the catalyst that destroyed the semblance of normalcy in her life.

She always considered herself to be more than the woman that John Carter married. They weren't simply husband and wife, but best friends, competitive intellectuals and compatible colleagues. They've been through a long road before tying the knot, from drug abuse to child births, adoptions and deaths.

For all his wealth, John Carter chose to have a slightly subdue wedding. It was a gathering of friends, many of whom were staff from County. There were a few family members from both bride and groom but many refused to acknowledge the whole affair. Then again, it had been long established that the two intended were blacksheeps of their respective families, so they couldn't care less.

The wedding was held in the Carter Mansion's backyard. Despite the less-than-ostentatious display, he spared no expenses for full catering, rose arrangements and good music. There was a certain elegance to the night with plenty of dancing and of course, the not-too-subtle jokes that she had finally landed John Carter. At the time, she brushed off the comments, because she was already privy to John's rather turbulent history with virtually every blonde that worked at County.

As she reread the letter in her hand, she knew that her simple dismissal of the matter was a mistake. She had been searching for an envelop in one of the desk drawers. Amongst the paraphernalia, she found one that was unmarked and unaddressed. However, there was already something inside. Pulling out the single parchment, she immediately recognize her husband's penmanship. It was the contents that led to her present predicament.

"You know, I never thought that I would make it to this point of my life - engagement, marriage, commitment, the whole nine yards. You are probably snorting when you read this, because we both know that we discussed the very thing so many times before.

We came close. I had a ring, the candlelight dinner and a proposal at the tip of my tongue. I wonder whatever happen to us? Where did we go wrong? Where did we go right? Then again, I'm not being fair because we both came with a lot of baggage, but deep down, I can't deny the chemistry. And, if I am being true to myself, there's still the connection between us.

Now, I know you're going to give me a thing or two about the fact that I'm getting married. Perhaps, that's why you'll never get this letter, because I do love my fiancee, just not in the same way as I love you. But know this, you will always have a special place in my heart, Abby Lockhart forever and always. -Carter."

Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks, blotting the ink on the letter. The letter was addressed the night before their wedding. Despite everything, John married her but Jing-Mei Deb Chen now knew that deep down, his heart was liked the proverbial stars in the sky, it could never be hers.

End of Part I

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